Horoscope for May 2013

horoheaderAries Horoscope for May 2013

Money will be a strong focus now, for a remarkably large number of planets are moving through your second house of earned income, including your ruler, Mars. Financial news will fluctuate with some days turning upbeat, and at other times worrisome due to some high spending you may be doing.

Still, throughout this month, you will have a set of brilliant opportunities to raise your income, ones that you will be able to take advantage of almost immediately. Wow, what help this new moon solar eclipse can be to you now! This won’t be a month to sit on the sidelines and hope someone, somewhere, will deliver the goods, but rather to survey your financial situation, build a strategy, and swing into action.

Many planets building up in earthy Taurus will ask you to be practical when assessing your competition and talents, and at times, you may see the need to re-order your priorities. Last month, on April 25, you had a full moon lunar eclipse that may have closed a door on a financial situation, and because the eclipse was somewhat unfriendly, you may have become motivated to find more cash. Good, for now you can find it.

The solar new moon eclipse due on May 9 will open a door to a brand new financial chapter. You won’t win the money or be given an expensive gift or check. Instead, an opportunity will arise that will prompt you to ask for a raise or allow you to command a fine salary at a new firm, and the position you take appears to be a big step up. In this, your best month of 2013 to increase your salary, have all your persuasive points organized to prove that deserve a raise. Go in and ask for it in the days following the new moon May 9.

If you need to negotiate a compensation package in a new position in a company, talks will show progress after May 9. If you are self-employed, business will be brisk. You may be able to raise your rates if you feel your following will accept the higher prices or fees without complaint.

It appears you will be careful and conservative in how you handle your financial matters this month, for you may be faced with changing circumstances. Saturn is now based in your house of taxes, credit, venture capital, university financial aid, and other previously made financial obligations. Happily, Saturn will be out of range from the new moon solar eclipse of May 9 but will challenge your ruler, Mars. If you find others to be tight-fisted at that time, especially regarding terms or company benefits, like health insurance, that would be understandable; it’s just not your lucky area.

If you are hoping for money from venture capitalists, or as a bank loan or mortgage, the terms will not likely entirely please you, but you can get the money you need, for Pluto will be friendly. At work, however, you may be able to get the base salary you want, for salary is ruled by another part of your chart and that area seems more favorable.

This month’s new moon of May 9 is unusual in that it is also a solar eclipse in Taurus, so it will likely bring dramatic news and open a new door. Usually with an eclipse, there is no option to turn back to earlier “good old days.” If you find you don’t like the choice you make now, you won’t be able to go back to the former situation, at least not immediately. You will be able to do so farther down the road, but for now, you will have to deal with what is presented and take it, or if you don’t like it, reject it and leave. Eclipses often present news in an all-or-nothing, black or white fashion. As an Aries, you are not fazed by situations like this, for you excel in them. I feel you will love what is offered you now, so don’t give this another thought – beeline in for a generous compensation.

Later in the month you will have another eclipse – this time a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25, lighting your house of long-distance travel. You may take a trip spontaneously, for Uranus, planet of surprise, will contact the full moon in a friendly way. Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter – exact by Monday, May 27 – so you will likely adore the setting, the accommodations, and the time you spend away. If you take this trip to enjoy romance and time with your one-and-only, Venus will see to it that your time together will be quite divine.

If your trip is for business, the results of the talks you have with your client will be profitable. You may be asked to sign a contract, and if so, wait a few days until May 27, when Jupiter will touch Mercury or the following day, May 28, when Venus will do the same. These conjunctions are exceedingly rare and outstandingly beneficial and beautiful – you could not find a better day to sign your name.

Taurus Horoscope for May 2013

The world is your oyster in May, and it may well turn out to be your favorite time of the year. With Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and later, on May 9, the new moon solar eclipse, all in Taurus, you will have a remarkable chance to seize the day and turn things to the way you’ve long dreamed it to be. Having so many heavenly bodies in Taurus is remarkable, and these planets will support your every wish. You will have rare control over the course of events, if only for a short window of time. If there were ever a time to stretch both arms out in front of you to take hold of the world with both hands, the time is now.

