Horoscope For February 2013


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Throughout February, you appear to be in a planning stage on an initiative that will appear next month. You appear to still need to tweak some of the details, and while you do, take a moment to double check assumptions. With many planets in your most hidden part of the chart, including the action planet Mars, your ruling planet, you will be highly intuitive now. Trust your instincts, as they will be there to protect you.

Saturn will turn retrograde on February 18 until July 8, important dates to note, because Saturn rules your prestigious career sector. When Saturn backpedals, the planet is not as strong as it is when moving direct, and for you, this means it will be harder to make career progress on new fronts during Saturn retrograde. Stick to projects you are working on now, rather than thinking about changing jobs. Also, Mercury, the planet of negotiation and agreements, is also due to retrograde, from February 23 to March 17. As you see, the first part of the month will be your best time to make your key initiations.

Saturn, now about to go retrograde on February 18, may rule your career, but is currently based in a financial part of your chart. With Saturn about to slow down, you may find errors in your bank statements or credit card bills. Combined with Mercury retrograde, this also suggests that you may have to watch for errors more closely than usual.

At work, it appears that a major, complex project on your desk will come to an end on or near February 25, and it appears to be one with many moving parts. This is an assignment you had to watch carefully, as having the details right will be critical to the end result. Ask a friend or co-worker to check it with you. With the Sun opposite Neptune – a planet that obscures facts and brings confusion – you will have to be absolutely sure there are no errors. On the plus side, Neptune will encourage your creativity, and if you work in a creative field or support artistic types, this full moon will work well for you.

There is another reason to have a second look at your work. As I said, the thinking / writing / speaking planet Mercury will be retrograde February 23 until March 17. Mercury causes snags in communication, a second reason that you will have to go the extra mile to make sure your work is letter perfect. You may misunderstand what the client or your boss asked you to do, so check your assumptions, too.

Do not sign any contracts until you get to AFTER March 17 for best results. Conditions are rapidly changing behind the scenes, and that’s a fact that will not be apparent for some time. If you make agreements now, you will regret doing so, for your set of criteria and priorities will later change.

Socially, you will do best mid-month, thanks the new moon in Aquarius (a sign that blends beautifully with yours) on February 9. After this date, from February 9 to 24, you will begin to see your social life reach a new level of excitement. Venus will orbit in Aquarius too, within range of that new moon, adding a touch of style and glamour to the activities you attend.

You are likely to be invited to several large, festive events attended by many happy people. If it is not a party that you go to, you may get tickets to hear a lecture by a major figure, an exciting sporting event, or a rock concert, as a few examples. Alternatively, you may go to the theatre or ballet, or attend a conference that professionals from all over the world will attend. A charity or benefit would also be fun, so have a close look at the brochure that comes in the mail.

There is one little impediment, and that stems from the position of Saturn, which may cause you to be concerned about the cost of socializing. If the event is special enough to you, try to go, as you will make important new contacts as a result of this new moon.

Romantically, there are several dates to put gold stars on our calendar. First, let me say that Venus will be in a good place for you until February 25, for it will glide in Aquarius, an air sign that blends well with your fire element.

Beginning on February 5, your magnetism will be haunting and you will easily draw others to you. The next day, on February 6, Venus, the love planet, will be in divine-for-Aries sign of Aquarius, and in perfect angle to Uranus in Aries, creating great light, sparkle and surprise. In addition, Venus in Aquarius will signal Jupiter in Gemini, and you may want to take a few days off to travel to a pretty setting nearby – if so, the trip would be luxurious fun.

Also, lucky you, Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, the moon is in Aries and falls within the lovely new moon period mentioned above, starting February 9. With Mars in such a hidden part of your chart, you will likely want a private, romantic dinner – just you two. Wow, that sounds ideal.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

You have reached the most important month of 2013 for forging a career success. Keep your eye on the new moon, February 9, and the ten days that follow, for an offer to interview for a major new position will likely come up. Your horoscope is filled with sparkling planets in your house of fame and honors, indicating that any position a VIP would want to discuss with you now would certainly be prestigious in nature. If you are self-employed, use the important new moon of February 9 to persuade new clients to come to you – you should find doing so a snap now.

You seem to have laid the groundwork for the professional progress you see now in January, as Mars was aiding you in drawing high-level attention to your fine work and contribution to the firm (or, if self-employed, to your own company). With Uranus, the ruler of your career sector, tucked in a confidential house, you would be wise to remain quiet about any opportunity that comes up until you have fully clinched the offer.

Your life won’t be all work and no play either, for lucky you, a gang of four happy heavenly bodies – including Venus, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury – are heading to your most social, fun part of your horoscope. That’s literally half the planets in the solar system, giving you plenty of clout behind you. This is an exceedingly rare buildup of planetary energy, so it seems certain that you will be on every stylish friend’s A-list. The four planets are all touring soft Pisces, so the events will likely be adorned with a shimmering, dream-like design that will be incredibly enchanting and beautiful.

