Horoscope for April 2013


Aries Horoscope for April 2013

You are about to enter into an extraordinary month. As has been the case in 2013, the first months of the year have brought an unusual clustering of planets in a single sign in almost all of the past months, and this continues in April through June. When planets congregate in one sign, they tend to speak very clearly and directly. January brought planets to Capricorn (emphasizing your career), March brought a crowd of planets in Pisces (underscoring your sharp intuition and behind the scenes activities), and now we have April, with a remarkable five heavenly bodies lined up in Aries, including the Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, and the new moon, April 10. This confluence of planets will give you strong presence, and others will look to you to lead them in a new direction. Your opinions will be valued, and you will find it fairly easy to impart your enthusiasm to others to motivate them. Planets in Aries will also give you control over many events that occur now, and that will gratify you.

It will be, at times, a tense month, too, simply because it will come packed with many activities of wide breath and scope. Don’t lose sight of the main event: It’s the right time to launch something dearly important to you, especially in the business sense. You will feel entrepreneurial, pioneering, and adventurous, and it certainly is the right time to set the wagon caravan moving. Just be sure to do your due diligence, for you will also feel in a great hurry to get going. For some Aries, it will be almost a brash need to jump in with both feet, so for you, be sure to look before you leap, and to study all the details of your strategy. Mars is in Aries now, giving you the right of way until April 19. If you feel you’ve done your homework, then launch in the days that come AFTER the new moon, April 10.

Some tension this month will center on finances. With Mars moving into your second house of earned income from April 20 to May 31, you’ll need to write checks. Venus and the Sun’s presence in the same area suggest you can find new sources of income, but to do so, you’ll have to stay alert. In your other financial house called the sector of “other people’s money,” you have Saturn and the full moon lunar eclipse, April 25. This suggests that you may get depressing news about taxes, a mortgage, a loan application, or other funding. By “depressing” I mean you may owe more than you anticipated. It may alternatively be that money that has been owed to you will not be forthcoming or not as generous as you had anticipated in regard to an inheritance, child support, or a court case settlement, as some examples. The eclipse seems to be saying that you expect a brighter financial picture than will be presented now, so it might be best to have a contingency plan in place.

With the eclipse of April 25, you won’t have any room to negotiate, so you may feel boxed in, something that never pleases an Aries. You may be tempted to take out frustrations on others, which of course, would be useless. Keep in mind this is a temporary situation. By May you may hit on an idea or find an opportunity that will help you make up any loss. In the meantime, break down any problem you are facing to small pieces, and study each one, one at a time.

Love may turn out to be very bright during the first three weeks of April, and that would go far to balance out any concerns you might encounter about money. April 1 should be superb, with the Sun and Jupiter in perfect sync. It’s a Monday, but if you are invited out to any event, whether social or professional, go, as that day will be special.

Your most critical and happy day for your love life will be Saturday, April 6, when Venus and Mars unite in Aries – they have not chosen to rendezvous in Aries for years, and having both lover planets in Aries will be quite an advantage. This is sensational news, for this rare aspect will bestow you with charisma that others will notice in you and you will be unforgettable all month, but doubly so at this time.

The last week of April won’t likely be lighthearted due to lingering concerns over money. Additionally, if you were born in late April, say, near April 19, the coming eclipse in Scorpio may give you reason to ponder a close relationship and how it might influence your finances in coming months. For this reason, in late April, you might want to stay by yourself to think over your next strategic move. Socialize to April 19 when your aspects for love will be best, for at that time, you’ll be at your most memorably magnetic.

Taurus Horoscope for April 2013

An eclipse is due in Scorpio, the sign that falls opposite yours on the old horoscope wheel, on April 25, so it will be time to decide about a current relationship. If your birthday falls on or within five days of April 25, you will feel double the urgency to decide. It may not be easy to do what you know you need to do, as Saturn’s influence will be very heavy at this time. Yet it will be time to make a fateful decision, to promise your love forever, or leave without regret. The decision you make now will be permanent, as Saturn’s position, so close to the eclipse, will make it so.

