Horoscope for September 2013


Aries Horoscope for September 2013

September may become one of your favorite months, for Mars, your ruler, will glide through wildly compatible fellow fire sign Leo in your house of true love, cooking up all kinds of enchanting episodes. Last month, in August, you began to long for more romance and less work. The way toward a more balanced lifestyle appears to be at hand, so push back from your computer at a decent hour so you can socialize more. Mars comes to visit a house once every two years, so now that Mars will help you in the romance department, take full advantage.

Having more fun will have an inspirational effect on your daily work projects too, for your energetic, optimistic mood will cause you to see life in bigger terms. Suddenly a range of possibilities will come up for you to explore, in both your professional and private life. If you work in a creative field, ideas will come to you more easily than they have all year, and your output will become more impressive with each successive project that you tackle. This is a month to think big and to take a few creative risks!

The new moon September 5 in Virgo will bring at least one important work assignment. Be ready to hop on your skateboard almost as soon as the month begins. If you need to hire a helper, at work or at home, the new moon will help you find qualified applicants. Do not put off this decision until October.

You can create home improvements now, too, as Jupiter will be in fine angle to the new moon and Sun on September 5-7. Over that weekend it would be the right time to give your kitchen a new look or to choose a new piece of furniture for your living room, as two examples. You may be working out of home more than usual, too, a good idea, as that’s where your luck – and profits – will flow directly to you, so you may decide to set up a home office, a good idea. An upgraded decor will be a big boost to your morale.

With the move of Pluto direct on September 20, your career will be due for an exciting uptick. After a period of lackadaisical professional progress since mid-April, you will find you will be able to more easily catch the attention of higher-ups and get the gratifying results you have sought from now on. Watch the days that circle September 20 for clues that big things are in store for you.

In a month that seems to have good news for you on many levels, September will be an ideal time to start a new fitness program and to turn over a new leaf to a healthier lifestyle. Schedule your routine medical exams just after September 5. Assuming that you get the green light from your doctor to step up the pace of your exercise routine, consider hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness class that is new to you. The new moon will fall opposite Neptune, so be careful with any new medicines you take, as Neptune’s position suggests you may experience a side effect you had not expected. Ask questions of your doctor before taking any new medicine.

In terms of romance, if you are attached, the first ten days of September should bring sweet interplay with your partner, for Venus in Libra will protect your relationship. Indeed, attached Aries will do very well then.

If single, having your guardian planet, Mars, touring your house of new love is the best news, for Mars will make you more attractive and alluring. This month, see what the world has to offer you!

Taurus Horoscope for September 2013

You have just arrived at one of the best months of 2013 for fun and love, dear Taurus. Lucky you, at the time everyone you know will bemoan the unofficial end to summer (if you live in northern hemispheres), you will be just cranking up and eager to see what’s possible for you after this season ends and a new one starts up. The new moon, September 5, will fall in Virgo, and light your house of true love.

If you are single, plan to circulate more in September; October won’t bring nearly the opportunities that September will bring for you. You will find yourself at the right place at the right time, so circulate! Virgo is a fellow earth sign that blends beautifully with yours, so you have plenty to look forward to now and in weeks ahead.

Attached? You have Venus, your ruler, traveling through your commitment sector until September 10, making your interaction with your “other” especially sweet. The new moon, September 5, will intensify this trend and will receive brilliant beams from Jupiter in your third house of travel. Consider taking a quick trip with your partner. Doing so will make romance grow bigger and brighter.

Saturn has been opposed to the Sun of those Taurus born in April, so if you are among those Taurus born at that time of the year, April, you may have had problems getting along with your closest partner. While Saturn will (and has been) testing the strength of your union, if you feel your union is strong and you are convinced that have a future together, redouble your efforts for resolution. If you feel you are hopelessly incompatible, the strains that Saturn will exert may finally coax you to find the courage to leave.

Since October 2012, when Saturn entered your opposite sign of Scorpio, you have felt less than usual cooperation from business partners, too. Saturn can bring on a feeling of isolation, simply to see how you cope on your own. Other Taurus suddenly had problems with their health.

As Saturn moves through your opposite of Scorpio, between now and September 2015, you will not feel his presence the entire time – only while Saturn moves close to the mathematical degrees of your Sun, for approximately ten months. Saturn is in early degrees of Scorpio, so he has been aiming his attention toward Taurus with birthdays in April, and he will continue to do so throughout the rest of 2013. This month, Saturn will link to Venus, reminding you that past promises and duty must come before fun. Hang in there, dear Taurus, for life will improve after you come to terms directly with the assignment Saturn has given you.