There will be two days that merit a gold star for your career, including February 5, when you first feel the aspects, and February 6. Venus, your ruler, in your area of fame and honors, will reach out to Uranus and coax you to present surprisingly original ideas that will generate lots of applause. Even more exciting, Venus will signal Jupiter in your second house of earned income – it makes it a day to negotiate any financial deal. Beyond your career, these days will also be wonderful for just about any purpose, for you will have your ruling planet so sweetly aligned to these major planets.

The month will keep getting better, because on February 25, a tender full moon will brighten your house of true love. This is a Monday, but you will feel the effects of this out-of-this-world full moon over the preceding weekend (February 23-24) and later that week, too, February 26-28. This full moon will be as romantic as your day for lovers, Valentine’s Day, so be sure to make a plan to do something special.

This will be the only full moon in your love sector of the year, so be sure to plan an important night out just for the two of you. This full moon will be beautifully positioned toward Saturn, indicating stability, and to Pluto, based in your solar house of travel – an exciting trip overseas together may be an option.

Make sure you are thinking clearly and not being swept away in love, however, because Neptune will oppose the full moon and conjoin the Sun. Neptune can obscure information, and with Mercury retrograde as well, February 23 to March 17, so between Neptune and Mercury retrograde, you could get carried away. If you know your partner well, you will be in fine form, for in that case, Neptune will sprinkle fairy dust over your union. If you are in the first rush of love, however, take things very slow. Saturn and Pluto will help you build the firm, sturdy foundation for a relationship that can last a lifetime, but it’s a process that will take time and cannot be rushed.

A creative project (if involved in one) may now reach a grand conclusion too, and with great applause. You will love the fact that you were able to express yourself with such originality, and yet keep the parameters of the project within practical guidelines. You have a winner!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

What an exciting month! You are the celestial favorite, for you have the favor of having Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in Gemini for the first time in twelve years, a pleasure you will hold until June 25. This month, you can plan your way to take a quantum leap in your career. While March will be your most important career month of 2013, during February, Mars, which just entered this same area of your chart, will bring you the kind of attention to your recent work that will allow for a major career leap.

By the end of February, the Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Mercury will crowd your career success sector, and the new moon March 11 and will join those planets. That makes SIX in all, a record, for you’ve not seen this many heavenly bodies in one house in years. Success is written all over your chart, dear Gemini! Keep your eye on March!

In the meantime, on February 20, you may outdo yourself. With Neptune so high in your chart, at the very loftiest position, you may be on television on a show, or in the newspapers with a big story. The meeting of the Sun and Neptune on February 20 will stimulate your creativity enormously – it’s also a day to present ideas, for others will be hungry to hear them. Another day when a public appearance will go over exceedingly well, and be quite glamorous, will be February 28 due to the meeting of Venus and NeptuneTravel is another big theme in February, for the new moon, February 9, will bring the new moon to Aquarius, and may make a trip abroad not only possible but very likely. This will be a very intellectually broadening new moon, where the world will open up for you like a big juicy coconut. If you can’t travel, others may come to you – in person or though email, Skype, or phone.

There are other ways to broaden your mind, of course, and that includes taking university classes, a very likely option for you this month. If you are in publishing or broadcasting, the work you focus on will be fascinating and open you up to new experiences.

While you are thinking about your career, you will need to divert your attention to your home at the full moon February 25. You may move, swap apartments with a friend or relative, or complete a repair project, as a few examples. Or, you may purchase an important piece of furniture, paint a room, or do a home cleaning and de-cluttering project. If it is not your physical space you think about, it may be your mother or father who is in the news in your life.

Pluto will be very friendly to the full moon and so will Mercury, suggesting that financially you will do exceedingly well. You may buy or sell property, get a mortgage or refinancing plan with attractive interest, or even get a place to stay, perhaps on vacation, without cost. Saturn will also be friendly, giving a comforting sense of stability. Make your deal prior to the turn of Saturn retrograde on February 18 if you hope to set in place a long-term situation.

There is one adverse aspect to this full moon, February 25, that is to beware of problems with water – it may be worth investigating an insurance policy with a clause that protects you from that sort of damage. More troubling, is the possibility that you won’t be told all the facts, and will be pressured into making a decision, unaware that someone is withholding information from you. In this case, press for time or more data, or simply walk away or change your plans.

Make all your key initiations prior to February 23, the day Mercury, your ruler, will go retrograde for three weeks, not to turn direct until March 17. You should not sign contracts, make big announcements, or spend large sums of money on purchases, especially not on electronic items, until after Mercury goes direct March 17.