You will have a spectacular month in May, so remain cheerful. If you get engaged, clearly you’ll be happy. If you are breaking up a long-term relationship, you may be sad or fearful about the future, but never doubt that your aspects are positive for happiness. If you are not married, and not dating anyone, you may feel this eclipse does not apply to you, but it might. In that case, keep your eye on a business partnership that may form and become official, or conversely, break up at this time. Alternatively, a competitor, critic, or detractor may become very aggressive at the time of the eclipse and you will have to find a way to counter this openly aggressive person.

In April, you will soon see that there will be no middle ground, and when all matters and relationships will be cast in the light of high contrast and high relief, you will need to order your priorities and get in touch with your deepest feelings and desires. With five heavenly bodies lining up in Aries in your twelfth house of intuition at the start of the month, you do not need others to counsel you – this is your decision to make by yourself, through meditation alone. Your instincts will not fail you. Do not allow anyone to pressure you, but realize that you will be ready to state your decision soon after the eclipse of April 25. By then, your choice will flow easily. Mars will move over the precise degree of the eclipse (6 degrees) on April 29, pointing to a finish by the time the month is out.

If, for any reason, this does not prove true for you, and things do not reach a crescendo this month in regard to a relationship, the matter will move to the time near May 25 for sure, as occasionally an eclipse will deliver news one month to the day later, plus or minus five days.

Mars will move into Taurus on April 20, just in time for your birthday, indicating that you are now starting an important two-year cycle. The Sun will enter Taurus at the same time (just a few hours prior). So you will have the force of the universe behind you.

If single and looking for love, Venus, your ruler, will link to Mars on April 6, but both planets will fall in a clandestine part of your chart. This would be no month to take risks – specifically, do not fall for an admirer who is married but promises to be available soon. This is a treacherous place in your chart for Mars to link to Venus, so you may not be told the truth of your admirer’s martial status or intent. Be wary over April 6 and 7.

Gemini Horoscope for April 2013

It’s time to play. Last month, you had a lot of emphasis on your career, with the possibility of some exciting professional options to accept, or at the very least, to investigate and discuss more fully. Now, April brings in a social atmosphere and one that will let you relax and have fun. Friends will have entrepreneurial ideas to share and will be in an adventurous mood. Last month, Mercury hampered you while in retrograde, and that spelled delays, but that period is over and you can make plans, confident they will stick.

One of your most romantic days of the year will be when Venus and Mars link in Aries over the weekend of April 6-7. Your friends will be everything to you this weekend, so plan a special outing with several friends. To add glitter, the moon will conjoin glamorous Neptune on April 6, too, so the stage should be set for a standout night filled with stardust. Plan something new and exciting.

After the new moon April 10, your social life will swing into full gear. The Sun, Mars, and Venus will be on hand to meet the new moon, giving more power to the new moon – and more grace, too. This will be one of those rare new moons of 2013 that will be special in almost every way, so harness that energy. You can add spice and fun to your life by being open to making new friends, or by reconnecting with long-term friends. You can get ahead professionally by socializing now too, so be prepared to work in a less formal way, by networking and meeting up with many colleagues. Go to industry events, career seminars, and trade shows. One caveat: Keep an eye on your credit cards now, however, as you may spend more than you are aware – and later be worried about paying that bill.

One day that will favor you in a big way will be April 23, when your ruler, Mercury, will be in elegant angle to Jupiter. This day will favor you in so many ways that you can use it for any purpose – to advance a business proposal, to write an important document, or for outstanding fun and romance. Travel would also go exceedingly well. Avoid travel, however, over the weekend of April 27-28.

The mood of the month will change as you get closer to the full moon April 25, the lunar eclipse. It appears that you may need to attend to a health matter at this time, for Saturn will fall close to this eclipse. (It may alternatively work out that someone close to you will need medical attention, and you will be involved with the process of care.) This will be an important moment where you may either get health-related news, finish up a long protocol of medical treatment or physical therapy, or be asked to make a weighty decision regarding your health.

Mars’ position points to the possibility you will be interacting quite a bit with medical or dental personnel. Something will finish now, and if a diagnosis has been unclear, you may find you have better luck now to get to the bottom of things, as Neptune will be friendly to Saturn and in so doing, clarify the matter. If you need surgery, Pluto will be in a place to help you regenerate. Of course you must do your due diligence and choose a doctor you have vetted and have faith in – follow his advice. Eclipses reveal truth and often bring attention and information to a latent situation, or bring an end to a long set of trails. Take what comes up seriously but also keep a spirit of optimism.

