Horoscope for March 2013

horoheaderAries Horoscope for March 2013

You will display an unusual need for rest and privacy as the month begins, and this feeling will intensify as you get to the new moon, March 11. An extraordinary cluster of six heavenly bodies in all, including Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, and new moon March 11 – the likes of which we have not seen in recent years – will gather in your twelfth house of solitude and creative efforts done behind closed doors. You appear to have many ideas that still need to be tweaked and developed, and you will have the time to experiment and get them “just so” before you show them to the world. Saturn, now in your financial house, will help you see profit from the venture you are working on now, as long as you are willing to work on all the small details.

If you are planning to present your ideas for approval and/or funding, do so after the Sun goes into Aries, March 20.You will be anxious to get things moving before that date, but you will need to be patient. Mars is moving into your sign, evidence of once-in-two-year favor that will continue until Mars leaves on April 20. Why, you may ask, can’t you push your favorite initiations forward any earlier in the month? The Sun will still be in a hidden part of your chart during the first three weeks, making it hard for you to get attention from VIPs and the necessary clout you must have to get approvals. To schedule key initiations during that phase would be out of sync with the rhythm of the planets. Additionally, Mercury will be retrograde, a holdover from February 23, making it a very poor time to initiate anything new until after you get through March 17 at the earliest. Wait until March 20 and then act.

Don’t delay too long, however, because turbulent cosmic storms are due in at the last week of March, and those will present some of the most upsetting string of days of 2013. You will begin to see people become fragile on Friday, March 22, when hot-to-handle Mars will link to explosive Uranus, giving you and everyone around you a very short fuse. Mars rules Aries, so you will be more susceptible to these energies than most.

March 26 brings the best of all worlds – Mars, your ruler, will receive golden vibrations from Jupiter – but on the same day, also some of the worst, involving a hard angle of Mars to Pluto, which will create a tense, pressure-filled encounter – one you won’t appreciate. You may feel forced to accept someone’s stance that you find intolerable and that will require you dig in your heels to put a stop to that person’s antics. The good aspect on this day may help you improve the situation to some degree, but this is a hot week that is only about to become hotter. Listen carefully but refuse to be baited into a showdown.

The full moon in your opposite sign of Libra will bring things to full boil March 27. After days of dealing with too much tension, you may be ready to break up with a partner or have it out with an adversary. The moon will oppose Uranus, so things will come to a high point suddenly, and with Pluto in hard angle, you may find a career situation going on at the same time will add too much fuel to the fire. Your significant other, mate, collaborator, or partner at work, or a competitor / detractor / critic may make you see red. If you value your job, spend more time finessing work relationships, as your romantic relationship may be beyond repair. Let whatever comes up get a full airing. Everyone will feel these difficult aspects, and what you want to avoid is a knee-jerk reaction.

The end of the month brings Venus in Aries in ideal angle to Jupiter in Gemini, but you won’t notice this gem of a day March 30 if you are still upset over earlier events at the full moon. Going to a new setting will help you sooth your nerves, so if that’s a possibility, book a reservation.

Taurus Horoscope for March 2013

A buildup of energy in your friendship house should have you eager to step out to see friends for dinners or lunches, to take in museum exhibits, go shopping, or to accept party invitations. Clearly the time from March 6 to 19 will be your best, even though Mercury will continue to retrograde until March 17, a holdover from February 23. In your case, you may enjoy Mercury’s backward slide, for you will come in contact with friends and acquaintances you’ve not seen in a long time. You’ll want to catch up, and you’ll have the time to do so.

At the start of the month, decisions you will make about your home may be stabilizing and may turn out to be a wise move financially over the long haul. Still, it’s not a time to seal any deal in stone, not with Mercury out of phase until March 17. Do your research, and if possible, table key decisions for April. Too much turbulence is due at March’s end, and with so much static in the air, everyone – including you – will have trouble concentrating on any critical details.

In particular, keep your eye on a work project as it goes through its various stages, as it seems things won’t be as buttoned up as you may assume. A staff member may now take it upon herself to make key decisions without asking for your input, much to your chagrin, and because she lacks experience and a full understanding of the project at hand, may inadvertently create serious damage. Clearly something has been going on behind the scenes, and those involved were hoping you’d not discover all that you will uncover about this project’s progress and underpinnings. With this full moon, when it comes to a work-related task, you may feel as though you are living in the center of a soap opera.