Romantically, travel with your present partner may fan the fires of love on February 5. On this same day, if single, you may find a friend knows precisely your kind of person and will make a fateful introduction. On the following day, February 6, Venus in divine-for-Gemini sign of Aquarius will receive golden beams from Jupiter in Gemini, and again being on a trip or in a classroom is the most likely setting for love to flourish.

The vibrations near February 14 are very encouraging too, as the moon will travel in Aries, and Mercury, your ruler, will be in close agreement with Saturn, the planet of long-term commitments. It’s a wow of a month – take full advantage.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Money management is on your mind as the month begins, for the Sun and Venus are in your eighth house of other people’s money. You may be negotiating a contract, hearing about a bonus or commission, or getting ready to do your taxes. It’s a perfect time to attend to these matters, for the presence of Venus suggests a possibly lucrative outcome. The new moon in Aquarius (22 degrees), February 9 will set talks in motion in the ten days to follow that date.

If anyone owes you money, you may see it now. You might want to send out reminder statements or make a phone call to hurry that check along early in the month. It’s also a good time to oversee your insurance payments to be sure your policy covers what you need, your Internet and phone coverage from your provider, and other recurring charges we all get (but sometimes forget about). If you are owed money from an ex for child support or as settlement for division of property in a divorce, you will open talks to see about forming an agreement or payment plan.

The eighth house, which will be so lit up for you, especially after the February 9 new moon, also rules surgery, so if you have been meaning to have a medical matter attended to, you may want to schedule that procedure now. Dental matters, such as to have a crown put in (among other dental possibilities), are also covered by the eighth house, so you might schedule that, too. Mars will be in Pisces this month, so if you have the choice with non-urgent surgery, you may want to delay surgery on your foot, as conventional astrology suggests refraining from operating on the part of the body of the sign that Mars is traveling in at the time of surgery. Pisces rules the feet and Mars will be in Pisces until March 11.

Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from February 23 to March 17. Mercury is the planet of intellectual thought, so it is not considered wise to make any important moves during a Mercury retrograde period, such as to sign a contract, accept a new job, or go out on a first date. It is also a bad time to buy anything expensive, such as furniture, a house, a car, or very importantly – electronics. Mercury rules the moving parts of machines, and it also rules electronics, so it’s doubly bad to buy a computer, smart phone, flat screen TV, or any other lovely electronic item you want.

I would delay surgery too, but I will underscore, ignore all this advice if you have an urgent situation – in that case, do it. Mercury retrograde periods are actually ideal for going back to the past to correct things, so you may do fine. For myself, I do try to work around these dates, but thatBy the end of the month, the mood will change and be very much to your favor (except for Mercury retrograde). Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune will light your house of long distance travel, and the full moon, February 25, will light your house of short travel, so it does appear you may be hitting the road to take a short trip. If you do want to enjoy a weekend away, choose a natural spot near water, as the full moon will be partnering with Neptune.

This full moon may also bring pressure to bear over a contract, but do all you can to resist signing. Any contact signed with Mercury retrograde always has to be renegotiated (or abandoned altogether) later. This is why you must not sign between February 23 and March 17.

Romantically, Venus will move into Pisces from February 25 to March 21, your best time for fun and romance. You will have a great many planets moving into Pisces – one of the very best places for you, as Pisces is a water sign like yours – this means March should be exceptionally happy for you!

In the meantime, Valentine’s Day will be “nice” but not spectacular. The moon will be in Aries on February 14, not the best place for you. Venus will be in Aquarius, not great for you either, but lucky you, Mars will be in Pisces, so you do have Mars working for you. That is good! You have a powerful planet. By February 14, Mars will be at 10 degrees Pisces, giving special favor to Cancers born July 1, plus or minus five days. Does your birthday fall in June? Early February – during the first two weeks – is when Mars will be most helpful to you. If you were born in July, Mars will continue to beam wonderful vibrations to you until March 12.

The end of the month will be best for you, dear Cancer. The full moon will partner with romantic Neptune, importing quite a glow. Neptune can make one delusional, so be realistic, and don’t let it sweep you away. If you are in a long-term relationship, you likely know your partner well, so you will be more likely to enjoy the sparkles that Neptune will provide. If you can travel to a bed and breakfast inn in the countryside over the preceding weekend, February 23-24, and add Monday, February 25, so much the better!

The month also ends on an especially lovely note. February 28 brings a link of Venus to Neptune to Pisces, and this is as special and as sparkling as you can get! Neptune will bring all the pixie dust you could ever want! Have dinner out, see a movie, or go to an art opening. Neptune is linked to romantic and the arts – this is sure to be a special night for you.