No matter what is going on in your life, to keep your spirits up, a stunning social event should arrive within days of the full moon of September 19 – it seems to come over the weekend of September 21-22 when the moon will be in Taurus. This will be a soft, romantic episode, full of glitter and tenderness, and one not to miss. Friends will attend too, so all round, this should be a happy time for you, giving you a nice balance to the tough times you’ve come through.

One more theme seems quite strong this month and that is the powerful focus you will have on your home. Thanks to Mars in Leo, you may be moving house, renovating, or having your home professionally cleaned. Or in a burst of design enthusiasm, you may be painting, choosing new furniture, or reorganizing closets. It’s the perfect time to dig in, but don’t shop for expensive things on September 9 – with Mars in hard angle to Saturn you’ll have trouble making up your mind and may make the wrong choice.

If you need a new computer, kitchen appliance, a new car, or other electronic or machine with moving parts, hurry and buy it in September! Mercury retrograde is coming October 21 to November 10, and you’ll feel it at the start of October. Hurry!

This is a good, strong month! Make it work for you!

Gemini Horoscope for September 2013

September is a good month to fix up your home. If you start at the friendly new moon September 5, in the weeks ahead, you’ll be very productive and have things ready for year’s end holiday entertaining. Financially you are doing well, and so you may be thinking of making a move to a new address or busy hiring a contractor to begin an important renovation of your kitchen or bathroom. You may buy or sell property now, or lease a vacation cottage for next year. Your window of opportunity is clearly September. With difficult planetary squabbling, an eclipse, and Mercury retrograde in October, you would be wise to wrap up talks this month, not next month.

If you don’t want to create massive change at home, consider small changes, such as to stock up on new linens, table wear, or a few new beautiful accessories that have large impact and make a house a home. The new moon will be ideally angled to Saturn, indicating a long-range solution is at hand. Pluto will also help you, indicating if you have a plan to tear out walls or work on the foundation / basement, this would be the time to get started. Gemini has a flair for entertaining, so alternatively you may be hosting guests in your city or in your home, and again, you seem to be enjoying your new emphasis on creating a more fulfilling private life.

In terms of your career, when you look back over the past few years, you can see how clearly your hard work has translated into the rising status you now enjoy in your industry. Life seems different now. You are moving into an easier phase where you won’t have to prove your mettle so often to such large numbers of higher ups – you’ve built a sturdy platform and you can concentrate on your future work, not your qualifications. You will now begin to get positive feedback from VIPs on a more regular basis, and with your growing reputation, you can now expect a more generous salary. By mid-2014, you will cruise on a completely new financial level, and it will all be due to the work you’ve done over the past few years.

This month you will have proof of just how highly regarded you are by VIPs near the full moon, September 19. Neptune will partner with Saturn at the time of the full moon, so you are likely to likely see your image on TV or in print concerning a recent victory you scored. Pluto will be very supportive of this full moon, adding the possibility that you may earn a bonus, commission, or royalty. This moment seems to celebrate a recent project, and with Venus about to send a kiss to Jupiter, the project should translate into more lucrative commissions, bonuses, or licensing fees to you now and in the future. Further, Pluto will go direct on September 20, underscoring how financially rewarding your life is likely to be from now on.

Despite the major agenda you appear to have this month regarding home, family, and career matters, you will be able to travel to nearby locations. You’ll encounter only one day to spoil the lyrical mood, September 15, when Mercury, your ruler, will oppose Uranus, creating a flap in communication, travel, and buying/selling. It’s a day to lie low and wait to act. Mercury moves quickly, and so any problems that come up may quickly evaporate.

Your best time to take time off on your trip will be during the week of September 1-8, when Venus will be in Libra and dip her magic wand in pixie dust to spread far and wide. If you cannot leave town for the entire week, go away over the weekend of September 7-8, when, in addition to Venus, the moon will be also be in highly compatible Libra, and the Sun and Jupiter will work together to make that weekend a lucky one. Try to use this spectacular weekend for fun and love, rather than to use it for a business trip – that’s a request that comes straight from Cupid.