All will be revealed suddenly and unexpectedly at the full moon March 27. By all means, do not be far from the office at month’s end, because you will need to put in a yeoman’s effort to correct things, assuming you will determine that the situation is salvageable. Alternatively, your health may suddenly present symptoms – if so, see a doctor to be checked immediately so that any problem can be nipped in the bud.

Venus is your ruler, and so Venus works to keep your faculties sharp in Gemini. One of your best days will come on March 30, when Venus and Jupiter will work together to bring you a lucrative check, or other good news about money.

Romantically, be careful about getting involved with someone who is not available – you may not be told of this fact, or you may know, but either way, when planets move out of your twelfth house in April, your private relationship is likely to become known to one or many others, much to your chagrin. Moreover you may not know that the other(s) know.

You do have a stellar romantic day earlier, March 6, when Venus in Pisces will send both Saturn and Pluto comforting vibrations. On this day, love and money can’t be far behind.

 Gemini Horoscope for March 2013

Gemini, you have just entered your most exciting month of the year for career progress. March will be simply extraordinary, so you would do best to focus all your attention on professional interests For now, during the first three weeks of March, push social concerns to a back burner. This month six out of ten heavenly bodies will line up in Pisces and bring you the kind of professional opportunities you used to dream about. Have your wish list ready, for VIPs will ask you how they can help you. With planets in Pisces, you may get two offers, not one – let Mercury go direct on March 17 first, before you give your final decision.

Indeed, your tenth house of career will be the engine that will run your life during most of March, and that will gather even more steam by the new moon (plus ten days), March 11. Saturn will be in perfect angle to give you power and authority. You’ve rarely, if ever, seen anything like this!

There will be a fly in the oatmeal, however. A romantic or friendship situation may give you some grief at the full moon, March 27, plus or minus four days. It appears a friend may cause the problem, or deliver the news, but the crux of the matter appears to center on a person you are dating. If you are a parent, keep your eye on your children, for one may present a need for special attention. Whatever episode ensues will unfold in an unexpected way.

You will have to strive to maintain your balance, but doing so won’t be easy. It may help to know that everyone will have some concerns with this particular full moon. Money will enter the discussion, but it seems to represent an ancillary issue, not your main concern. Jupiter will be in the perfect angle to the moon and Sun to be of help – so stay upbeat. It appears you may get also help from an influential friend, and eventually, you will find a way to unlock a solution.

Coming to the right solution will be hard, as Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde until March 17, and be conjunct Neptune later in the month, thereby continuing to fog vital information you need. This means you need to go slowly. This full moon of March 17 is very badly aspected, and with Mars, the subject of the full moon, in Aries, conjunct Uranus on March 22, nothing will go as planned. Whatever happens will be far from what you expected to hear and nothing in your past will have prepared you for what is due.

Financially, this is no month to speculate. Be conservative, and take no risks, as the moon – which will be under siege – rules your second house of earned income and possessions. If you are involved in a creative project this month, stay vigilant to make sure it does not go off the rails at month’s end – you don’t need expensive overruns. The end of March will be a wild and wooly time, so observe and plan, but until you see how events play out, you won’t be able to act. March 22 will give you a clue, but things will come to a boil by March 27.

The last days of March bring light improvement – on Saturday, March 30, Venus and Jupiter will work together – the outcome will be an invitation to a social event attended by many. The results of the recent March 27 full moon will still be on your mind, however, so see how you feel, but try to reward yourself with a sweet diversion.

Cancer Horoscope for March 2013

Your chart is showing an obsession at the moment – a very positive one – and it may involve travel and or international relationships, citizenship, visa, or immigration matters. Or, you may be focused on a legal matter, an academic endeavor, or a publishing / broadcasting project. One or more of these areas seems to have become extremely important to you – it is also possible that you may be centered on two or more of these areas, and possibly combining them. Your thinking has become big and broad now – so much so you may change the way you look at life for many years to come.

With the new moon arriving with the Sun on March 11, along with Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune, all lined up in Pisces, you will have rare cosmic support. Suddenly the world will be a very happy place for you to find opportunity and to grow your skills. Moreover, Saturn will support your choices, and even help you set up a long-term gain. If it is a legal case you are thinking about, or the filing of a copyright or trademark, with an excellent Pluto, it appears a go-between, such as your lawyer, agent, or even a spouse, will be helpful to you in sorting through the finer points of your strategy. If you trust your councilor, follow her advice to the letter.