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Someone in your life seems to have captured your imagination, either in love or in business, for you seem ready to take a step forward to make a major commitment to this person, and you are very aware that your promise will be in place for many years, possibly forever. This comes thanks to the help of a very positive new moon in your opposite sign of Aquarius, February 9.

If you are in love, you may get engaged or married now, or at the very least, promise each another to be exclusive. If you choose to use this energy in a business way, you may elect to take on a business partner and sign official papers, or hire an expert such a new accountant, lawyer, or publicist to complement your talents. Venus will orbit next to the new moon, indicating your association will go exceptionally well and that you would find the prospect of combining forces a happy one.

Money is also on your mind, and you may be seeking funds, say, for a mortgage, financial aid to help with college tuition, or capital for your new business. The area of your chart lit up by three planets in Pisces, your eighth house, is the area of the chart where big dreams require funding so large that they are considered to be above the level of the typical person’s resources. Next month, this trend will grow larger, but for now, with three planets in this house, start to amass your paperwork, and see if you can apply in early February, before Mercury goes retrograde February 23 to March 17. Next month’s aspects will carry things farther.

Your other financial house, your second house, will also be lit this month at the full moon on February 25 in Virgo. You may get good news about a fee for a project you will do, thanks to a good angle to Pluto. Or you may get good news about a real estate deal or a hefty check from a family member, thanks to the friendly angle of Saturn.

Still, as positive as this full moon may be, you will have to work with full information and accurate facts, which may be hard to come by now. This would be no time for speculative ventures, for Neptune will be active, indicating that you may not be cognizant of all the terms in the fine print or not be privy to all the facts, some of which may be hidden. Hire a lawyer – it will be worth her fee. If your deal involves art, Neptune’s presence would be logical and far less troublesome, for Neptune rules the arts. In that case you may sell a painting, for example, or even a screenplay or musical score.

On Valentine’s Day, the moon will be in Aries, a fellow fire sign, so you are likely to have a sweet time on Thursday, February 14.

An even better evening for love will be Wednesday, February 6, when Venus in your opposite sign of Aquarius will be in sync with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. If you are single, it appears that your friends will be very instrumental in introducing you to someone special, and if you do meet an important person to you then, this person may stay in your life a very long time.

Venus in the digital sign of Aquarius also points to the possibility of love occurring as a result of being on a dating website, so if you are inclined, and you are careful about meeting only in public places, you might want to give love a chance that way.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Most Virgos often have a special aptitude in communications, whether that be with writing, editing, speaking, foreign translation, digital code writing, or other related talents. This month, you may put those talents to good use and make a fine fee, or if you already are working in communications and are being paid well, you will be able to show them off in a big way. Digital media appears to be particularly fertile for you now, thanks to the bright new moon, set to appear on February 9 in your workaday sector. Aside from the Sun and new moon, Venus is in this house too, indicating you will enjoy what you do, and that this project may have “legs” that will take you to new and even better projects and clients in the future.

Actually, you may first hear of this project a few days prior to the new moon, February 6, when Venus in Aquarius will reach out to Uranus in the area of your chart ruling one-time payments of money (often considerable in size). Don’t be shy about asking for a generous fee. Not only will the project this month pay well, but you’ll hear applause too, for on February 6, Venus will also reach out to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in your house of fame and honors.

Mercury, the planet of communication, agreements, and contracts, will go backward from February 23 to March 17, and this will affect everyone, but especially you because Mercury rules your sign. Buy any special electronic you need well in advance of February 23 – you would not want to get to close to the date Mercury will retrograde.

A matter of vital importance to you will come to fullness on the full moon in Virgo, February 25. It will be one so personal to you that only you would know what that might be. It appears to involve a very special relationship, most likely a romantic one, and this full moon may turn out to be so romantic that you get engaged or married, or have one brilliant and memorable romantic weekend. This full moon will be much more sentimental than Valentine’s Day, so if you have to travel or be away from your sweetheart or spouse on February 14, don’t be concerned, for the end of February will be your best. All full moons have an area of influence of plus or minus four days.

You also have Thursday, February 28, to look forward to as well, when Venus and Neptune will align to bring on another over-the-moon evening.

In love or business, with Mars in Pisces, oppose to your Sun, you won’t get full control. Sit back and let others set the pace. You can still contribute ideas, but you will have to present good arguments to have others go along with your plan, as nothing will get approved “just so” without your passionate appeal. Virgos are talented at negotiation and persuasion, so those assets will come in handy now. You may not win all your points, not with an increasing number of planets moving toward Pisces (six by March!) but you can reach an agreeable answer that you will likely find satisfactory, and that’s what matters.

Dates to Note: Virgo

The new moon February 9 will kick off a new assignment that you will enjoy. It may be related to digital media or social networking.