The start of the month will be divine, but it’s after the new moon solar eclipse, May 9, that doors will open wide. At that time you will lead the brigade and discover opportunities. You won’t need others to bring them to you, so fly solo, and keep exploring the areas that matter most to you. The fact that Mars is part of the cluster of stars in Taurus suggests you are starting an important cycle that will last a year or much longer – your endeavor may last forever. Venus, your ruler, will be in Taurus, too, this month, showing how strongly your determination will be to shape your life to your vision.

Financial opportunities are growing, so watch to see what crystallizes at the full moon lunar eclipse May 25. You may see a bundle of money, in one large payment, come to you at this time. Still, if you have to sign papers, the hard angle of Neptune to the eclipse is a warning to be careful. Ask a lot of questions, and if necessary, ask for backup data. If the matter concerns salary compensation, by early June, your deal will be within reach, and you are likely to be very pleased with the final agreement. Just after that eclipse of May 25, on May 28 you will reach one of your wonder days of the year when your ruler, Venus, meets with Jupiter. The day before, May 27, will be mighty special for financial news and agreements.

With Saturn opposed to your Sun, you may meet opposition from a partner or collaborator, and if so, this will frustrate you. You may view this person as an impediment to your progress – too stodgy and conservative for your taste. In that case you will need to silence this person’s objections, perhaps by being ready with a series of persuasive points before you are free to move forward. Still, there’s always the possibility this person will offer a gram of wise advice. If you sense that this may be true, hear this person out, and reflect on what was said. See if you can integrate any of this person’s perspective into your choices.

If your birthday falls at the end of April, you are feeling the drain of the many demands being made on you. You may feel isolated, as if no one understands you or your situation. This is due to a rare visit from Saturn opposed to your Sun, which is temporary, but that can create a heavy feeling that may last a total of nine months. It will be up to you to find a way to deal with present-day challenges, for that will be the purpose of Saturn’s visit. Keep in mind that this has all the makings of a landmark period when you can show the world all the stuff you are made of. You will finally discover the depth of your strength, the force of your determination, and the range of your resourcefulness. You won’t be the same again – you’ll be new and improved, better than ever before.

Gemini Horoscope for May 2013

The month of May finds you deep in discussion, working strategically behind the scenes. The first part of May will be quite private, where you will gently close the door to give yourself time to think and reflect on your present life, and what your next move will be. A bevy of planets are building in Taurus, in your twelfth house of confidential matters. If you are writing a book, a thesis, or doing research, you will have the ability to become a powerhouse of productivity, for your concentration will be high. Work on your project alone in the first three weeks of May. The new moon solar eclipse will give these matters extra importance, from May 9 extending ten days.

Sometimes a lot of energy in the twelfth house, where these planets will be based for much of May, will bring interaction with medical personnel. It may be that you will schedule a medical procedure for yourself or you may be called to help a beloved friend or relative who needs surgery and is depending on you to help. If it is the latter, your beloved relative or friend will appreciate your advice and the nourishing foods you bring, along with your cheerful conversation.

The month will change dramatically in late May, when migrating planets head to Gemini, giving you the spotlight and much control over the course of events and talks. By the full moon, May 25, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, you will make a decision about a serious relationship. Mars, the energy planet, will soon move into Gemini, May 31, joining the Sun (authority, ego), Venus (love and attraction), Jupiter (luck), and your ruler, Mercury (communication) in Gemini, proving that any decision you make will be yours and yours alone, and give you great confidence. June will be a big month for you – you have every reason to be happy and secure in your choices.

Neptune will spread confusion at the lunar eclipse May 25, so be sure you have all the facts, and that they are accurate before you make any fateful decision. You won’t be able to reverse things later, not with a lunar eclipse. You might be viewing the situation from the wrong perspective, so if you do have to make a decision (and it seems that you will), you might be best to hold off until you’ve had time to do a little digging and to ask questions. A lawyer may be worth his weight in gold at month’s end. Look to a friend or acquaintance to help you sort out what to do, as Uranus will bring outstanding and unexpected luck from someone in your circle.

Two extra sweet days, when all news should be good news for you: May 27 and 28. A breakthrough in love, money, real estate, or progress on a secret desire could be yours on one of these two days.