The first three weeks of March will be your best, particularly in the days clustered just after March 11. In the process of working in one of the areas listed, you may be able to make a decent amount of money this month too, thanks to the collaboration of Jupiter and Uranus. If you work on commission, bonus, or royalty basis, you will have the best situation possible and cash flow should improve.

At work, angry sparks will be in the air on March 22, when Mars contacts Uranus. This aspect may make you very impulsive, and your anger may be directed toward clients and VIPs, possibly because you are so tense about what will be going on at home. From here things are going to get more tense, not less.

A residential matter or one involving a dear family member may bring sudden jarring news, however, when thunder clouds move at the full moon March 27, one of the most difficult points of 2013. Something at home is coming to critical mass, but when it does, you may say afterward that you never saw it coming. No one can prepare for what’s up, which is part of the reason just about everyone will have problems with this full moon. You will have to attend to this real estate, home, or family matter immediately.

By March 29, you’ll be ready to say and do exactly as you please professionally, but that may not be wise as you have a reputation to uphold. In this rollercoaster month, Cancers who think carefully before acting will stay ahead of the game.

Fortunately, Jupiter will be in good angle to four planets glittering in your house of fame, so someone behind the scenes will clearly be pulling for you. You won’t be alone, and as the month comes to a close, hopefully you will see the truth of this and how much others value your contribution.

Leo Horoscope for March 2013

March finds you to be quite a money magnet and you may revel in your good fortune almost the moment the month begins. An astounding six planets will be in your eighth house of money that is associated with resources you need to fund a big dream, such as to fund tuition to a university, be approved for a mortgage to buy a house, or to get venture capital to build your own business. This month, think big. It will be decades until you see the kind of powerful support the cosmos has lined up for you.

Although planets will help you to amass financial favor from the start of March, you will notice a big advantage after the new moon arrives, March 11. It appears you might be discussing a new condo / house sale or purchase. Talks with the bank would go well, and the terms of the mortgage are likely to please you. Saturn will be beautifully angled, so if you are entering a situation where you will live in the house a long time, Saturn will see to it that this happens.

Alternatively, you may be involved in the sale of a piece of art or an artistic screenplay, novel, or other expression, with a large royalty, commission, or licensing fee due you now. Still, with Mercury retrograde most of the month, if the deal is new, talk, but don’t put in an application or accept the deal until after Mercury goes March 17. If you can wait until April to settle things, that would be ideal.

Among the group of happy planets in your eighth house of “other people’s money” will be Mars (coaxing you to find new sources of money – and to spend it, too), the Sun (access of authority figures), Venus (happiness), Mercury (talk and communication), and Neptune (art and creativity). Neptune is associated with fog too however, and may make you confused. With Neptune’s hard angle to Jupiter, the financial planet, it will be critical that you understand all terms of any deal you are presented.

Beyond this caveat, in the first three weeks of March, you will be tempted to put everything you hear and do through a financial filter. Not everything can be assigned a material value – some things go beyond money and are priceless and spiritual, so don’t over emphasize money, especially when it comes to love and friendships.

The planets in the Pisces grouping will begin to dissolve by the last third of the month. Mars will leave Pisces first, March 11, and begin to energize your long-distance travel sector from Aries, urging you to travel over many miles soon, but don’t get impulsive – April is better. The Sun will move into Aries on March 20, giving you a much greater yen to be in a new setting. Fun-oriented Venus will follow into Aries March 22 and will join Uranus in Aries, already there.

This same area of the chart where these planets will head in the last third of March rules philosophy and your ability to think deeply about meaningful questions, and you may be surprised to experience unique flashes of insight. An unusual episode may ensue, especially on March 22, when Mars and Uranus link – be careful, however, as things may turn out to be either explosive and angry or liberating and excitingly creative. When Uranus is involved, anything goes.

At the same time, pressure will be building. The full moon will oppose the planets congregating in Aries, when it appears March 27 in Libra. This full moon will light your third house of short travel and transportation but this time, taking a journey would not be wise. This full moon will be rife with conflicting energy, both positive and negative, but mostly the latter. The full moon will be opposed by Uranus and Mars and blocked by Pluto. Pluto will also pick a fight with Mars, making travel doubly difficult. The Sun, your ruling star, will be conjunct Uranus, planet of unexpected developments. This adds up to extremely heavy-duty planetary artillery. If you go away, the purpose of your trip may be negated. If the meeting is important, consider delaying your trip to April. If you can’t change it, nail down every detail but, expect difficulties.

