Horoscope For January 2013

Aries Horoscope for January 2013

A magical development is likely to come up regarding your career, thanks to the special help you will receive from five heavenly bodies – the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, and the new moon – all in Capricorn and lighting in your tenth house of professional fame, honors, and achievement. These planets will bring you your most spectacular month for career progress that you’ve seen in years. Spend the first ten days of the month preparing to interview for a better, more powerful position. Plan to have your interviews lined up for days that fall after the new moon January 11. From that point on, you will have ten days to plant your seeds. It may take only days for you to land your new position, or it may take weeks or months, but what matters here is that you begin after that new moon.

You have a very exciting month ahead, because the full moon, January 26, will brighten your fifth house of true love. Watch for an important, surprise romantic or social event to occur within five days of this date. It could become a landmark full moon period for 2013. (Admittedly, the new moon, August 9, will be a seminal moment too, opening you up for a wider, richer social life.)

This month, Saturn will be in hard angle to the Sun, suggesting financial considerations will play into something that may be going on off stage. You seem concerned about money, but it is not clear if the message of the full moon is linked to your meditation about money. Keep in mind that not all socializing need be expensive. If you are dating someone new, come up with ideas that are fun but that won’t break the bank – your date will appreciate your ingenuity. If you want to attend an event that costs you, weigh your options. This full moon DOES look special.

Two difficult days for love and money will be January 12 and January 30. On the first day, Venus and Uranus will be at odds, causing love to be short-circuited. Later, when the Sun and Saturn will be at odds, too, work may conflict with plans to relax, have fun, and play.

Days when romance and friendship will shine brightly, especially in groups, include January 22 and 25, thanks to loving vibrations by surprise-a-minute Uranus.

Friends will play a large part in your life this month, too, for Mars will bring lots of action and happy events. Jupiter will contact Mars on January 4, a very lucky day for you in many ways, but especially in terms of a friend’s outstanding sensitivity to your situation and the lengths she will go for you.

Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries will be in rare “mutual reception” this month, too, and this means they will form a collaboration that will help you revitalize your social life in a very impressive, powerful way. This will be a very public month for you where you will be noticed, and others will want to meet and greet you. If you are considering the idea of a short trip, go any time from January 22 to February 2, when you’ll have all the fun you could ever want.

Taurus Horoscope for January 2013

International relationships, travel, and academic opportunities should expand your horizons and spark all kinds of new ideas. This is an ideal month to think globally and to find ways to adventurously expand your scope in the world. Rarely have the planetary alignments stood behind you so forcefully. A cluster of five stars in Capricorn will occur this month, all earth signs like yours, so you should find January to be a banner month for advancing interests dear to your heart.

Any sort of legal or diplomatic matter, in any realm, will progress in a gratifying way for you. Whether you are filing a trademark, copyright, or patent; attending to citizenship, visa, or green card matters; or preparing to win a court dispute, work hard to get things settled in mid-January. If you are in court, you might want to offer a settlement before the case comes up, at mid-month, for you are likely to find the outcome very much to your liking – even miraculously so.

If you work in publishing, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, marketing, or academia, this month will be a banner month for winning the right projects or showing exceptional breakthroughs on an ongoing one. Due to this month’s lovely concentration of stars in Capricorn, you will be the darling of higher ups and can count on accomplishing a great deal.

Start your initiations in any of these areas after January 13, for you need to wait until after Venus comes through a threat from Uranus on the day before. As you wait until mid-month, in early January, tweak your facts and figures, and streamline your preparations.

Overall, no matter what your career or area of expertise, you are likely to be thrilled with how well you are able to raise your status and make a name for yourself in your industry now. Mars is now in Aquarius, brilliantly spotlighting your career accomplishments all month for the first time in two years. Spectacular career days include January 4, 22, 24, and 25.

You may be making a final decision or action about real estate on January 26 when a full moon in Leo will help you settle a plan you have been working on earlier or an urgent situation that just came up. If you are selling a house or apartment, or furniture, you are likely to get a good price, because Jupiter will be friendly. If concerned about the welfare of a family member, particularly a parent, this full moon will bring you options, and you can choose the one that feels most right. Opportunity will strike very suddenly, so be ready to roll when it does.

