Horoscope – Week of 3.10.15



March 20 – April 19

The week begins with an auspicious and encouraging alignment, occupying a large part of the sky and involving up to five planets at once, with our satellite the Moon among this number. You have been through a tough patch for so long now, you have even come to feel there must be something wrong with you, that ensures people won’t warm to you or that puts you at a disadvantage. How different from those halcyon days beforehand, when every challenge was an opportunity to be grasped by the throat. Yet this week you notice some of that old magic returning, providing you remain conscious of other’s sensibilities.

Taurus – Taurus: the bull –

April 20 – May 20

In your fondness for security and safety, be sure you don’t end up being scared of change. No matter how comfortable you are, there are always a number of improvements that could make your life more rewarding. As an unlikely for instance, consider how modern dentistry has revolutionised the health of millions and improved their quality of life, even though few are eager to visit the surgery or consider this experience to be a pleasure. Insecurity can cause you to surround yourself with possessions, forming a buffer against the future. Endeavour to develop certainty within yourself, not solely in the outside world…

– Gemini: the twins –       Gemini

May 21 – June 20

Your relationships are in a state of flux and evolve significantly over the next three years. The end result is beneficial and looking back, you’ll be glad everything panned out as it did. But in the interim, you can make your life easier or ensure a lot of headaches and heartache, depending on your awareness of the overall situation and ability to remain objective, rather than at the mercy of emotional undercurrents you don’t understand. On every level and in all your relationships, communication is the key. Powerful forces and emotions dominate your subconscious, only this doesn’t mean you must keep everything to yourself.

Cancer – cancer: the crab –

June 21 – July 22

How happy you will be with events this week, rather depends where you are on a continuum, between materialism on the one hand and a set of more elevated values on the other. Unfortunately, there are few subject to the imperfections of the human condition, who will voluntarily forego the advantages of economic plenty, in the interests of egalitarianism and solidarity with their fellows. It takes major events with far-reaching results, for people to see there is more to life than money. The impetus in this instance is provided by a significant individual, whose opinion you value and whose spirit has never been broken.

– Leo: the lion – Leo

July 23 – august 22

For those in the know, there are a number of patterns the planets form, that offer a straightforward and easily accessible overview of the ongoing cosmic circumstances at a given moment. Some of these are obviously fortunate but others are often less so, while most require careful handling to get the most from them. This week for you, it is a tale of two halves; where everything is going your way in the first place, only to require more circumspection later. The problem seems to have its origins in how you are coming over; both the impression that others are getting of you and your uncertainty about your basic persona…

Virgo     – Virgo: the maiden –

August 23 – September 22

The issues you’re facing in your interpersonal relationships, are most prominent when it comes to romance and to your love life, although they exert an impact across the board. It seems the more you care about a certain person and try to make this clear to them, the more complicated your feelings become until in the end, all anybody really gets to notice is a round of carping and criticism, directed specifically at your intended. Why you find it so hard to express your feelings, in a manner others can appreciate is moot. But the sooner you learn, the quicker you’ll find some equilibrium is restored to you…

– Libra: the scales –           Libra

September 23 – October 22

This week you discover your time divided between the usual concerns at work and some interesting developments in your closest associations, that you were not expecting at all. As one of the most partnership orientated people out there, it is not hard to guess where your natural inclination lies, only based on the outcome of similar situations in the past, you’ll need to judge carefully how much good following your heart will do you, compared to sticking with your schedule. Nobody is expecting you to be alone, but when your own well-being takes second place, the alternative is an unproductive proposition…

Scorpio                 – Scorpio: the scorpion –

October 23 – November 21

Your professional prospects and career interests are enormously favored. You’d be wise to focus on creating your own opportunities and being sure to seize these when they arise, since without a dynamic and proactive approach, you may not notice as a number of potential leads slip through your fingers. Although a hard-working and business-like approach helps ensure your progress is both solid and lasting, a degree of flair and initiative goes to ensure you’ll actually advance much further. The greatest rewards will only eventuate over the long term. It’s not impossible to delay gratification, with these goals in mind.

– Sagittarius: the archer –              Sagittarius

November 22 – December 21

Saturn in your sign is a sobering influence. This may not sound much fun, but it’ll make you a wiser and more circumspect individual. Saturn is associated with maturity and the acquisition of knowledge, not the sort of academic input you’d get at school, or even the broadened horizons that result from travelling. It has its origins in a series of bracing encounters with reality and the benefit of practical experience. So looking back over the events since the solstice of last December, you’ll notice that although a number of your plans have been thwarted, you are more organised and better equipped to deal with what remains…

Capricorn             – Capricorn: the sea-goat –

December 22 – January 19

Pluto continues causing consternation, as it brings hidden issues to the surface and prompts you to question, all you have previously held to be inviolable. And this is no overnight issue either, but a lengthy process the full import of which will be reckoned in years rather than weeks or months. Doubtless there are times when it all seems too much, as you are tested in some key areas on topics that matter a great deal to you. What is legitimately yours and what is rightfully the property of others? What can be done to alter this situation without transgressing the rule of natural justice, or building up bad karma for yourself?

– Aquarius: the water-bearer –   Aquarius

January 20 – February 18

This is the last full week with Mercury in your sign. Some say this planet is exalted in your region of the heavens and in view of events you would have to concur. Since the first week of January it has meant a hectic schedule with matters of communication at their heart. If you’re involved with information technology, write or broadcast for a living, teach professionally, speak publicly or travel around in the course of your work, then this will have been a productive period even if not necessarily a profitable one. But take courage, since the chance to monetise your labour in cash terms, lurks just around the corner…

Pisces    – Pisces: the fishes –

February 19 – march 19

Much of this week is dominated by an awkward and stressful planetary alignment that leaves you, with way too much to do. Before this precipitates a panic attack and makes a delicate situation worse, be aware that problems come in many degrees and these are on the mild to moderate scale. However, you are likely to be rushed off your feet, either with your work concerns or obligations elsewhere, possibly facing a mixture of the two. You are keen not to let things slide, so cut corners where you can to free up time. What suffers primarily is your own well-being as you miss meals, shun sleep and eschew exercise.