Communication that comes to you at this time will likely jar you, and require you to find a good way to deal instantly with whatever comes up. Pluto’s involvement suggests a work project might go haywire, so from the very beginning of the month, as things progress, keep your eye on all elements of the assignment and closely oversee the work of those who report to you. Contracts signed now won’t be favorable and may even dissolve before the term has ended. If asked to sign papers, do so next month, after the new moon in Aries, April 10.

The month might end on a sweet note, thanks to a lovely flirtation between Venus and Jupiter. You will be coming off a tough full moon, but it will still have life left to it, so you may receive conflicting messages over the weekend of March 30-31. Still, romantically, good feelings may flow at a beautiful social event. The work project that had its wheels fly off may be on its way to repair by the weekend – relax and have fun if by then you feel you’ve found the right answer to fix things.

 Virgo Horoscope for March 2013

This month you might turn your attention to your private life and to the possibility of getting married. If you are serious, March may turn out to be a landmark month when you will decide to get engaged. With Saturn so friendly, your decision will lead you to a place of comforting stability. If you are not happy, however, this month you will likely find the courage to leave. All will be contingent on what you have experienced up to this point. If you are married now, or in an established long-term relationship, your spouse will clearly have an important role to play and news to share that will affect you positively. Watch the new moon March 11 for news.

Your career will be very important to you too this month, as Jupiter is working to bring big opportunity to you, something you will see to full effect in June, but clues will become evident now, too. If you like, you can use the impact of six extraordinary heavenly bodies in your partnership sector by making a business partnership official soon. Any professional alliance you create now may be for creative, artistic, or humanitarian purposes, or this may describe your marriage partner. If you are married now, your partner will have much to share with you. This will be a landmark month for your partner, and you will benefit from all that is going on.

Keep in mind that your ruling planet, Mercury will be retrograde until March 17, a holdover from February 23. It is never wise to make serious, binding decisions while Mercury is retrograde, so do nothing vital prior to March 17. The problem is, the tectonic plates are about to shift radically soon after, at the full moon, March 27, and you may see signs of this as early as March 20. If you must sign papers, it would not be wise to do so until the new moon, April 11, but you can on March 18 if you absolutely must, although next month would be more favorable to do so.

As said, a stormy full moon is due March 27 that will appear in your second house of salary and possessions and may bring financial news that knocks you sideways. This full moon will be angry, so financial news will not be news you like, and you will probably wish you could reverse, but alas, can’t. A raise you thought you were getting may be turned down or delayed, or a bid you had put in may not be accepted, or a tax bill may be higher than you ever anticipated.

You may get signs that something is brewing as soon as March 22, four days before the full moon, when Mars links with Uranus. The matter that comes up might have something to do with your plans to merge energies with another person. In preparation for all that you plan to do, do background checks, especially in the financial area, even if the alliance is romantic. It may not sound like something you may ordinarily do, but considering the planetary lineup, it’s a good idea.

By March 30, if you sort through the details, you may hit on a solution, when Venus and Jupiter collaborate. A friend or VIP may be instrumental in helping you find the answer, so keep working at any financial challenge that comes your way. Stay confident you can master it!

Libra Horoscope in March 2013

When the month begins, you will be dealing with a lot of work on your desk, but you will likely feel it’s good to know that your contribution at the office is needed and valued. There may be several areas of concern. New assignments may not be spelled out clearly, so it will be critical that you ask questions and sum up the assignment in an email for the client. Team members may not get along with one another at first, so you will need to smooth any ruffled feathers among them, especially if they report to you. You will get a lot done this month as long as you stay focused and attend to detail – Mercury will be retrograde until March 17.

If you are self-employed, the projects that come to you now may improve your cash flow difficulties, as well as allow you to put your individual stamp of artistry on all you do. The new moon, March 11, will bring in even more work, but it will lead you to a more secure and settled situation, so in all, you’ll welcome what is to come.

You may, alternatively (or additionally) have a health focus this month. Be determined to schedule annual exams, dental cleanings, eye test, and so forth. Schedule your medial appointments for just after the new moon, March 11, your best time of the year to do so. If you are told a diagnostic test proves inconclusive, it may be because of Neptune’s presence – be willing to schedule another if your doctor suggests you do so, and you will more likely get better results the second time.