Financially, in all matters, including salary, you are in a rare position to name your price and have reasonable expectations that you will get your demands approved. Of course, you need to stay practical (especially with five out of ten heavenly bodies in earth sign Capricorn this month), but the point is, you need not be timid when asked for the salary you seek. Once Jupiter, the good fortune planet, goes direct on January 30, you will find negotiations will go even more smoothly in future months.

In love, attached Taurus with birthdays that fall early in the sign (end of April) may have challenges from one close partner. If that is you, you will need to find a way to address your needs and your partner’s at the same time, and integrate both into a unified whole. It’ll be easier said than done, but you can do it.

Single Taurus may find love with a person with a background or religion different from yours, or with someone you meet while traveling, possibly with someone based in a city far from yours. No matter whom you are dating, you won’t stay with anyone you feel is not truly “marriage material” now that you have Saturn in your seventh house of commitment – those days of watching and waiting an indefinite time for a proposal to happen are over. You will want to see results, for you seem very ready to move into the next stage of your life.

Your happiest days for love this month will be January 9 and 16, and over the weekend of January 19-20. Terrific!

Gemini Horoscope for January 2013

You appear to be a money magnet this month, and as financial discussions swirl about you, a very large sum will likely find a path to your door. You will see evidence of this just after the new moon appears January 11 – by two days after that, you may say that you feel luckier than a Leprechaun.

Admittedly, the money you receive might be the results of picking a few numbers in the lotto, but don’t bet the farm on having that elusive winning ticket in your pocket, especially not on January 12 when Venus is due to be at odds with Uranus. In reality, it appears more likely that your money will stem from funds owed to you in a bonus, commission, royalty, or licensing fee, or from a court settlement, as back child support payment, refinanced mortgage, loan, venture capital, inheritance, scholarship, university financial aid, or other source that is not salary.

On another note, foreign people and places will spark your imagination this month, so you might just be heading to the airport during the second half of January. You may travel to see friends, or, alternatively, you may hit the road to give a speech or interview to an audience who admires your work. Gemini often does well in positions that allow them to display writing and speaking skills. This month, you will be assigned types of jewel projects that seem to have your name written all over them. You are rising in status, dear Gemini, and there’ll be almost no communication project too difficult for you to tackle. Once Jupiter in Gemini goes direct speed on January 30, you will see much quicker progress – and reward is on the way to you, too.

More travel may occur near the full moon, January 26, only this time you are more likely to go to a place closer to home. You may also see a legal matter come to an end in way that will please you.

Romantically, this month you may confuse love with physical attraction. While everyone needs to feel that first powerful spark of attraction from the start, if you do meet an attractive someone, don’t rush the relationship. You have your eighth house packed with planets, making you feel very sexy and alive, and your physical needs might overpower emotional and intellectual relationship needs. In your haste to make a powerful alliance, you may not take the time to forge a proper foundation to a future together.

This all means that when you feel the irresistible pull of magnetism to a new partner in January, first, before you act, take a moment to stop and think. Hold back on getting more involved until you feel you know your partner well. It is tempting to fill in the missing pieces of a fascinating person’s background and character with lots of imagined attributes. The truth is, your new partner may – or may not – deserve all of those admirable accolades. Until you know for sure, go slowly and protect your heart.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, favors one sign each year, and until June 25, you are Jupiter’s favorite. Jupiter has been weak, however, because it has been moving retrograde since early October, but will turn direct January 30. You, more than most, will feel the uplifting difference. You are in line for extraordinary favor – watch the days surrounding January 30 for hints of what’s to come in future weeks.