Cancer Horoscope for September 2013

You have had a lot of matters to attend to in July and August, but having addressed almost all of them, you can cut free and travel. Both the new moon and full moon will make your plans possible. You’ll start with short jaunts in the start of the month, just after the new moon, September 5 in Virgo. Some or all of your short, quick trips to cities nearby may have ties to business, as you may be discussing the finer points of a contract. Yet you can travel for any reason this month, and should, because your workaday weeks will be full as many projects will be earmarked for you.

Later, however, within four days of the full moon, September 19, you will get a chance to travel very far, possibly overseas. Romance will be captivating this month because Venus will be in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, from September 11 to October 7. This makes the second half of September the perfect time for a vacation. Put a gold star on September 26, when Venus in Scorpio will reach out to good fortune Jupiter in Cancer, a day just made for love.

Try to travel as much as possible in September, because next month, October, you will be heavily focused on home and family matters, whether in terms of your physical property or the people with whom you share your space. Alternatively you may be focused on one of your parents. Your movements will become increasingly limited in the coming three months, so it would be best to take a break while you can.

If you say you simply cannot leave town near the full moon, September 19, your mind may be on international matters or with a relationship abroad that you are bringing to fruition. Alternatively, you may settle a citizenship or immigration matter. If going back to college this semester, either as an undergraduate or graduate student, you’ll see some sort of decision settle near September 19 as well.

You seem to be in a high spending period this month, but thankfully by mid-October, the flow of money out of your checking account will calm down. Your toughest day for making financial decisions or acting on them will be will be September 8 when Mars will meet up with Saturn in a harsh, angular way. You may be forced to delay spending on something you want or need at that time, but only temporarily. “Not now” does not mean “never” dear Cancer.

Leo Horoscope for September 2013

September brings a different mood. The carefree outlook you had adopted in July and August now will turn slightly more serious and practical. First on your list will be to get a grip on finances. The new moon September 5 may have you thinking about how much your services are worth on the competitive market or within your present firm. Clearly, you deserve a raise. Your timing would be right to ask for one in the days that shortly follow September 5, so have your case ready at that time. September 5, 6, or 7 would actually be your best days to present your case. If you can’t do that day, September 11 and 12 would be almost as special.

Pluto will support that new moon, indicating management has been quite impressed with the work you’ve done on a recent project. Saturn, the planet of stability, will also be helpful to the same new moon, September 5. This suggests the actions you take in early September to increase your earning power will likely be well received and make a raise likely.

Your timing for petitioning a raise could not be better for another reason. Mars is now in Leo, putting your interests front and center, and giving you the lead in all negotiations. This is not easy-to-find, common cosmic favor, but rather, a rare and special advantage that comes to you from Mars for six weeks every two years. Mars will remain in Leo all through September, to October 15. Where you once felt fear, you will find courage and strength. Where you used to feel unsure and indecisive, you feel passionate and clear-eyed. Mars will give you the impetus to act, so forge ahead. Your timing has never been better.

A need to do more money management will come up within a handful of days of the full moon September 19, but this time you will be wrapping up financial agreements, sending check to cover previously made obligations, and generally finding a better way to organize your finances. This would be a fine time to see if you can cut waste and get your finances on a more profitable track.

Romantically and in other ways, your happiest days this month will be September 6-7, when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will send a brilliant beam to the Sun, your ruling planet. You might want to schedule a casual blind date in a coffee shop at this time. As an aside, along with happy social and romantic results, this will also include exciting news about money.

Also, in terms of love, at the start of the month, Venus will be in Libra, sure to bring chances to enjoy quick, fun travel until September 10. Overall when it comes to love, attached or single, while Mars remains in Leo, this planet of action, energy, and passion will raise your profile and amplify your charms. It’s a great time to meet and greet, for you never know when the perfect person for you will cross your path.

Virgo Horoscope for September 2013

It’s birthday time, and you will be filled with energy and enthusiasm, anxious to write your ideas boldly across the sky. Be patient, dear Virgo. Mars, the action planet, will lag behind your Sun, making it a time of reflection, not action, for now. Although you may feel you are close to launching an important initiation, it appears that you don’t have all the pieces of your plan in place yet. You will be moving rapidly in late November, and by that time Mars will be well ensconced in Virgo. Until then, spend time perfecting all the elements of your plan and reassessing your assumptions.