The end of the month may bring high waves in turbulent seas. It will be a difficult full moon in Libra, opposed by a gang of planets in Aries, including Uranus, the planet of sudden developments, and Mars, planet of aggression. It appears someone very close to you is about to challenge your position or your thinking, or will criticize you or confront you. This person will bring you news that you did not expect that leaves you tense and possibly very angry. If you were nearing a breakup, this full moon will make it happen. If your partner has been cheating, you would find out now, and that would unravel things as well.

Or, a very different scenario may come up. Something may happen in your partner’s life to make you concerned about his or her welfare – in this case, be ready to help.

Pluto will be at hard angles to the moon too, so clearly family matters or real estate / home matters won’t go smoothly either. You may feel at month’s end that you are in the middle of a three-ring circus and not know where to first direct your attention. Libras with birthdays that fall on September 29, plus or minus five days, will feel this full moon most directly. No matter when your birthday falls, because the moon will be in Libra suggests that the matter that comes up will be dearly important to you – very much so. Keep your schedule light. Fortunately, this phase is temporary, and by the time you come to the last third of April, this period will start to fade and eventually become a distant memory.

Scorpio Horoscope for March 2013

March seems to have been created for Scorpio by the wish fairies, with no less than SIX heavenly bodies in divine-for-Scorpio sign of Pisces, all meeting in your house of true love and romance. The sudden convergence of so many planets is remarkable, and phenomena you’ve not seen for ages. You will certainly start to feel the energy growing from the moment the month begins. Things will continue to get ever more exciting as the days go by, when, by the new moon, March 11, you see highly romantic things unfold in the ten days to follow that new moon.

Be sure to be out circulating and enjoying life. You’ve been so consumed with serious concerns lately, including a big focus on your career in late January, and on a residential situation (and possible focus on your parents, or family) in February, that you need to kick back and have fun. By the new moon, March 11, you will see life brighten noticeably, and romance should be very sweet indeed. If you meet someone new now, this person is likely to stay a long time in your life.

If you are married, you can get more attention from your mate. See if you can plan a vacation for the time just after the new moon, March 11, for your timing will be among the best days of 2013 to do so. If you hope for a baby, conception will be favored – you may be knitting little baby booties very soon. If you have children, in addition to the romantic side of life, you can bring out the child in you and be with them more – and have fun together by planning an outing to build a memory. This would be an ideal month to conceive a baby, as a new moon in Pisces is considered one of the most fertile of the year.

Work will get very busy after March 20 when planets start to leave your romantic house and move into your work-oriented area. Before this date, you will display exciting levels of creativity. The first three weeks of March will be the time to work on a project in solitude to develop an idea. If you feel ready, present your idea just after the date that Mercury goes direct on March 17, but do not wait too long. Planets are due to migrate almost immediately after March 20 and the romantic, creative side to the month will fade and bring on a different vibe.

You will be unexpectedly busy from that point on, and at the office, you may have staffing problems, ironically, just when you need to have all hands on deck. You may see this to be true as early as March 22, when Mars and Uranus conjoin in Aries. Completely unexpected developments will come up to test your resourcefulness, and you may be tempted to lose your temper with a co-worker or underling.

Yet tensions will continue to build, and by the full moon, March 27, elements will spin in various directions. This seems to happen just as the project will come due. You will soon realize that your mission must be to whip the project back in shape and to make sure the team looks and acts like a unified whole.

The March 27 full moon will be one of the toughest of 2013, so keep an eye on your project to make sure you do not lose control. With Uranus orbiting close to the Sun, any problems that come up will reflect on your reputation and future efforts to get a promotion, reason enough to slow down and watch every detail. I say this because the Sun rules your tenth house of professional advancement, but with Uranus orbiting close, things will be uncertain and volatile. It seems internal politics or a stealth move of a client may be in the works, and when news surfaces near March 27, you may be shocked.

The sixth house, where your work-related activity will be based, also rules the state of your health. This will be one of the hot full moons of the year, and you may feel like you are walking on glass at month’s end, for tension will be high. Watch your health, and if you don’t feel well, check in with your doctor. With Mars, one of your rulers, in competitive Aries, you may decide to offset stress by working out at the gym or training for an athletic competition. If you have not been working out lately, hire a trainer so that you don’t overdo in a burst of enthusiasm. You will be admirably motivated to work out hard, but will do best by being mindful of your limitations.