Before the new moon appears you may hear glimmerings about the new project on February 5 or February 6, two dazzling days when good news should come your way.

Mercury will retrograde February 23-March 17. Make sure you understand any assignment you are given – summarize what you hear in an email before you begin.

Partnership / marriage matters will grow in importance now and even more so in March.

Saturn will go retrograde February 18 until July 8. You might reconsider your relationship with someone you have just started to date. Saturn rules your fifth house of new love, creative projects, and children, and plans for any of these areas appear to be in temporary flux.

Saturn retrograde does not act like Mercury retrograde. If you want to move forward on a project, do.

The full moon is in Virgo, February 25, bringing something of enormous importance to fruition. It may involve your plans to make a commitment to someone you love and hope to marry or to promise exclusivity with, or may involve making a commitment to someone you want to be involved with in business.

The most romantic dates this month will favor those who are attached: February 24 and 28 are potentially best, assuming your relationship is strong. Single or attached Virgo may ALSO enjoy February 6, 12, 14, and 15.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your office life seems busy, but there appears to be lots of room to add your touch of creativity, and it appears you are enjoying your assignments very much. Neptune is in your workaday sector and suggests you are using your visual talents in a sophisticated way. If you say you are not using these skills at work, you may be directing them toward a serious creative hobby that you are working on developing privately in your off hours.

February holds Valentine’s Day and has a big red heart on it for everyone, but (lucky you) for you most of all. The new moon will bring news, for it will light your sector of true love and bring your very best chance to enjoy the lighter side of life. This night seems to be planned by your significant other, so sit back and enjoy being pampered.

Valentine’s Day is special because the new moon will arrive just prior to this special day for lovers – the new moon appears February 9 in Aquarius (22 degrees) in your fifth house of true love. All new moons bring at least ten days of supreme energy, so this is a very fortunate for you!

If you are single, this February 9 new moon will help you make the most important romantic introduction that you’ve had in over a year. You can now meet someone new and intriguing. You will have two weeks in which to circulate, although the days closely clustered after the new moon will help you the most. If you are attached, you may want to take a long weekend away to have some “just us two” time. The fact that transiting Venus will be in Aquarius is a bonus, for Venus will be in the ideal place to roll out the red carpet for romance.

During this month, you may decide to take a relaxing vacation or take more time to enjoy cultural activities like the ballet or museum exhibits, or to meet up with friends.

This new moon will be in hard angle to Saturn, which suggests you will think twice about the expense of taking a vacation or having an extra-special night out on Valentine’s Day. You can decide how much you should and shouldn’t spend as a couple, but keep in mind that not all celebrations need to be expensive. The warmth and love you experience during this time will set the tone until the new moon can return to this same house, a year from now. It has the power to light you in a new direction.

Even before you get to this key new moon, February 9, you will have another wonder-day, important to watch on February 6. On that day, love and beauty planet Venus will meet first with Uranus, planet of surprise, adding to the likelihood of an episode of delicious romance. Are you attached? Your partner will surprise you, and you will adore what’s in store.

On this same day, February 6, Venus will receive golden vibrations from Jupiter, the planet of goodness and happiness, now in your house of big horizons, learning, and foreign travel. This could work out to be your best day of the month, for your ruler, Venus, is about to meet with the largest and most benefic planet in our solar system, Jupiter. While you may travel on this day, it’s also a day that is outstanding for love and relationships, as well as for money matters, creativity, legal matters, and for getting support form the media and good news from academia. You see what an all-encompassing day this will be for you – one of these areas is likely to shine.

If you have to sell a house or apartment, or buy one, you may want to get the deal done early in the month. Saturn, the natural ruler of your solar fourth house of home, will go retrograde from February 18 to July 8 of this year, making it harder to get the price you hope to get after February 18. Further complicating things, Mercury will go retrograde from February 23 to March 17, not a time to sign any important agreements – if you do, you would regret doing so later and will likely have to renegotiate the deal.

At month’s end, a confidential business deal, career conversation, or financial transaction will likely come up within four days of the full moon, February 25. That full moon will be in excellent angle to Pluto, now in your home sector, so you may have talks about a real estate deal or get unusual benefit or assistance – most likely financial – from one of your parents. See what comes up, and keep in mind, you’ll need to keep mum about what happens.

This same full moon, February 25, could mark a time when you will need more rest and privacy than usual. If you long to go away for a long weekend, do, and choose a secluded spot in a natural setting, perhaps in the mountains. Or, if you can’t get away, treat yourself to a massage in a beautiful spa. This is a busy month – enjoy some time to yourself.