Cancer Horoscope for January 2013

With a buildup of planets in Capricorn, you are not likely to get things precisely your way, just so. On the other hand, you may be able to find a middle course that you find satisfying, and the final answer you both agree on may actually be better than one you had originally hoped to achieve. This will be a highly collaborative month, so your need to partner up with someone important to you will be strong. With the new moon, January 11, coming flanked with the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus, all in a sign found 180 degrees from yours, it would be an ideal time to merge energies with a collaborator / partner / expert in business, or to make a commitment with a romantic partner for marriage, or to make any other type of serious promise. If you are married now, you may draw up new goals together.

Are you aching to get engaged? Assuming you have been dating seriously, things may suddenly come together just AFTER the new moon January 11. Leaving the space of two days from January 12 when Venus will oppose Uranus – an odd day when love could easily go off course and fly out the window – it will likely be an aberration. Overall, Venus in Capricorn suggests that your interactions with your romantic partner should go supremely well – in that respect, attached Cancers will do well. If you have not been happy, you will find the reason to finally leave now, but in so doing free yourself for a better life ahead. It seems very unlikely that you will have a tough time this month – planets will be on your side.

Those who are not dating will find this month to have its fun moments but, overall, January will be tipped more in favor of the attached Cancers. Single? Your best time to meet new people will come in late February and in the first part of March. Planets in Capricorn this month will make Cancers practical and levelheaded, and much more choosy about how to spend time, and with whom.

Saturn in Scorpio is making you much more sensitive to how you spend your time, and hence, you will want to see that you are building toward a goal, say, to get married and have children, or toward another type of romantic goal. If you are married, you may feel the need to start your family now. Saturn is often known to bring delays, so if you have the desire for children, allow more time than you’d ordinarily allow to get pregnant, in 2013 through September 2015.

Finances will be on your mind all month, too, but especially at the full moon of January 26 when you will need to pay the piper, perhaps for holiday gift charges on your credit card statement. A handsome sum of money may come in to you quite unexpectedly, which is good news! At the same time, a large portion of the money you receive from this bounty seems to have already been spoken for, so you seem to need to send a large part of it out. Indeed, judging by the hard angle of Saturn to the full moon, money will likely go in and out of your account quite rapidly. Be glad you can pay – the job of a full moon is to finish things, so this month’s financial situation won’t linger.

It may help to know that Mars will be pushing expenses up only during this month, with difficult financial days (January 17) standing next to lucrative financial days (January 4, January 24, 25, and 26). As you see, you have quite a topsy-turvy month in store, but I see you landing sunny side up.

On January 25, your past work will merit a high-profile assignment. As you see, you will have both good and not so good financial days standing side-by-side. Be careful not to take out tensions on someone you love, as by month’s end you may see you had over-reacted and really had little or nothing to worry about.

In terms of your standing in your industry, you are due for a spectacular career day when your status and career reputation is due to rise – January 4. This comes thanks to the cooperation of Mars and Jupiter. More sensational professional developments are due in April – keep up the good work!

Leo Horoscope for January 2013

You’ve a highly productive month ahead, one where you will need to hit the ground running to show others that you mean business. With just a little effort, you can come across as organized, practical, and able to rally the troops around any project you’ve prioritized as important. With many planets in Capricorn, you may also need to appropriate budgets, write checks, and balance ledgers. It’s very rare to have so many heavenly bodies – the new moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto – all in one sign, Capricorn, but be glad, for each will help you become a master of efficiency.

You can work on improving your health too this month, for with the Sun, new moon, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury all lined up in your sixth house, it’s an ideal month to schedule all those appointments you know you should do but have not found the time to do. One simple test can take an hour, but change your heath forever for the better. If you have a New Year resolution to lose weight and get fit, start quickly after the new moon, January 11.

If you are in a relationship, you may be ready to make a serious commitment to your partner soon, possibly by next month, Valentine’s Day, February 14. That would represent excellent timing. Mars and Jupiter will help you plan your future on January 4, and judging by your chart, if you are in love, all the pieces of your plan will start to fit into place by the full moon in Leo on January 26. That full moon will accelerate your progress on all fronts.