Cancer Horoscope for May 2013

Your social life will be in full swing in May, and things should be far more exciting than you ever expected from this month. Last month, April, a lot was bubbling up in your career, and you likely didn’t have a moment to breathe. The professional news could have been exciting, but it was likely to have been exhausting, too. You may have felt the pressure to push forward, even if you didn’t feel ready, for a lot of opportunity was coming your way. You do need fun, and this month, you should have plenty of that.

The reason for this dramatic change in tempo is the move of a crowd of planets that are currently moving into Taurus, an earth sign that blends beautifully with yours. You will soon see your friends become quite prominent now, and a number of new people will likely come into view, too. It is time to expand your circle, dear Cancer. When so many planets fill one house – including Venus, Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse, May 9 – the universe speaks clearly. In your case, friends, acquaintances, and contacts that you have cultivated over time, and that you will meet up with now, will trigger many of your coming breakthroughs. The more you’ve reached out to others in the past, the more others will help you now. Still, you are about to make a number of new friends, too – welcome them into your life.

As you see, you would be wise to show your face to the world this month. Attend club and industry functions, invite friends to lunch and dinners, and get in touch with those pals you’ve not talked with in a long time. You will find enormous luck in social media, too, so choose your favorite platform and get busy by reaching out to others online with mutual areas of interest. Making more friends will help your romantic picture, too. If single, this month your friends will finally know your “type” and will be willing to make introductions, and if married, you’ll get out to kick up your heels with your partner – more fun helps all relationships flourish.

You’ve not seen any month quite like this in years, so have faith that this month could bring a lovely turning point. It would be a shame to miss the glittering opportunities that await you.

On May 25, you will come to the lunar eclipse, a full moon, bringing a work-related situation to fullness. Lunar eclipses often end things, and this one may finalize a big assignment or relationship with a main client. Or it may be that a subordinate you depend on will announce a leave for another job. This person may help you at work or at home, such as the latter case would happen if your nanny or housekeeper decides to leave. Eclipses shake up our assumption that life will always continue along the same path, and they force us to be flexible when we encounter new and unexpected circumstances.

Neptune may cloud your thinking and perceptions at this eclipse, so if you discover something amiss with a project or person who reports to you, before you become overly upset, realize Neptune’s cloud may have you seeing things the wrong way. Give that person a chance to explain things, and do not rush to judgment. This is only one of several possible manifestations of this eclipse, so keep your antenna up. If you need more information, don’t agree to anything until you feel satisfied that you have the answers you.

The same house of your chart (the sixth house) that rules your work assignments and relationships also governs your health. It’s possible that instead, you may find a health situation that you’ve experienced lately reaches an end point or plateau. For example, you may reach the end of your physical therapy treatments, or you may simply go to have your stitches out if you had an operation. If you went in for tests, Neptune’s difficult angle to the eclipse may make a diagnosis difficult or bring an initially wrong diagnosis. For this reason, if your intuition tells you that you need a second opinion, seek one. Alternatively, Neptune can give problems with the effect of prescription drugs, so be very careful to take the right dose. If you usually have a strong reaction to drugs, ask your doctor if she thinks you should have a weaker dose or different drug altogether. Also, ask about possible side effects for any medicine you take.

Leo Horoscope for May 2013

You will be given a rare opportunity to seize the day to make a name for yourself in your career, dear Leo. This month will be your most critical month of 2013 for career progress, for you have a cluster of planets, all moving together in Taurus, including Venus, Mercury, Mars, and your ruling star, the Sun, giving this group extra importance. All these heavenly bodies will await the arrival of the new moon solar eclipse, May 9. In the ten days that follow it, you must be ready to take action and aim for the job of your dreams – the universe wants you to have it, and all you need to do is go after it.

If you are already in a position you love, or if you have your own business that you enjoy, this month you can present an idea or launch an initiative that will have enormous potential for success. This new moon solar eclipse will be conjunct Mars indicating you will be ready to make a bold move. Mars will stay in your tenth house of fame and honors until May 31, not to come back to this same area of your chart for two years. This is your moment to make your big career victory, so begin your planning, steel your courage, and push forward with vigor.

The plan is to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. Do not let socializing distract you from working toward your career aims during the first three weeks. With many of the planets in Taurus congregating in your eleventh house of friends / events / new people at month’s end, you will have all the opportunities you need to step out and kick up dust – later in the month.