The month ends on a glamorous night: February 28, when Venus will dance with Neptune across a star-studded, deep velvet blue sky.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

It’s time to think about your living situation, and what you want for yourself in the future. If you need to move, the new moon, February 9, will be the right time to begin to look for a new apartment or house. Any sort of change or improvement in your living quarters, such a refurbishing or decorating project, would be in your interest to start now. You have Venus orbiting next to the new moon, so any changes you make now are sure to be beautiful. Before the new moon, one day will bring exceptional opportunity, February 6, when Venus will receive vibrations from Uranus and then later in the day, Jupiter. February 6 may even bring exciting financial news that will help make your home-related plans possible.

A second trend is starting up, one you will adore, and it’s all about romance. Mars, Mercury, and Neptune are already in your true love sector, and Venus and the Sun are on the way to join them. Mars is one of your rulers, so you will find your attention is firmly on your private life. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, also there in your solar fifth house of love. Neptune will encourage you to grow so deeply in love that you are willing to delay or even give up some of your own dreams or desires for the benefit of your beloved. It is considered the highest expression of love.

Two days may be outstandingly romantic, February 20, when the Sun meets with Neptune, and on February 28 when Venus meets with Neptune. Both days lay out the stars on a glittering carpet of velvet blue sky. The last third of February will be far more romantic than Valentine’s Day, which may be pleasant enough in itself, but as you see, the universe will give you much more sentimental romance from February 20-28.

In the middle of this, the full moon will occur in your festive people / events / fun sector February 25, putting you in the center of a very large community of people who will be in a party mood. Clearly, by this point in the month, five (count ’em!) heavenly bodies, including Venus, Neptune, the Sun, Mars, and Mercury, will all be crowded in your true love sector – this is extraordinary! This event will be an important one for you, for Saturn in Scorpio will be very supportive to the full moon, as will Pluto, your other ruler. You may fall in love, make a friend, or meet a very influential person who can and will help you get ahead on many levels. Then again, you may score happy results on all three possibilities.

Focusing on love is a change for you, because for months you’ve been very career-oriented. If you say you will be thinking a great deal about your professional life too, then it appears you will be focused on a major creative assignment or working as part of the support staff to artistic people. These are not mutually exclusive possibilities – you may have a creative project that you enjoy AND fall deeply in love. Scorpio, you have it all.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You’ve been consumed with matters of money and career, but this month, you’ll get a chance to turn your attention to your home, family, parents, and all that you feel needs to be done. You may have had problems with water in your home lately, or may still have these concerns this month or in March. It’s very important that you protect yourself from any water damage by having the right home insurance policy. Aside from the accent on water (a real possibility), your prospect for planning a major improvement to your living situation is superb, and this is a trend that will only grow much larger next month.

For now, Mars will be a huge help in allowing you to make progress at home. Look for options and think about all the priorities you have for a happy home life. The more preparation you do this month, the more rapid your progress will be next month. Clearly, March will be your most important month of 2013 for finding the right home-or-family-related options.

Mercury, the planets of contractual agreements, will be retrograde from February 23 to March 17, not a time to make any major decisions. Your plan should be to do research throughout February and during the first half of March, but not to make any firm moves until after March 17, due to Mercury retrograde.

In the meantime, you will have a chance to travel to cities close to home. The new moon, February 9, will provide just the right touch to brighten February. It looks as though you are considering the idea of booking a bed and breakfast for Valentine’s Day – perfect! The moon will be in Aries (ideal), Venus will be in Aquarius (ditto), and the new moon will be sweet enough to allow all your plans to happen.

With all the effort you’ve put into your career, by month’s end you may be concerned that you’ve lost part of your momentum by having switched your attention to your personal life all month. The good news is that the full moon at month’s end will be the best of the year for bringing a major professional development for you.

This full moon February 25 will occur in your prestigious sector of honors, awards, achievement, and fame – a career house, so you may get a promotion or new job offer, or you may receive some sort of honor or award. Something is now reaching culmination, but it’s a very important point in time.

This full moon, February 25 (but operative for four days before and after the date it appears) will receive a powerful beam from Pluto and Saturn. Judging by Saturn’s position, an older, experienced executive behind the scenes will be pulling for you, and may be your hidden benefactor.

One planet in adverse aspect suggests you need to heed a warning – Neptune will be opposed to the full moon, and that brings the danger that you will misunderstand some elements of the offer. It will be imperative that you fully summarize all parts, in your own email to the client or perspective client, to be sure you and others are on the same page. If the position is as prestigious and high level as it looks reflected in your horoscope, it appears that you will benefit from having a lawyer you trust look over the paperwork. Neptune is opposing the Sun and the Sun, in your case, rules your ninth house of the legal system. Mercury will be retrograde after February 23 too, adding to the possibility that you may misread the offer.

