Horoscope week of 2.24.15


March 20 – April 19

Friday is an unusually hectic juncture from an astrological point of view. Two planets and then the Moon enter your sign within the space of twenty-four hours, on the same day if you are in the UK, with the full impact felt around the world between Thursday afternoon across North America and midday on Saturday for New Zealand. After a period of relative seclusion, during which you were busy assimilating the events that have brought you to this point, you are ready to hit the ground running with those new plans, you’ve hatched as a result. It seems prudent to begin these projects, only once this focus has established itself.

Taurus – Taurus: the bull –

April 20 – May 20

Much as you adore them, you wouldn’t want to spend your whole life in the company of your friends. You are too fond of your independence and appreciate time, to rest and recharge your batteries in relative solitude and seclusion. This isn’t only true from a physical standpoint either; it proves a necessary part of maintaining your emotional equilibrium and staying on an even keel both psychologically and spiritually. You are not the sort of person who enjoys being rushed and find a hectic round of social engagements, quite debilitating in the end. Especially where your work is still keeping you busy, something has to give…

– Gemini: the twins –       Gemini

May 21 – June 20

The celestial focus shifts noticeably away from the pursuit of your goals and any professional ambitions, towards the finer points of what achieving these objectives always was intended to signify. A career that allows you the scope to express your creative impulses or that you can believe makes a worthwhile contribution, is an excellent starting point when it comes to a more fulfilling lifestyle and a greater degree of satisfaction across the board. But your close relationships and wider social acquaintances are equally important, along with maintaining a sense of what really counts and always being true to your principles.

Cancer – cancer: the crab –

June 21 – July 22

Your sign is traditionally connected to domesticity and a regular family life. While some play out this scenario exactly as you’d expect, your emotional involvement in these affairs is so great that even small upsets can become blown beyond all proportion. The usual reaction when faced with a source of pain and discomfort is to escape from the unpleasant stimulus, with the happier atmosphere that results, a more attractive proposition than returning to outstanding issues. Travelling, either from situation to situation or place to place, gets addictive. Fine if you are happy to move constantly, only less than satisfactory if not.

– Leo: the lion – Leo

July 23 – august 22

You have been struggling with the issue of sharing and what this means for all your closest relationships. It can be hard to strike a balance, between maintaining an open-handed attitude towards those you care about, versus letting the scales tip too far in their favour and feeling unappreciated yourself. Ideally, you get a warm feeling from helping other people out, yet there remains a nagging doubt in your mind, since these are finite resources you could need yourself one day. This week, though your opinion continues to evolve, you would enjoy a break from the restrictions that fitting in with others, presently seem to entail.

Virgo     – Virgo: the maiden –

August 23 – September 22

Though you profess concern for people and help out wherever you can, this is generally on the unspoken understanding that subsequent to your ministrations, people will be just as keen to help themselves. You have no problem with the occasional kick-start, or steering those who have lost their way back on to the right path as you’ve identified it. But when a bail out becomes the norm and your help is repeatedly required, you grow irritable and indignant, since you resent the demands on your time. Be careful not to tarnish a carefully cultivated association, because those on the receiving end have no idea how you feel…

– Libra: the scales –           Libra

September 23 – October 22

This week begins on a familiar note with plenty to keep you occupied. You are rushed off your feet with your commitments at work, your responsibilities to other people and your customary chores. Though this period is short-lived, it is punishing enough to impact on your health, if you don’t find the time to rest and recuperate, or to prepare and digest your meals properly. Some strain is probably inevitable considering your schedule, but the progress you make stands you in great stead. Be careful with any minor ailments, the root causes of which are difficult to determine, as their origins prove to be fundamentally emotional…

Scorpio                 – Scorpio: the scorpion –

October 23 – November 21

Opportunities for improving your financial situation are plentiful, yet with Jupiter passing over the apex of your horoscope, capitalising on these is an exercise in motivating yourself. As the luckiest planet in the solar system, Jupiter potentially encourages a tendency to drift, rather than making the most out of the circumstances in which you find yourself. Still, you are growing quite concerned about your financial position heading forwards and your long-term prospects in particular. It is helpful to remember that your monetary returns are proportional to the effort you expend. There is no hint of coercion, at least not yet.

– Sagittarius: the archer –              Sagittarius

November 22 – December 21

You are encouraged that Saturn has already covered almost five degrees of the thirty in your sign. You had heard such stories about a lengthy stay and believe that in the circumstances, you are able to laugh in the face of adversity, thumbing your nose at those who promised doom and gloom, hardship, austerity and disadvantage. But bear in mind that on March 14, Saturn hits its first retrograde cycle since changing sign last December. It heads away into Scorpio for three months and doesn’t attain the same position it holds currently until November. The progress you have made so far is thus subject to a further review…

Capricorn             – Capricorn: the sea-goat –

December 22 – January 19

It would be simplicity itself, to let each day fill itself with trivia. You could easily occupy every waking moment with phone calls, your correspondence, trips to the shops, neighbourhood affairs and countless journeys in and around your local area that border on the unnecessary. This helps you feel that you’re busy and you are gainfully employed, yet there is a difference between dealing with essential tasks while keeping one eye on the bigger picture, versus spending all your time on more immediate concerns and dodging the real issues. Your finances for one need careful thought, to be certain there are no surprises…

– Aquarius: the water-bearer –   Aquarius

January 20 – February 18

As one of the least materialistic folk around, you nevertheless maintain a value system by which you run your life. This promotes spiritual principles at the expense of worldly goods, with the contribution you make to the welfare of others, the most enriching course. You emphasise right thought and right action, allowing wisdom to inform your behaviour, letting you rise above the petty demands of your ego and the selfishness that drives so many. Few can live a life entirely unencumbered by possessions nowadays, but consider how those belongings you thought guaranteed your freedom, have actually just tied you down…

Pisces    – Pisces: the fishes –

February 19 – march 19

Although not an infallible guide, sheer weight of numbers does have some bearing as the planets congregate in a certain region of the sky. Venus, Mars and Neptune have populated your sign since the closing days of last month, where their combined influence is augmented by the presence of Chiron, a minor planet helping you to heal some of the hurts from your past. Then on Wednesday, the Moon and minutes later the Sun, join in with this stellium to ensure the energy is sufficient to move mountains. It only lasts a couple of days, but channel your power into practical objectives, to witness the best results…