Financial matters may be troubling at or near eclipse time April 25, because the moon will be under Saturn’s thumb – the moon rules your earning power and salary. If you don’t have health insurance at the start of the month, you might want to have it by time the eclipse comes by – the choice is, of course, yours, but expenses may well be medically oriented.

The area of your chart that will be energized at month’s end also rules workaday projects, not only your health. A large, important project is now apparently over, or, alternatively, will now reach an important plateau. You may suddenly hear that a subordinate is leaving, much to your dismay. This person may be an assistant you hired at work, or someone like a nanny or housekeeper you have engaged at home. Just in case, have contingency plans in place if you have to hire other person quickly.

Cancer Horoscope for April 2013

You have a sensational career month coming up, and it will be unlike any you’ve seen in recent years. Planets lining up in Aries suggest you will get at least one offer that you will want to take seriously. Uranus (genius, and all things new), Mars (courage and determination), Venus (pure enjoyment), Sun (prestige and authority), plus the important new moon in Aries, April 10, package all this energy and send it to you in a way that will be instantly available and useful to you. You will have nearly two weeks after April 10 in which to act – do so! All that you do in that time will have the power to shape your professional life for a year or for forever!

Mars will play a leading role, an upbeat indication for success, because Mars will act as a booster rocket and magnifier to your efforts, giving your actions more power and push. With Venus also orbiting close to that new moon, you are likely to engender lots of popularity and support for your visions. If you do land a promotion or new position, it will bring you into a very new, pioneering area or industry, and also likely allow you to work in an autonomous way rather than be overly directed by a supervisor. With Mars in your house of prestige, you won’t find it hard to get the attention of top level VIPs, but you must provide the energy – work hard now and see results.

With such emphasis on Aries, you might be opening your own business, and if so, the time after the new moon, April 10, would be the time to do so. Oddly, you and a business partner, agent, broker, or other collaborator may not see eye-to-eye about a plan or strategic approach you will offer. If so, if you are convinced you are right, you may have to “go rough” and do it anyway. It is also possible that you will be dealing with a pushy, domineering client, romantic or business partner jealous of your success, or a ruthless competitor who will stop at nothing to get a piece of your pie.

An important lunar full moon eclipse in Scorpio is due April 25 and from this point on, will direct your attention to your romantic and social life. If you are dating, you may hear news that is upsetting, but that will illuminate information that you need. If someone you have been dating has been duplicitous, you will find out now. Saturn will be orbiting very close to the moon and will emphasize the need to be realistic and practical. Whatever comes up will require instant action or decision, and will also influence the weekend of April 27-28. That weekend would not be the time to be away on a trip or to have anything of vital importance on your agenda.

This same eclipse may instead put emphasis a child you have now, or a pregnancy. See what comes up, and keep your schedule light. If you were born at the end of June, you will felt this eclipse the most, but you will be the most likely Cancer to find a solid, quick solution to the matter that comes up.

Leo Horoscope for April 2013

With no less than FIVE heavenly bodies in fellow fire sign Aries, all crowded into your long-distance travel sector, you are very likely to be spreading your wings and making a journey to an exciting, possibly warm, location. If you can go, do so early in the month, or even better, just after the new moon, April 10, plus ten days. Interests abroad will be bubbling up too, and are likely to be intriguing, and possibly be entrepreneurial or pioneering in nature. If you are hoping to work or study in another country, you may be involved with applying for a passport, green card, visa, or other immigration matter.

Other opportunities may come up too, involving publicity or an exciting project in the media, in broadcasting or publishing. If that does not fit, it’s also possible a lot of activity in your life will be centered on academia, perhaps because you are applying to college, preparing to defend a thesis, or getting ready to take an important qualifying exam. Finally, if you are in a legal case, planets in Aries will support you, and, if you are hoping to initiate a case, it’s a good time to do so, or at the very least, to consult with a lawyer. This month justice is on your side.

The tenor of the month will change enormously once you get to the first eclipse of 2013, a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, April 25, to light your fourth house of residence, other property, and family. Your career is heating up nicely – something you will see next month – so perhaps you have chosen to move house to take advantage of a career offer that has just started to come up. Mars is still in your sector honors and awards, so clearly, you won’t have any trouble getting your foot in the door of highly placed VIPs, and this trend will enlarge even more by May.