It is alternatively possible that an assumption will throw you off, say, if you feel you will get housing easily in a new city (and later on see that this is not the case), or find some other element in the situation to be off. As long as you don’t let enthusiasm carry you away to the point that you aren’t looking closely at all the fine print, you should be fine. Make absolutely sure you understand all the minor points of the offer – what is said, and what is not. If you can hold off accepting the offer to just after March 17, the date Mercury goes direct, so much the better.

When it comes to love, your powerful emphasis on real estate and housing makes your home – and your kitchen – the best place to fan the passions of love. If are a marvelous chef, you are ahead of the game, but if not, simply order a marvelous meal from your favorite gourmet shop and add your own special touches. Serve on china, add candles and flowers, and the stage will be set. Venus will be in perfect position to act as your little matchmaker from February 1 to 24. What a month!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

The holidays are long over, but what may linger are the credit card statements. Happily, an increase in salary is likely to be on the way to you to save the day. The new moon, February 9, will allow you to set talks in motion about your salary. This new moon will be excellent for increasing earned income, not income won or given to you as a gift, but when you think about it, that’s good news. If you get an increase now, you can get more in the future, because it won’t be due to luck but your skill.

You will see that the tide is turning to your favor over February 6, when Venus, a planet associated with money – in addition to love and good looks – will receive beams from both Uranus (sudden surprise) and Jupiter (financial bounty). This suggests you may get an assignment on one of these days (or near them) that brings you an offer for a fine salary, or fee, and sets the stage for more financial increases in the future. I love that the moon will be in Capricorn on this day too, giving you extra favor.

After that, you will see your chance to speak up for better fees and salary in the days that follow February 9. Be realistic when you present your case. Saturn is slightly in hard position to the new moon, so the person in charge may be contained by certain budgetary restraints, but they should not be overly tight. (Lucky for you, if Saturn were closer, it would be a different story.)

Saturn, your ruling planet, will settle down in retrograde on February 18 and Mercury will, too, on February 23. This means you will need to make your most serious business negotiations early in the month, careful to stay as far from the turn of these planets retrograde as possible. We always feel the chaotic, static-filled communications well in advance of the turnaround dates.

You will have another reason to hurry things along in early February. Saturn, your guardian planet, will go retrograde too, from February 18 to July 8. We always do our very best when our ruling planet is moving in strong, sturdy orbit. So while you are at an advantage, by all means, launch your plans and seal your deals.

February 12 brings a very positive aspect, Mercury in perfect harmony to Saturn. (On this day, Mercury is still moving direct, not yet retrograde.) See if you can come to a verbal or written agreement then, or lift off an important venture or relationship then.

Travel is a growing trend in the coming weeks, and you will see this to be true almost immediately, and with a new moon heading to your travel sector to join five planets already there, this is about to become a huge trend. You may have to buy or rent a new car to keep up with all the activity. Not only will you be on the road a great deal, but also your phone will ring off the hook, and email will overflow. You’ll need to be organized to keep up with all the activity, and you may even need to hire a temporary helper.

Additionally, you may be immersed in a communication project involving writing, editing, foreign translation, film or digital coding project, and if so, it will allow room for a great deal of creativity. Although you will have a strong emphasis for travel close by, you will also be in touch with, or see, people abroad at the full moon, February 25, plus or minus four days.

This full moon will receive encouragement from Pluto in Capricorn, and your ruler, Saturn, now in Scorpio, a sign that blends well with yours. You seem to have something special to gain from the project you will finish at the full moon February 25. Scorpio is an investigative sign, so you may have had to do very thorough research to complete this project, and with the full moon falling in Virgo, the details will certainly count.

Romantically, the increasing buildup of planets in Pisces will benefit you. A water sign – Pisces – blends well with your earthy Capricorn Sun. With so much emphasis on travel, and the planet ruling your solar house of true love, Venus, residing in your travel house, you appear to be ready to book a charming bed and breakfast for Valentine’s Day. Wonderful idea! Choose a place near water if possible. If you can sneak away, make it a long weekend, from Thursday, February 14, through Sunday, February 17. (Your best days would be Friday and Saturday of that weekend.)

Another sensational day for travel will be February 28, when Venus conjoins Neptune. Those eight days will certainly be quite magical. A million stars are twinkling, spread out like a canopy in the heavens, and the setting is just right for love.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

It’s birthday month, and you’re feeling as thrilled with life as you would had you won a million dollars. The new moon, February 9, will be in your sign, Aquarius, and Venus will be in Aquarius too, making sure you feel the excitement. You will be popular, invited to many events, and as you go through your social rounds, you will be quite unforgettable. Jupiter, in an air sign that relates so beautifully with yours – Gemini – is orbiting in just the right angle to Venus, making you at your most magnetic. It matters not if you hope to meet someone new or rekindle your present relationship – all Aquarians will have magic moments to celebrate.