The lunar eclipse, a full moon, due on May 25, will have you thinking about romance, and it may be that you meet someone new or decide about a person you’ve been dating. Eclipses illuminate information that has remained hidden, so you may hear news that surprises you. News maybe happy or not so happy, depending on your present situation and the direction your relationship has been heading for a while, whether you were aware of this or not. Alternatively, your thoughts may go to a pregnancy or child you have now.

Also covered by the eclipse May 25 will be a creative project you have been working on for some time and that may be finalized now – and funded.

Neptune will be in hard angle to the lunar eclipse May 25, bringing up a conversation about money that involves you and your romantic partner, or that involves a pregnancy, a child you have now, or creative project that you will be in the process of finishing. This discussion may become confusing or stressful. Still, Uranus will be very favorable, so a foreign person, perhaps someone who speaks with an accent in your city or abroad, may be helpful. Any sort of legal action would also be favorable to you – perhaps you will file a trademark at this time. It is also possible that a long trip you take spontaneously will turn out to be quite beneficial to you, immediately and in the long run.

Jupiter will conjoin Mercury first, on May 27, and then Venus will meet with Jupiter on May 28, both representing sensational annual events – so things should go VERY well. All may end well if you refuse to rush and give the matter a little extra thought.

Virgo Horoscope for May 2013

Many planets are moving toward earth sign Taurus, a sign with an element like yours, dear Virgo, and this means life is about to become very sweet indeed. Venus, Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and later, on May 9, the new moon solar eclipse, are all about to act like loving little relatives who want to make you happy. Various areas of life are about to become active and bring a bounty of benefits. You may travel overseas now, possibly for your work, or be involved with a citizenship, immigration, or a passport situation. If you travel for love, go over the weekend of May 5-6, when Mars and Pluto will exchange sweet signals, sure to make it a loving weekend to remember.

Alternatively, in early May you may devote yourself to an important thesis or white paper, possibly as part of your university study. Virgo also tends to be very talented with communicative projects, so you may be working on a book, Internet, or other publishing venture or on a TV, radio, or other broadcasting project. All these areas shine brightly for you, especially after the new moon solar eclipse May 9 and continuing for ten days. If you are in a legal matter that involves the courts, you will have your very best chance to get a settlement idea approved by the other party then, or to get a final verdict in your favor.

The end of May brings even more good news. Your career is about to heat up in a big way, for most of the planets will, like a group of happy revelers, seek even more interesting action and head to your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. You need to have your wish list ready when these planets show up, because early next month you will have the best professional opportunities being served up to you this year – and very possibly for many years – to reach for the stars. Look at your goals and update them if necessary. You currently have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in this same career house, and after June 25, Jupiter will leave, not to be back for another 12 years. Now and next month (but especially next month) you will have the ear of a very high level executive who will be willing to give you a hand up on a dream dear to you. If ever there were a time to think big and courageously about professional matters, it’s now.

On the lunar eclipse, May 25, you will focus on your home and family matters. You may move during that last week of May, or you may hear important news about or from a family member, most likely your mother. If you need a mortgage, refinancing plan, or home improvement loan (or, actually if you need ANY large funding outside of your own resources), you will get a shot of excellent luck from Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Seek the money you need from the authorities – even if you feel the odds of getting the money is stacked against you. You may be pleasantly surprised when you get that “yes” from a source you did not expect. Neptune, on the other hand, is being difficult, so your partner may turn out to be clueless, hopeless, or completely incapable of understanding any of the things you are trying to do. Make sure any partner you have is not withholding information from you as well – in this case go slowly until you can see the lay of the land.

Libra Horoscope for May 2013

You will be deeply wrapped up in financial talks in early-to-mid May. You won’t be centered on your own salary so much as focused on money that you share with or receive from an entity, such as a bank or credit card company. You may negotiate with your soon-to-be-ex about the division of property in a divorce or you may be immersed in talks (or strategy) concerning someone you have taken to court.

In other manifestations of the energy of many planets in your eighth house of other people’s money, you may pitch venture capitalists for an infusion of cash for your business, do battle with your insurance company about a payout you feel you’re due, or fill out papers for a grant or university financial aid. You may successfully sell a house or buy one, or oversee details of an estate or inheritance. With many planets accompanying the new moon solar eclipse, May 9/10, you will have a superb opportunity to settle things in the coming weeks. This new moon will come conjunct Mars, so you can expect a quick pace, with none of the delays you may have experienced earlier this year.