The new moon in Virgo will appear September 5, and is one of the friendliest new moons of the year. In a year that has not offered many highly supportive new moons, this one, September 5, will be a standout. It’s time for you to make your list of all you hope to accomplish in the coming year, for the power of that new moon will have your back in weeks ahead in a way that you will find you can practically move mountains. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in ideal angle to that moon and bring you extraordinary help from a friend, or from an entire community of people that can offer you a hand. Pluto, from your creative sector, will also be well positioned, offering luck and praise for your artistic efforts, and give your ideas profit potential. Not to be outdone, Saturn will give your actions staying power and stability, as well as the gift of practicality and structure. Dear Virgo, you cannot lose.

If you have been concerned about the welfare of one of your children, or regarding a pregnancy, this new moon may offer you comfort. Quick, short travel may be in the cards, too, as Saturn will also beam golden vibrations and help you on your way. A trip taken this month seems to be for pleasure, not work. September 7-8 should be a stellar weekend to flee with a drive out of town into the country.

By the full moon, September 19, plus or minus four days, you will want to make an important decision about that partner. If you are in love, Pluto’s turn from retrograde to direct on September 20 should bring clarity and a sense of purpose. Pluto has been out of phase for months, since April 12, so if you’ve had a hard time coming to a conclusion about the future of a love affair, a creative project, or a question concerning a child or pregnancy, more information coming now should allow you to decide what you should do next.

Libra Horoscope for September 2013

Use September to do some important daydreaming, and don’t let anyone tell you that doing so is a waste of time. You need to visualize the next chapter of your life in detail, for you will have a chance to make important changes later in the month and beyond. The Sun, new moon, and Mercury, planet of thinking, will make this a highly productive time to build your strategy. Your intuition will be very strong in September, too, so separate yourself from others to screen out their opinions – it’s the answer that wells up from within you that will matter most this month.

Making more money seems to be a driving force, for Saturn has been holding down your earning power over the past months. Now, despite your unhappiness with your income, your reputation has grown, and you notice an enviable buzz about your work in the air. You currently have Mars in your friendship quarter, so you may get unusual help from a friend or even a casual contact or co-worker. Be open to tips, advice, and even gossip, as you may hear about a professional situation that would interest you.

On September 19, an important full moon will find you wrapping up a big project at work. Watch your health at this full moon, as you will be putting out a lot of energy and may overextend yourself, lowering your resistance to colds. Jupiter’s position at the very top of your chart shows that everything you do these days will get you attention, a positive development, for if you give the project your “all” you will continue to garner praise from VIPs and critics, and expand your base.

Your ruler, Venus, is often a bellwether of lucrative news, and will be cruising through your second house of income. On September 26, shortly after the full moon, Venus will receive support from good fortune Jupiter, so the topic of a possible raise for you may come up in discussion and be realized by November.

Also this month, Pluto’s turn direct on September 20 indicates progress on the home front, perhaps in terms of buying, selling, or leasing a space. Or, you may finally be able to proceed ahead with a home improvement project without so many delays. If you need to assist a parent instead, an answer will appear soon.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 2013

Last month, you began to see encouraging signs that your career is about to start to zoom skyward and that a promotion or new position you’ve been searching for has a great shot at materializing soon. Expect results by month’s end, or certainly by early to mid-November. Mars, the action planet, will energize your professional opportunities all month, making this your most important month in two years to advance to a new and more impressive title. While you may hit a wall on September 9 when Mars will clash with Saturn, you may hear very good news on September 13, when Mars has a friendly conversation with Uranus, planet of surprise, and on September 16, when Mars energizes Mercury. Mars is one of your two rulers, so Mars’ actions in any given month are super-important for you to take note.

Your social life will be on the uptick, too, especially after the new moon arrives, September 5. It will be time to leave the comfort of your cave and venture out into the world to make new friends and associations. No man is an island, and this month you will see quite vividly how important it will be to you to have a friend nearby who believes in you and who will staunchly promote your interests.

You may decide to travel a far distance over your best weekend, September 7-8, when Jupiter will be ideally oriented toward the Sun. This trip should be a success, whether for business or pleasure, for you are due to see all your goals met. Matters involving international trade – services, goods, or information – will go well in the first week of the month, too. If you have anything to do with the courts, whether to file a trademark or patent, or to settle a dispute, you will see things go in your favor in the first week as well. If you are indeed in court, suggest a settlement on September 5 or 6, when your chances of finalizing this matter will be at a peak. Finally, do you work in broadcasting or publishing? You too will be showered in pixie dust.