For now, you may be making a weighty decision involving your home, as evidenced by the presence of Saturn on the eclipse. Your home may need expensive repairs, or you may be having problems with the bank over a mortgage or loan. Neptune will be well angled to the eclipse, so you may be working with a home designer, with superb results, and if so, you will find the money to complete your plan fairly quickly.

If you are not moving, redecorating, or renovating, nor negotiating with a bank or contractor, you may have concerns over a female relative, most likely your mother, or someone you think of as a mother. If so, your career decisions may need to be strongly colored by what you learn about your beloved woman relative now.

Or, you may hear that a female roommate is about to leave, much to your surprise, and you may have to scramble to find another roommate to help pay the rent. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and will be friendly to Venus, indicating you can find a solid answer, especially to your career, so take time to sit down to think.

By Sunday, the Sun, your ruler, will oppose Saturn, so whatever surfaced near April 25 seems to be in full bloom by Sunday. You may feel sad, or overwhelmed on this day, April 28, so keep this day leisurely and open, as you may be dealing with several questions that need answers instantly. Stay strong as you slide into late April, as it is likely to be a strenuous time for most people but in the end you will prevail.

Virgo Horoscope for April 2013

Tax season is upon you, and you seem determined to get a jump on organizing your records. No less than five heavenly bodies are currently filing your sector of other people’s money, so you will be consumed with financial talks during the first three weeks of April. You can get a lot done, especially after April 10.

You may be thinking too about making changes to your retirement portfolio, working with the courts over a settlement or inheritance, or making application for university financial aid.

If you are due back child support, this is the month you will do something about the situation. Credit cards fall in this area too, so if you found a discrepancy in your credit report, you would be wise to attend to correcting the error now. Some have problems with identity theft when Mars is in the eighth house as you have now – check your credit report to be sure you are not among those who suffer from this situation.

You are in a powerful career cycle, so if you are starting a business, it may be time to see investors and venture capitalists. If you are dating someone seriously, with Pluto in hard angle to the planets in Aries, it would be the right time to do a credit check on your partner through your lawyer – your planets at the moment show that you may uncover a dismaying piece of information that you need to know to protect yourself.

Two special days will bring lots of action to Mercury – your ruler – so you may want to note those dates. On April 20, Mercury will link to Uranus, planet of genius, making it a perfect day for brainstorming on financial matters, or for making a big, profitable sale. On April 23, Mercury will contact Jupiter, a wow of a day for your career. Schedule meetings, and use it any way you please, say, for a presentation, interview or any other purpose. On April 23, you will be luckier than a Leprechaun.

Get all done by April 25, which is the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This eclipse may bring a variety of news, so I will summarize them all. You may conclude contractual talks and be ready to sign an important document. If this proves true for you, go over all the details more than once. Be absolutely sure you like the terms of the contract because Saturn will precisely conjoin the moon, bringing an unusual amount of long-term longevity to the deal. You might find it hard to get out of your agreement if you later change your mind. On the other hand, this may be good news – see how you feel.

It is alternatively possible that you may hear news about a female sibling, or if you don’t have a sibling, a female cousin, and the news may concern you – you may want to help her in a matter she’s facing.

In another manifestation of this eclipse, you may travel BEFORE the eclipse actually arrives, over the preceding weekend of April 20-21, to a nearby city. The purpose appears to be to have a romantic getaway or to see one of your children who may be in boarding school. In any case, a lot of information will come to you at the end of April, some of it surprising. You will be very busy. Eclipses mark main points of any given year, so the truths that come out must be taken seriously.

Libra Horoscope for April 2013

As a cardinal sign, you like to be in control. (Cardinals are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.) This month, you may find you need to bite your tongue and go along with the plans of a partner – or to go along with the plan of many in the group. You won’t have the cards to completely trump others, so be conciliatory and cooperative, and don’t sweat the small stuff. With the Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and the new moon, April 10 (operative nearly two weeks), opposed to your Sun, you simply can’t get things your way – not now, but think of this as “not yet.” What you may be able to do, however, is forge a strong partnership with a very energetic, charismatic person. This month, so much will revolve around the bright new moon, April 10 and the ten days to follow.