In a month that has everything, a lunar eclipse is coming to Sagittarius, May 25, a full moon that will illuminate your third house of communication. You may finish and possibly sell a screenplay, see your book published, or debut your new blog. You may be invited to be a guest on TV to be interviewed about your recently published book. It’s very possible your written or spoken word will be translated into other languages too now, as you will be under a friendly international influence at eclipse time.

The third house, where all the emphasis will be, may bring a contract for you to sign near May 25. If so, Neptune will be in hard angle to the eclipse. Beg for more time so that you can confer with your lawyer. Neptune may cloud the terms, or cause the contract to have key clauses missing, simply because no one thought of certain eventualities that could hurt you later if not addressed. Saturn will be friendly to Neptune, indicating that if you take your time, you can work out any hidden, missing, or confusing details. It is also possible that someone hopes you won’t notice some of the facts don’t add up or that some data is missing. If this seems to fit your situation, demand backup.

Neptune is the planet of creativity, so if you are discussing a creative project, find out how any conflict will be resolved – will you have final say, for example, or if it will be a group effort, ascertain that your voice will be respected and heard, without being dismissed. Finally, your third house also rules your sibling, so you may hear big news – keep your ears open in the five days before and after May 25.

Scorpio Horoscope for May 2013

In May, your best bet will be to collaborate with others to form something bigger than what you could achieve alone, by yourself. This may mean that you are about to get engaged or married in this merry month or that you will form a business collaboration, partnership, or joint venture. In terms of business, you may alternatively hire an expert to advise you in areas that can compliment your goals. All your luck will come through the one person you align with now, so rather than consider going it alone, your planets are being clear – join forces with a person or entity, such as another company (say, if self-employed), and go into a joint venture.

There are other ways you may use this energy. You might hire a new lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, agent, stylist, or publicist to help you get ahead, as a few examples. Mars will be in Taurus, and among the many planets (Venus, Mercury, and also the Sun) surrounding the new moon solar eclipse on May 9, so in the ten days following that eclipse, it will be a time of action and energy. You won’t be faced with delays – both you and the other party will want to move forward. If you need to sign papers, Pluto will be your best buddy, so go ahead – sign. I always feel it is best to leave some space from the date of the eclipse, May 9/10 (depending on your time zone – most will see the eclipse May 10); leaving just a few days will do.

May 17 might be a big day for money, for it marks the date that Mars will move over the degrees of the eclipse (20 degrees Taurus), so you may form your collaboration then – or get engaged or married, plus or minus one day.

Later in the month, Venus, the ruler of your partnership house, will meet with Jupiter on May 28, and Mercury, planet of contracts, will also meet with Jupiter, May 27, giving you other special days to commit your promise by signature. A major, full moon lunar eclipse will take place May 25, in Sagittarius, and fill your second house of earned income. This suggests the source of your income may now change, either this month or very soon, and chances are, you will earn a better salary than you have now. With Jupiter in your house of benefits, you are likely to negotiate a host of company perks, with such benefits as generous paid vacation, health insurance, a yearly bonus or generous commission rate, and possibly the key to the executive gym – you get the idea. You may change where you work, accepting a better job, or move up in a grand promotion. This is a full moon eclipse, suggesting talks you’ve had will come to an end now, and a final decision from you – or from the person you are dealing with – is at hand.

This eclipse will be in hard angle to Neptune, so make absolutely sure you understand the terms of the any financial offer you are presented. Neptune can bring a misunderstanding, so ask as many questions as you need to do, and study the summary of the deal points as well as the actual contract. On the plus side, Uranus, planet of surprise and genius, will send his greetings to this eclipse. A surprise assignment or project may come up and bring a sweet lump of cash, or a twist to talks may go in your favor, just when you thought you’d have to give up.

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2013

Get ready for an unusually busy month. A gaggle of planets are meeting in your assignment sector, assuring you will have more than enough assignments to keep you motivated and alert. If you work for yourself, business will be brisk, and if you work for others, you will be the one chosen by a VIP to do the plum projects.