Your other ruler, Pluto, was been retrograde since April 12, so if you’ve felt that you’ve been spinning your wheels and making too little progress, especially in matters of business, finance, and negotiation, you may see a heartening change from now on when Pluto moves direct September 20. Having your ruling planet in strong position is very exciting, so watch the days that circle September 19 for subtle signs that the tide has started to turn in your favor. Listen closely or you will miss the tiny breadcrumbs all big planets leave to show you the direction events will take in future weeks.

Bewitching romance will be in your stars within days of the full moon, September 19, when you will be able to weave a memory you will long remember. Pluto will be friendly to this new moon – and as said earlier, now moving in strong direct orbit – so you may decide to travel a short distance for a beautiful social event, possibly over the following Friday (September 20) or Saturday (September 21).

Venus will be in Scorpio from September 11 to October 7, and will link to Saturn in the third week. This suggests a new romance may ensue with someone older than you and with a widely different age from yours. In this case, it is more likely the person will be older than you. If you are already dating and feel you are in love, you may make a plan or a promise now – one that will last forever.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2013

Get ready for major developments in your career, some of the biggest and brightest you’ve seen in a 2013. The new moon, September 5, will herald a flurry of activity, including many phone calls, hastily arranged meetings, and exciting discussions. Happily, slow-moving Pluto will be positioned in your second house of earned income and be in perfect angle to this new moon, suggesting an offer may come up that brings a chance for a bigger title and a generous increase in salary. Be ready – the days of September 5, 6, and 7 will be positively stellar for any talks having to do with money.

Pluto has been languishing in weak retrograde position since mid-April, but will bolt forward on September 20 and will add power to your efforts to increase your income as well as your stature in your industry. All systems are working on your behalf, dear Sagittarius – this month has the making of a pivotal point that can put you on a better, more secure path. With Jupiter in your house of other people’s money, you may also find you can negotiate solid benefits, including a fine health insurance plan, more vacation days, and other perks.

Your attention will suddenly switch to the events going on at home at the full moon in Pisces September 19. You may finish a major improvement or design project, or move to a new address. Your parent may need help, and if so, you will be able to do so quickly. Guard against water damage. Make sure rain cannot come through your windows and that all plumbing is in good condition, as two of many possible examples.

Despite the important topics of career and home that will be on your mind, you will have a chance to travel, thanks to Mars in your long-distance travel sector. A surprise opportunity to enjoy a change of scene may come up over the weekend of September 15-16 when Uranus will contact Mars and whip up fun.

In love, don’t be tempted to get involved with someone older, who, unbeknown to you, is not available. Taskmaster Saturn will be close to Venus in mid-September, and this spells for you a possible indication of distressing revelations about your newest amour – be circumspect. Saturn will ask you to remain realistic and practical. Take care of your heart, and your heart will take care of you.

If you stop focusing on one person who is good for you, you will see that you have your choice of admirers. Mars in Leo will be so very compatible, increasing your charms and helping you find someone who is far better (possibly even ideal) for you. You need not stick in a dead-end romance with a person who can’t give you the care you deserve and the future you dreamed about. Already attached? Traveling together, even on a short distance, will bring your bond closer.

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2013

If you are working toward an advanced undergraduate or graduate degree, the new moon on September 5 will help you get organized. You’ll have your classes, books, and computer / software in place – all-important elements when starting a new term. If you are not taking formal classes, the emphasis on learning in your chart may also stimulate you to take seminars or a weekend workshop, and that would be a good idea, too. Your mind is clearly hungry for new concepts to chew on.

Travel has always been considered by ancient astrologers to be another method of learning, for travel opens the mind to new ideas and cultures. If you can take time off, spin your compass and choose a place to go – early September would be an ideal time to see the world. If you can’t take on such an ambitious vacation, you will have another chance to go to a pretty location – most likely at the seashore – within four days of the full moon in Pisces, September 19.

If you have dreamed of writing a book, this is the month to shape your proposal and send it out. The publishing industry is fortunate for you now, so it’s the ideal time to garner serious attention for your ideas. If you work in broadcasting, your ideas will now receive similar serious consideration. Do not delay – set those meetings in place.

You appear to be spending a lot of money now, but there’s a good chance you may have planned for that eventuality. You may be sending checks to cover tuition, or stocking up on new clothes or a computer, or buying a new car, as a few examples. Fortunately, expenses will calm down by mid-October, so there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, if you are buying a house, doing renovations, or decorating, September 15-16 will be a special, happy time, for this weekend brims with good financial news, perhaps concerning a loan that’s been approved for a home improvement, or mortgage or refinancing plan.