In your love life, if you are married or in a long-term established relationship, your partner will play an enormously important role in April – news will direct your future for months, or even years. A residential, property, or family matter may be a bone of contention, and you may have to deflect quite a bit of static, possibly from a marriage or business partner or co-owner of the property.

The conversation will shift to money at the serious full moon lunar eclipse, April 25, that will crystallize a tax matter or large purchase (such as for a house or car), or finalize your share in divorce proceedings. It is also possible that you will get final word on a request for a salary increase or compensation for a new job. Saturn will orbit unfortunately close to this eclipse, so keep your expectations low – Saturn’s presence usually means it will cap income and cash flow.

Your financial prospects won’t always be this tense. A money matter will finalize within a week of this date April 25, one way or another, so it appears that you won’t be able to delay things. (If you can, it will be one month, at most). Realistically, delaying things won’t change the outcome very much, so go with the flow.

Speaking of delaying actions, you may have to put off acquiring something you dearly wanted to buy. Keep in mind that “not now” does not mean “never.” Everyone will have some problems with this eclipse, as news will be weighty and likely a bit depressing. It will illuminate truth, so take that gift and use it to protect your interests. Full moon eclipses end things, quite decisively, without any road back the past. The only way to go is forward.

The good news is that another eclipse is due on May 9 next month, so any money you feel you “lost” now can be made up with that new moon. You seem to be on a course that money has to go out first, and then more comes in. Have faith you can eventually turn the tables in your favor, because very clearly, with a little effort, this will be true.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 2013

You have a lot on your shoulders these days, and with a bevy of planets in Aries heading to your sixth house of work, an avalanche of assignments appear to head your way. The projects will be new to you in subject matter, and so you may be excited by the idea of getting involved with something that few people have any experience with in life. You can master this area and build a name for yourself.

Alternatively, you might be preparing to be self-employed, as planets in Aries point to entrepreneurial plans, and if so, you’ll easily inspire the team with your brand of enthusiasm. If you are already self-employed, quickly set up a self-promotion campaign, say with ads or direct mail pieces, for you are likely to generate quite a bit of business now. Last month had Mercury retrograde, so you found that things were delayed, but no such frustrations will exist this month.

The sixth house, where five out of ten heavenly bodies will be based, also emphasizes the preventative measures you take to stay healthy, including eating right, exercising, and scheduling annual medical and dental exams. Ever since Saturn showed up in October, you may have noticed you are less energetic, for more and more demands are being made of you. This month, guard against headaches and rashes, for these symptoms might point to one sign that you need to more effectively pace yourself. Take breaks, and you’ll be more productive.

A major full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio is heading your way, April 25, and you need to be in top shape as you finish end of the month projects. This eclipse will come along with Saturn, giving it serious overtones, and Saturn will also oppose the Sun, suggesting something will be happening with your career that you won’t expect. Perhaps an important boss or client will leave, much to your dismay, or your job description may change in an appreciable way.

In your personal or professional life, a relationship will quickly gain importance too, something you will see in May, but in the meantime, you may see at eclipse time that you will have to make a decision about this alliance’s future. Eclipses show truth (all kinds, good and not so good), often in a surprising or sudden way. This time, with Saturn’s fingerprints all over this lunar eclipse, the news may hang over you like a heavy wet blanket. It will be necessary to face up to what is going on, although no one of any zodiac sign will find it easy to do at month’s end.

If your birthday falls within four days of October 29, or if you have natal planets in Scorpio or Taurus at 6 degrees, you will feel this eclipse much more than other Scorpios you know. If this describes you, wear your armor. Fortunately, with lunar eclipses, they usually deliver news quickly and then they are gone. You will be strengthened by what you hear, for Pluto, planet of transformation and Scorpio’s ruler, will be well angled to the Sun, so keep the faith.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2013

You may have an outstandingly romantic month in store, with five out of ten heavenly bodies filling your house of true love. Included are Venus (love), Mars (attraction), Uranus (surprise), the Sun (confidence), and to put all this wonderful energy together, the new moon, April 10.