The new moon solar eclipse will set off this trend on May 9/May 10, but you will see many indications that energy is building as soon as the month begins. The solar eclipse will be conjunct the action-hero Mars, so certainly, things won’t be dull. Chances are, you’ll feel like Lucille Ball in her funny factory episode, working frantically with her best friend Ethel on the chocolate factory assembly line, and trying to keep up. In this economy, you will be happy to be so needed and appreciated.

This same part of your chart rules the tools you need to do your job and those who report to you or work side by side with you. The concentrated number of planets in Taurus this month will help you to streamline your work methods to become more efficient. In this case, necessity may become the mother of invention, for you will have a lot to do and precious little time to get it done.

The end of the month may be a pivotal time for you, for the full moon lunar eclipse will be in Sagittarius. Something of major importance is coming to critical mass on or near May 25, plus or minus four days (or one month to the day later, with the same tolerance), especially if you were born on or near November 25. Good fortune Jupiter is in this, your partnership house, so you may be getting engaged or married this month, or making a business alliance official soon. Neptune, in your home sector, will be in hard angle to this eclipse in Sagittarius, indicating you may not be thinking in practical terms. Neptune is the planet of inspiration, but also the planet of confusion or hidden information. Be careful about who you align with and go slowly. If necessary, ask your lawyer to do a background check on your partner.

If the relationship on your mind is romantic, and you are single and are thinking of moving in together, think twice about giving up your present apartment, as Neptune is in your fourth house of home. You may change your mind and wish you had that extra apartment. Or, if you are attached or married, you may want to buy a house, but if so, check the water quality and the plumbing, as with an afflicted Neptune, water (in any of its possible incarnations) could be troublesome later. Uranus, based in your house of true love and fun, will support you all the way, bringing a smile to your face and the feeling of warmth all around you. If single, Uranus will play Cupid – this eclipse may bring a new person, so look your best.

Capricorn Horoscope for May 2013

As one of the zodiac’s most talented leaders, you are a hardworking soul, and are always interested in getting ahead, moving patiently up the company hierarchy to the top. This month, you will be urged by a loving universe to push back from the computer, unplug your smart phone charger, and devote your time to love. With Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse on May 9/May 10 all moving through your house of romance, you have the prospect of outstanding romantic opportunity. You’ve not seen anything like the planetary buildup that will happen in May in years!

If you don’t make time for love, it will not happen, as you must show the universe that you want love, deserve love, and are willing to make time you need for love. In a month when your odds of meeting someone special will hit sky-high levels, it would be a shame not to harness the energy coming your way. You will notice that May is unlike any month you’ve seen in years, and the solar eclipse, May 9/10 will be powerful, friendly, and perfectly capable of opening up a new road for you in matters of the heart. Be sure to circulate as much as possible in May’s first three weeks. If you are attached, you too will have fun with your one-and-only, so plan something fun for the two of you.

If you hope for a baby, the planets in Taurus will encourage conception. The moon, in itself, is associated with fertility, as is the sign of Taurus. With so many planets moving into Taurus now, you will have an exceptional chance to conceive or adopt a baby. Again, energy this outstanding is very rare – take full advantage if you hope for a baby. Whether you are interested in finding new love, having a baby, or spending more time with a child you have now, you could not choose a better month to enrich your private life.

The same planets that will bring your romance this month will also bring you a chance to make a name for yourself creatively. If ever you had a month to advance an idea or project, this will be it. Be sure to set aside time to work alone on your idea, for you’ll surely have impressive results to show for your efforts later.

By the last week of May, the magical, romantic phase you experienced will fade, for the troop of planets moving through Taurus will move into Gemini, and your work life will get active. The lyrical atmosphere you enjoyed in the first three weeks of May will give way to more mundane concerns when a number of urgent projects and duties will come up. Until then, enjoy the enchanting spell of love that will envelop you during most of May. Indulge and revel in it, dear Capricorn, for the person you meet now, or who you strengthen your love for now (if attached), can be so powerful as to last a lifetime.

Aquarius Horoscope for May 2013

You seem to have real estate, home design, or family-related goals on your list, and this month will be the right time to get busy. You have an extraordinary buildup of planetary energy in your home sector, giving you nearly unprecedented support for all your home and family aims. You will become quite determined to set things in motion the moment the month begins, and your momentum will reach a feverish pitch after the new moon solar eclipse, May 9/10 and continuing for ten more days. You might buy or sell property now, or move, renovate, or refresh the look of your home. Or you may simply buy new linens and china – working on small touches will have a big effect too, for any attempt on your part to improve your home will be rewarded. If a parent is in need of your assistance, you will come up with the right course of action to help your beloved relative.