Venus in your sign makes it a perfect time to see about upgrading your appearance by trying new looks, new hairstyle, new clothes, and a new scent. It is a new year and, perhaps, time for a new you. Do so early in the month as Mercury will go retrograde February 23 until March 17, not a time to shop.

Your best day for any sort of changes to your appearance or wardrobe will be February 6, a dazzler of a day on so many levels. Venus in Aquarius will meet with your ruling planet, Uranus, on February 6, allowing you to “let you be you” in the most individual sense of the phrase, a lovely aspect. On the same day, later, Venus will click into a golden trine to good fortune Jupiter. Wow, what a great day!

If February 6 (plus or minus two days) is your birthday, well, you’ve won the cosmic lotto, for you will carry the sparkling aspects of this day for a full year in what is called your solar return – literally, the return of the Sun to the place it occupied on the day of your birth. Lucky you!

Later, Valentine’s Day will come along on February 14, bringing you another memorable moment in your romantic timeline. There is reason to work on your looks and finish key initiations early in the month.

You are about to enter into a time of both high income, but also of high spending. As the month opens, you have Mars, Neptune, and Mercury in your second house of salary, (This house is not about prize winnings but earnings). Venus and the Sun will join this party of planets in Pisces by the last week of February. An even greater concentration of planetary energy will occur in March, so this trend is one that will expand. It looks as though you may be negotiating a new salary for a top position or promotion soon. If you are self-employed, you may be bringing in quite a bit of new business.

Pisces, where all these planets will be centered, is considered the most creative of all signs, so you may be selling a piece of art, or an artistic project that you will complete may bring a hefty profit. Watch February 20 and February 28 as superb days to make a big financial victory that is tied to artistic expression.

The full moon will finalize any monetary negotiation, within four days of February 25. This full moon will be in ideal angle to Saturn and allow you to stabilize your finances and feel more secure than ever before. Hopefully, this full moon will be when you receive your check, for Mercury is about to retrograde February 23 to March 17. It would be best for you to sign papers well in advance of February 23.

You have a dazzling birthday month – make the most of it!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You are about to go on stage, dear Pisces, for the universe is planning a rare party of planets in Pisces that will be ready by mid-March. By early February, three planets have already arrived in your sign: Mercury, Mars, and Neptune. Later, the Sun and Venus will arrive and all will await the arrival of the majestic new moon in Pisces to set off the celebrations. In all, by next month six heavenly bodies will be in Pisces. That is extraordinary – like six apples in a slot machine, these little planets (plus Sun and moon) will line up perfectly.

Think of February as your month to prepare for an entirely new chapter. Take time to think of all the elements you have in your life, and decide if any arrangements or obligations need to be deleted or renegotiated, for almost certainly you will need room to consider the option of picking up on new opportunities and other goodies the universe has prepared to present to you.

The fact that Mars is in Pisces is important, for it indicates that you have a control over the way things go. You will be courageous now, too, and if you present an idea to VIPs, you won’t take a “no” for an answer. With Mars in your sign, you will be willing to go to the mat to promote your position – as well you must! The passion and creativity you show now will make you a star, and others will want to follow you wherever you go.

Your closest relationship is coming to important culmination within four days of the full moon in Virgo, February 25. If you are in love, you may get engaged or married, for Saturn will be friendly to this day and Saturn is the plant of long-term promises. If you are already married, you may now draw up important new goals together.

Alternatively, you may instead use this full moon to forge a business tie. It is a very encouraging full moon, as noted, but it will oppose Neptune, so be absolutely sure about what you are to promise at this time. Your assumptions may be off, you may not understand the downside of the fine print, or you may not be realistic. If you were forming a tie for artistic reasons, or to support or represent artists, Neptune’s presence may be a bonus, as Neptune rules the arts. Still, be sure about any venture, personal or professional, that you enter into at this time.

Mercury is about to retrograde February 23 to March 17 in the sign of Pisces and will add to the confusion. Hopefully, you can settle relationship matters prior to February 23 – perhaps on Valentine’s Day, February 14 – that would be ideal. If you have the ring then, perhaps it will need to be sized, and so that ring will arrive back later. You may want to keep your plans secret (the new moon, February 9, will encourage you to do so) until you are ready to reveal your exciting news with friends and family at birthday time.

Although this full moon tends to favor those attached, if you are single you will also have many reasons to be excited about your prospects for love. The massive and unusual build up of planets in Pisces – not seen for decades – will put you in the spotlight and increase your charisma many times over. The fact that Mars is part of this cluster of stars is a vital element and very telling, as Mars will make you so confident and attractive that you will have to wave off admirers. Venus teaches the value of using a passive approach, to use your magnetism to draw others to you. This all says that this is your time, dear Pisces – get ready for your close-up.