March 20 – April 19
Wednesday sees Mercury eschew retrograde motion after three weeks travelling backwards through the zodiac. Amid the chaos and confusion that has characterised your social life in particular, this has also been a period where you’ve reached a few conclusions about what you’re trying achieve. It is often easier to define this in tangible and concrete terms, but the initial impetus had origins in more individual aspirations. As you scale first one summit and then the next, it is vital not to lose sight of the overall picture, or your initial aims. More easily defined achievements were originally, just the means to an end…
Taurus – Taurus : the bull –
April 20 – May 20
You’re treading carefully since you have been hurt in the past, but this week those around you prove rewarding and pleasurable company. Venus and Mars mean just the right combination of challenge and reassurance is forthcoming from those you know, since relationships on a friendship level, prove easier to deal with than those that could potentially require years of commitment. In their desire to understand your need for security, few also appreciate the reassurance you discover in being able to make your own choices and decisions. A loose dynamic on a social level looks less likely, to interfere with other options…
– Gemini: the twins – Gemini
may 21 – June 20
The traditional effects of your ruling planet Mercury, are prominent in your affairs. This planet circuits the solar disk more swiftly than the Earth and looks like it is heading backwards on a regular basis. These retrograde cycles last around three weeks and occur every one hundred days, highlighting each element in turn, before moving to the next grouping. This year it is the turn of the air signs and as one retrograde cycle ends this week, the next arises in May and entirely in your constellation. Forewarned is forearmed, as has often been said when it comes to big purchases, your travel plans and to contractual negotiations.
cancer – cancer: the crab –
June 21 – July 22
While your finances look promising, this doesn’t mean you can afford not to keep one eye on the future. Jupiter’s beneficence is such that even if you were to sit on your laurels, no harm would come to you, it’s just that you would be missing an excellent opportunity to ensure these unusually favourable trends last longer than they might do otherwise. To some degree this means going over old ground, reviewing your current investments for example to ensure they remain profitable. You may be wisest to remember that the good you do comes back to you, only not always as you’d imagine or in a way that you can quantify.
– Leo: the lion – Leo
July 23 – august 22
The retrograde cycle of Mercury in your opposite sign, has precipitated a round of soul-searching. You have been thinking about your closest associations and have been encouraged to consider how well your current circumstances, fit in with what you want and need. Those who are single are wondering whether, independence is really the boon it is cracked up to be. Others are contemplating how much longer; they can endure a limiting and unsatisfactory liaison, in the interests of stability and the status quo. More still, are starting to ask themselves whether it isn’t time to encourage a certain link, onward to the next stage.
Virgo – Virgo: the maiden –
august 23 – September 22
A complicated picture is painted by several planets in your opposite sign. Venus and Neptune point towards an idealistic scenario, especially where romance is concerned. Depending on your situation, you might initially be feeling rather sorry for yourself, without somebody by your side and with whom you share an intuitive rapport. However, this motivates you to put the past behind you, in the knowledge that one day you could well meet the partner of your dreams. If such an individual is on your radar already, they’ll have to demonstrate the strength you need to witness, prior to immersing yourself in a soul union.
– Libra: the scales – Libra
September 23 – October 22
With several planets just below the horizon in the western hemisphere of your horoscope, you are more concerned with practicalities than the finer things in life. Work continues to play a major part and even if you aren’t employed in the accepted sense, it is your duties and obligations that keep you on your toes, together with the commitments you’ve made to other people and routine matters in general. Along the way your health could prove a source of concern, with any minor issues that are hard to diagnose more likely to come down to stress and allergies, rather than a major episode of illness just around the corner.
Scorpio – Scorpio: the scorpion –
October 23 – November 21
A stellium of planets in the sign of Pisces puts fun and frolics at the top of your list. Romance is similarly accentuated, but this is more about the early stages of a new association or rediscovering what brought you together in the first place, rather than the nitty-gritty of a long-term partnership and what it takes to make this work. Creative pursuits of all sorts are similarly favoured; together with hobbies, time spent with your pets, or on the interests of your children. Family matters generally remain at the forefront of your agenda; you have resolved to do things differently in future and follow through with your intentions.
– Sagittarius : the archer – Sagittarius
November 22 – December 21
As Mercury resumes forward motion, your thought processes hit a moment of rare clarity, or at least it seems that way after the bewilderment that has occasionally characterised your thinking in the past few weeks. After a period of introspection and of serious thought, you have reached a number of conclusions you’d be wise to act upon, not simply consigning them to the background as soon as you notice the planetary energies flowing in your favour again. Periodically, everything needs to alter and evolve, so what has been sacrosanct at one stage doesn’t necessarily share the same status, later on down the line.
Capricorn – Capricorn: the sea-goat –
December 22 – January 19
Mercury turns direct and sees you ready to put some of the moneymaking ideas you’ve been developing into practice. These ventures will prove successful, so long as you commit yourself to making the most of your latent talents, especially where there is a creative flavour to these undertakings on some level. Bringing your individuality to the forefront proves profitable and satisfying, with a hint of difficulty only arising when you come into conflict with those who otherwise control the purse strings. You may need to compromise and even back down, since you probably stand to lose more than you’re ever likely to gain…
– Aquarius : the water-bearer – Aquarius
January 20 – February 18
With Mercury direct from Wednesday, you’re finally able to tackle some of those outstanding issues that have featured on your list for ages. Their completion, or in many cases even their commencement, has increasingly appeared elusive, with you beginning to imagine these mundane duties might eventually be consigned to the realms of unfulfilled fantasy. Not that they ever were particularly grand or ambitious plans, it has simply been that one matter after another has needed your attention more immediately, often with little warning. You are still stretched to your limits, but the odd item here and there gets done…
Pisces – Pisces: the fishes –
February 19 – march 19
Venus and Neptune both in your sign this week, see your intuition firing on all cylinders. If ever there was a moment to heed a lucid dream, to play your hunches or pay attention to any vague misgivings and unusual premonitions, this is it. Your sensitivity is heightened, so it’s important to steer clear of folk with a less than positive attitude, ulterior motives or who don’t keep your best interests at heart. Make time to relax and to recharge your psychic reserves. Seek quiet and solitude wherever you can, while you mull over the events of the previous twelve months and ponder what you want to achieve during those ahead.