Active Mars will conjunct this new moon, so any project that requires a strenuous effort, either on your part or those you hire, will be decided, scheduled, and finished. You won’t see as splendid an opportunity to attend to these matters quite as effectively again for years – May is truly special. Cast a wide net and investigate all your opportunities. Work hard on things, for this solar eclipse due on May 9 (US) / May 10 (elsewhere) will provide all the oomph you need to get things “just so.”

This month won’t be all work and no play. Just the opposite – the full moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun will light your joyous sector of love and romance later in the month. The same heavenly bodies (Venus, Mercury, and the Sun) that will be so helpful to your home plans will move into fellow air sign Gemini and help you to find love, or enjoy love with the one you are formally attached to now. Over the years, Aquarius has had very few opportunities for carefree love, but finally the horoscope wheel has turned to give you a chance to enjoy the romance you deserve. The new moon next month, on June 8, will help you more, but in the meantime, you will see things go your way at month’s end.

The full moon lunar eclipse of May 25 will put one of your friends in the spotlight, and this person may be someone who is the source of assistance or news. This eclipse will receive a beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, so a friend may do something outstanding for you that completely knocks you over. Although all signs will feel this special luck from Uranus at eclipse time, you will feel the friendly rays from Uranus more, for Uranus is your ruler and special guardian. Be open to going to social events within five days, before or after May 25, for the event may turn out to be quite memorable. Neptune will be in hard angle to this eclipse, so don’t lend money to a friend, nor borrow any sums from a friend now. Money may concern you at this time, perhaps due to the cost of participation – just be sure you know in advance what is involved and what you can afford to pay.

Eclipses usually mark huge life events: graduation from college or graduate school, passing the Bar, a wedding, birth, the purchase of a first house, the start of one’s own business, big promotions – you get the idea. Let’s see what event will come up in your timeline! Tell me on Twitter @AstrologyZone. By getting your feedback, I can become better at what I do for you!

Pisces Horoscope for May 2013

Your skill in writing, speaking, designing, editing, proofing, coding, film directing, and other communication arts will turn out to be a major force in your life in May. A grand conglomeration of planets will fill your solar third house and bring you exciting opportunity to have your voice, point of view, sense of style, or other of your talents heard.

To keep your spirits and motivation high, you will have many opportunities to travel too during the first three weeks of May. If you do choose to get on the road, the reasons you choose to pack and go may be varied – to do business, see family, or to have a romantic weekend for two, or all three. Getting away will do you a world of good, and your stars suggest the place you choose to go need not be far. Your work on the communication project I see for you and your travels may bring reason for celebration May 28.

With your home gaining as a hub of attention at months’ end and even more so in June, it would be good for you to get away if you can. You are about to get some wonderful home-related news or family support on or near May 27, when Mercury has an annual meeting of Jupiter. What you hear may have bearing on a pending financial matter, a house, or an inheritance from a family member, because the next day, May 28, Venus, a planet associated with money, will also meet with Jupiter.

Your sister or brother may be the source of much news too in early-to-mid May, for the third house, so bright in May, also rules siblings, and you may gain from the efforts of a sibling. On the very first day of the month, May 1, you may an experience disagreement with your sibling about a certain matter, as Mars will be in direct opposition to Saturn. Your sister / brother may favor a course of action that is quite opposite yours. One of you will be cautious, the other favoring an assertive role, so the only way out will be a discussion about all available options and risks in terms of consequences / rewards. Saturn, ruling the conservative approach, will likely win out, as Saturn is slower moving than Mars, but this is not definite – argue your case if you are passionate and want to take an aggressive stance.

Your career is about to get a major boost at the lunar eclipse, a full moon, May 25, plus or minus four days. This will be a very exciting moment, when talks come to culmination and the world hears about your fine work. The salary or fees to you will receive from this development should be surprisingly generous. It is very possible that a creative idea of yours is at the core of your rising status, something that will make you very proud indeed.