Pluto is now in Capricorn and has been retrograde since April 12. This month, Pluto will turn direct and orbit at increased speed. This will speed up your life too, with far fewer delays than you’ve become accustomed. You’ll like the change – watch closely the news you get within two days of September 20 for proof that life is about to move on fast forward. This is a change that will make you smile and realize that things really are getting better.

Socially, Venus will spend quite a bit of time in your house of people / friends / events this month, but move in step with Saturn. This suggests you have a friend who you care about and who may need your assistance. Your friend may be facing a rough patch or a full-blown crisis. You seem ready to help, so near the third week, keep your schedule open so that you can move in any direction.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 2013

You seem to have been concerned about money lately, but the reality is not nearly as fearsome as you’ve convinced yourself to be. The new moon September 5 will open a new chapter on jointly held funds, such as money you hold in a partnership or marriage or in terms of money you have applied for and hope to get soon, like a mortgage from a bank, business capital from an investor, or child support from an ex. No matter what type of funds you need, the new moon of September 5 will help you streamline your efforts and get the funds you need. Powerful Pluto will be standing in the wings to help your efforts, and so will fortunate Jupiter, and stable Saturn (quite a powerful threesome), so go forth confidently, with a sense of purpose.

Your focus on money will conclude at the full moon, September 19, when you will likely get the final answer to a salary question (assuming you’ve asked for a raise), and upbeat aspects point to your getting an approval. You will also write checks for money owed, so all in all, money will come in, and money will go out, but you seem to be able to stay ahead of the game.

At work, you seem to be getting all the best assignments, for you appear to have captured the eye of top management. You may now be groomed for even bigger and better things, so give all you have to give to those projects. If you have not yet received a major promotion last year, your chances of getting one this year are still very strong. Keep your eye on the solar eclipse of November 3 that may bring you the key to that top floor executive office.

In love, if dating or attached, you will be quite fixated on your partner, mainly because Mars will tour your relationship house until October 15. Mars can sometimes bring so much attention and action to your relationship that you may experience strife. Listen to your partner with your heart, and don’t be too quick to judge.

Venus will glide through your travel sector during the first ten days of September, your best time to treat yourself to a little vacation. You might just fan the fires of love, so if single, look your best at all times. You never know!

Pisces Horoscope for September 2013

Merging energies with a person who is important to you may be on your mind, and the new moon in your opposite sign of Virgo will help you move toward a happy conclusion. The partnership you are working to form appears to be magical, for Jupiter will be on hand to bring all sorts of blessings.

Even single-and-not-dating Pisces will do exceptionally well in the romance department this month, for Venus will glide in fellow water sign Scorpio from September 10 to October 7, a divine place for the love-planet to be for you. During that phase, put a gold star on September 7, when the Sun and Jupiter will be in talks, and on September 26, when Venus will play tag with Jupiter. Indeed, these will be two golden days that will offer you the chance to weave a memory that is made-in-heaven. If single, you may start to date someone significantly older than you, but no worries – if you meet this person this month, that age difference seems not to matter to either of you.

The September 19 full moon will be in Pisces, putting you and your wishes and desires in the spotlight. This will be your moment to shine, for the full moon will favor you above all others. An event important to you should go exceeding well. You’ll be enchanting to all you meet, so circulate in the third week, spread your charm, and present all your ideas. All around it seems you’ll have everything going for you.

At work, you’ve been turning out some of the best creative ideas you’ve ever submitted, and your adoring public will only beg for more. With Mars in Leo now, you will have a dearth of assignments – if anything you have too many. This is an enviable position to be in, for you will be able pick and choose among those that interest you most, and that yield the most income. You will be busy in September, and near the interplay of Mars and Uranus, September 13-24, you may make surprisingly good money.

Next month will seem like you are riding a bucking bronco – exciting but much too exhausting for most of us. Be smart and get all talks, projects, and ventures sewed up and launched. Plan to coast in October, so you have created room in your schedule for all those moments when you will have to turn on a dime (especially financially).

You’ve learned so much over the past few years, dear Pisces, that you lived two lifetimes in one. I doubt any wind is about to throw you over. “Come, make my day!” you say – and rightly so. Anyone who underestimates your strength will be sorely mistaken.