If you do meet someone new, this person will be what you always look for in love – someone exciting and adventuresome, with a strong sense of humor. This person may also be someone with whom you would like to travel, to explore many new cities and locations, worldwide. This person seems to be self-made, in a business of his or her own, in the military, or who competes regularly as an athlete.

If you are single, and have lately given up trying to find anyone for you, get back in the dating game – early to mid-April will be your best time to find love in all of 2013. One little caveat: Pluto will not be friendly, so you may be concerned about money this month – keep socializing but watch what you put on credit cards. Expenses may get away from you.

Even before the new moon, you will have a sensational date night on April 5 and 6, a Saturday, when Venus and her lover Mars meet in the night sky in your house of romance. What a wonderful day for you to circulate to meet someone new, or to celebrate your love with someone you already have a relationship with now. This is a rare meeting of these two planets, and even rarer to have them rendezvous in your house of true love. Circle April 5 and 6 in red!

The end of the month brings big news, in terms of your work, at the lunar eclipse, April 25. Eclipses bring sudden news, so, because this eclipse falls in your behind the scenes sector, a secret someone has been harboring will suddenly surface. You may also see at least one important personnel shift that you never expected. A co-worker or subordinate may suddenly announce a departure, or a client may unexpectedly leave or switch assignments or orders.

News will affect your income if you work on commission, or if you depend on another for regular payments – it may not come, so be ready with a contingency plan. (This “other person” may be your spouse, business partner, or ex whom you expect to send child support, as a few examples.) Someone may not be completely up front with you, so if you are told something that does not ring true, dig deeper and follow your instincts.

Although you will most likely feel the eclipse in terms of work projects and co-worker-client relationships, there will be some Sagittarians who may have sudden interaction with medical personnel, either for yourself or for a woman close to you who may be infirmed at home, in the hospital, or another facility. This person may be your mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, or very close female friend, for example. In this case, you will want to keep your schedule light so you can be of service to this person who means so much to you.

Capricorn Horoscope for April 2013

You will see a big buzz in your home sector, thanks to the visit of FIVE out of ten heavenly bodies in Aries. These planets are in a restless, “do-it-now” sign, so you will be infused with a sense of urgency to finally address residential, property, and family matters. Mars is now in this house, so you can expect lots of options to come up, and with Uranus there too, you’ll make decisions suddenly, the minute one or more unexpected solutions come up. All this energy will come to the surface on the vital new moon, April 10.

Pluto in Capricorn will be at odds with Uranus, so you may initially have hesitation, for planets in Aries will say, “Go!” but Pluto will be saying, “Think things over first – not so fast!” If you need to make choices, do – even if you feel jitters – for you won’t have as perfect a time to do so later in the year. Act now, but look over all plans carefully as you go along. You will need to balance brash action with reasonable sense of practicality.

Even before the new moon arrives April 10, you will have a dazzling weekend, April 6-7, to make home design changes, for Venus, planet of beauty, in Aries, will meet with her lover Mars in a rare conjunction in your home sector. You can also successfully create a magical environment to entertain at home with Venus and Mars taking such good care of you.

The end of the month will find you focused on a friendship, most likely with a woman, who may need your help. This comes due to a lunar eclipse, April 25, in your house of social groups. Your friend may be in crisis, or suddenly not feel well physically or emotionally, but either way, you will be the one in her circle who will be best situated to help her.

During April, be very careful about what you post on social media, as you might later regret something you wrote in haste. Saturn will orbit very close to this eclipse, and because Saturn is the teacher planet, you will want to avoid one of Saturn’s life lessons. Mars and Pluto will be friendly, and both planets represent Scorpio, a good indication that you will discover an innovative answer to the events that come up at the full moon eclipse April 25 involving a friend or a whole group of friends. Next month will be wildly romantic, so hang in there – things are about to improve quite a bit.

Aquarius Horoscope for April 2013

You may be negotiating up a storm with five planets in assertive Aries in your third house of communication. A contract on your desk may need to be signed, but before that happens, you appear to need to talk though many points. The new moon, April 10, will start the conversation going, and because planets in Aries are highly supportive to your Sun, you’ll likely see the pieces of your puzzle will neatly fit into place.