As you see, the month ends on a frenetic note. Still, during the first third of the month, you will enjoy the most heavenly stretch of days possible, filled with glamour, stardust, poetry, and tenderness. Don’t miss that part, dear Scorpio, for as I said at the very start of your report, March will seem woven with gold threads by the wish fairies just for you.

Aquarius Horoscope for March 2013

You will be focused on money in early to mid-March, almost at the exclusion of everything else – good! Your determination to increase your salary has an excellent chance of being rewarded, so stay at it. Early March brings an extraordinary concentration of planets in your earned income sector and suggests that if you ask for a raise, and present persuasive reasons why you deserve one, you will leave the month richer than when you entered it. Among the planets crowded into your financial sector includes Venus, Mercury, Neptune, the Sun, and on March 11, the new moon.

You will do best if you present your case for a raise, or if you are self-employed, you may be invited to bid on a lucrative new project, just after the new moon March 11. Mercury will be retrograde until March 17, so make sure the paperwork you submit is perfect, for you may lose ground (and favor) if it has to be sent back to you.

Mercury may help you if you are returning to a financial issue that you addressed weeks ago. You may be invited to bid again, or a request for a raise that you made before may be finally addressed now. If you work in the arts, you will find that Neptune and Venus will help you sell something artistic at a good price or negotiate a new salary, as Aquarius who work in creative fields will be favored during the first three weeks of March.

As you get closer to the end of March, you will encounter some gyrating, difficult aspects. Your first signal that something may be amiss will be the conjunction of Mars to your ruler, Uranus, March 22. Travel would not be wise at this time, and by all means, avoid signing contracts all month. Mercury, the planet of agreements, will be in weak retrograde motion until March 17, but later, dark clouds will form that are also not conducive to negotiation.

Remarkably, things will only get more difficult by the rowdy full moon, March 27. By then, travel and negotiation will likely become a nightmare. Lie low and be determined not to rock the boat from March 22 to March 31. Anything you carve in stone at this point of the month will be built into the structure of the endeavor, so you need to avoid that, because aspects are so rocky. You won’t be able to avoid all tension, but by not shaking any trees, you will stay clear of cranky, difficult people. That includes your friends as well as your sibling, who may also be quite out of sorts at month’s end. Someone may be quite pushy with you and make you feel you have to accept a solution you won’t like – this can be another source of stress. Work to keep the peace for now – things will improve by April.

Pisces Horoscope for March 2013

You have an exceptional month in store, dear Pisces. A rare, not-to-be-seen-again-for-decades buildup of six heavenly bodies in Pisces will favor you above all others. Included in the rare crown of stars that is due to appear in Pisces in early to mid-March are Neptune, to bring vision and creativity; Venus, to impart exceptional charm; Mercury, to convey to you the ability to say all the right words; Mars, control, energy and presence; the Sun, authority; and the best of all, the majestic new moon in Pisces too, to spin all the planetary energy into motion after its appearance March 11.

A month this rare has to bring equally extraordinary events into play. If your birthday falls prior to March 11, then a completely new project or relationship will come up for you to investigate – and it will rightly make you very energized! If your birthday falls on or after March 11, something you already set in motion several months ago will suddenly jump to life and bring you reason to celebrate.

Whatever occurs this month will allow you to express your individuality and artistry. The time after the new moon, March 11, will have the power to change your life for a long time, possibly forever. This is no ordinary month for you where you will have many options – choose carefully so that you don’t squander your talents and energies by going in too many directions. In a month this special, no mountain will be too high for you to scale, and no river will be too wide to traverse.

Throughout March, be conservative about money because adverse news may arrive at month’s end. You may get a shock when Mars links to surprising Uranus on March 22. A surprise does not always mean “untoward” of course, but this time, with an angry full moon on its tail, March 27, it would be wise to hold back on spending until you can see the lay of the land. A visit with your accountant may produce a shock involving taxes due. Or, a mortgage you applied for may fall through, or child support you expected to arrive may be late or never arrive. Alternatively, a court case you assumed would be settled in your favor may go all wrong. A friend will not be helpful either, and may add drama to the end of March, something you won’t appreciate.

Still, stay optimistic. In this unusual month, you may get some good news by March 30 to soften the financial affects of the full moon. April will be very positive for money too, so there’s no need to panic. The aspect on March 30 involving Venus and Jupiter in sync may be enough to make you realize that life can be full of surprises and a rainbow can appear just when you need it most.