You seem to be involved in a project that deals in a very new area for you, and this assignment will give you the opportunity to pioneer into a new realm and possibly help you set the tone for others who will follow you. Details will count, so keep all your notes organized and in one place, including new phone numbers and email addresses you will pick up from new contacts this month.

You may travel too in April, and if so, the location you will go to will be fairly close to home – Venus’ presence in your trip sector suggests you’ll love the setting. See if you can flee town over the weekend of April 6-7 for the very best possible, highly romantic experience.

Your sister or brother will be on your mind too in early to mid-April – check in, for your sibling may have important, rather exciting news to share. It would be news you’d never expect to hear, doubly so if you hear it over April 20.

A huge career opportunity or development is very likely over the lunar eclipse April 25, plus or minus four days. This moment may crystallize a series of meetings you’ve had leading up to this date, perhaps going back many weeks or months. If you do get an offer for a new position or impressive promotion, it is likely to be an extremely responsible position, with the pressure you’d expect to go with it. Be sure you will be compensated justly – for the coming nearly three years, you’ll have a lot to learn, much to do, and very little time for yourself. Expectations of you will be sky high, so you may feel the pressure. If you master this position, you will become a force to be reckoned with in your industry. Saturn will conjoin this eclipse, accounting for the serious thread that will run through news you receive. Make no mistake – this could be the offer of a lifetime, and one you should consider carefully.

Eclipses always bring a floodlight of information and build on events that have been going on up to the time the eclipse falls, sometimes for a very long time. With an eclipse, we must allow for the possibility for untoward news, too – that your company is not doing well, that layoffs may be in the works, or that you didn’t get the job you had interviewed for so diligently. You might have to brace for that, but if so, chances were that you will have seen small indications that this true. It also may be that your boss, possibly a female VIP, may announce that she is leaving her post, and when news comes out, it will shock you.

As you see, at eclipse time (within five days, plus or minus April 25), you may feel the career message you receive is either jarring or thrillingly positive. In the former case, you may be able to guess which way things go as you read this. You may have picked up subtle indications of the direction events are about to take – clues so tiny you may have overlooked them or dismissed them had you not looked closely.

Not withstanding the possibility that news might be not what you hoped to hear, it seems more likely that career news will be very positive because Pluto will be very helpful to this eclipse. A powerful person based behind the scenes apparently cares about your future – and that is a fact you can practically take to the bank. Eventually you may find out the identity of your benefactor, if you don’t know who it is now.

You seem destined to get your big career opportunity in 2013 or in early 2014 to show the world what you are capable of doing. The new job will represent plenty of long hours, hard work, and the taking on of responsibilities so new you’ll have to spend a lot of time to learn the ropes. Saturn’s presence in your career sector suggests you will soon encounter the defining moment you will long remember.

Pisces Horoscope for April 2013

As April dawns, you seem focused on your cash flow, income, and salary (or, if self-employed, then fees) to the exclusion of almost everything else. The reason for this rare near-obsession for you is a crowd of planets in Aries, now in your second house of income and personal wealth, possessions, and resources. In that house you have Uranus, planet of surprise (where things would continually go either way up or down, now and in the five years to come); Venus, a planet associated with financial bounty; Mars, ruling assertive action; Sun, ruling authority, ego, and high level assistance; and the most important – a new moon, April 10, in Aries.

That new moon will combine all the energy of the other planets and make it accessible to you. From that point on, you will have a good chance to raise your income. Be sure to gather up your courage and ask.

Saturn will be in close, friendly conversation to Neptune, so you may get offers to write or work overseas without ever leaving home. While the fees are not likely to be high enough to thrill you, you may do the assignments anyway, as they are sure to be creative and mind expanding, and your final product may become a lasting jewel in your crown.

The major full moon eclipse in Scorpio will occur April 25. Again the theme of foreign people and places will surface, but this time either you may lose a client, or gain one who has a very weighty, complex assignment for you. This is a full moon, so you may also be rushing to finish up a project, and because your ruler, Neptune, will be well angled, so you may be enjoying the ability to express yourself creatively.

Saturn will oppose the Sun on April 28, so you will have to make sure you don’t extend yourself so much that you come down with a cold that has you sniffling in bed. The last week of April will be unusually strenuous for everyone of every sign, so pace yourself carefully, and in a day or two you’ll be back in a more normal speed again.