At work, it’s an excellent time to look over the way you approach your tasks and find a better way to get your work done. It’s also a great time to hire help. Mercury will go retrograde February 23 until March 17, so while you have such a sunny time to make decisions and move forward, by all means, do it.

Mars will be in Aquarius all through January and move into Pisces February 1. You won’t be able to get things precisely your way with Mars opposed to your Sun, so be prepared to deal the cards and negotiate. Life is often a series of compromises, and although no one likes to have to do that, this time it really is the best way to see progress. Once Mars moves closer to Leo by mid-year, you won’t have to give up so many points.

The end of January will be important for a very close relationship, for on January 24, your ruling star, the Sun, will receive an exciting electric beam by Uranus, planet of surprise. In this case, all news will be happy news! A close relationship may be gaining importance very rapidly. You may get engaged or you may simply enjoy your partner in a new way – perhaps when a chance to take a spontaneous trip together comes up. Add January 25 and 26 as special, too.

Financially, circle January 22 in gold, when Mercury will signal both Uranus and Jupiter, the result being that news about money will make you jump for joy.

Virgo Horoscope for January 2013

This month had to be designed especially for you by angels. Five heavenly bodies, including the Sun, new moon (on January 11), Venus, Mercury, and Pluto – half the solar system – will congregate in your house of true love. You’ve not seen a buildup of planetary energy like this in years. It will be imperative that you find time to socialize, and just as importantly, to find a way to relax when do.

As a Virgo, you like to work, and with Uranus at odds with some of the group of five heavenly bodies in Capricorn in your house of true love, you may have to juggle intense work / money pressures in the background while you make plans for some very special social activity. Do your best to find a way to juggle work, because you deserve to create a rich private life, too. You’ve had years when you had little to no reason to believe romance would have a chance of occupying a large place in your life, but now you do, dear Virgo. Love is coming, and it is coming in abundance.

Venus in Capricorn January 8 to 30 makes this an ideal time to attend to grooming (men) or beauty (women) needs. It is also the right time to choose new wardrobe items to update your look. This is an ideal place for Venus to be, and you’ll likely make all the right choices.

Keep in mind that your ruler is about to go retrograde February 23 to March 17, so while you do have a strong, stable month in which to make changes in your love life and upgrades to your looks, use it! Actually, January will be supportive on so many levels, much beyond love and creativity. When you have so many heavenly bodies backing you, it is hard to imagine how you could possibly go wrong.

In your career, you are clearly making quite a positive impression on VIPs. Mars is currently working with good fortune Jupiter, the latter now in your career sector in a once-in-a-decade visit. Jupiter will continue to help you professionally until the end of January.

This month, your best career days will occur January 4, when Jupiter will align perfectly with Mars, and later, on January 25, when the Sun will contact Jupiter, producing an equally spectacular day for seeing your reputation advance.

Jupiter has been weak, in retrograde motion, since October 4, but that will change on January 30 when Jupiter goes direct. You will begin to advance your career at the speed of light from January 30 until June 25, 2013 – so be ready, and plan to make quantum leaps.

If you work in a creative profession, you will be amazed that the ideas you generate in January will confirm once and for all that you deserve to sit at the head of the table, for you are growing into a force to be reckoned with. If you set aside time this month to develop your craft in earnest, ideas will rain down on you in bucketfuls now. Peers, critics, and competitors will agree that your star is on the rise, dear Virgo. Rarely have you had as perfect a time to prove you have what it takes to create compelling, original work. Don’t let this moment pass.

A day to brainstorm for ideas, whether by yourself or with others, will be January 22 when your ruler, Mercury, will contact Uranus AND Jupiter (it’s as good as it gets!) Another wonder day will be January 24 when the Sun and Uranus will be in divine sync and help you generate ideas of great originality.

The full moon on January 26 will bring time for rest in the days that follow. Plan a spa treatment or a leisurely weekend away in a beautiful natural setting. If either is not possible now, then choose to sleep in a little later than usual and then attend an event that will be fun, with a touch of luxury and pampering. You will have quite an exciting, busy month in January, so plan to ease off and treat yourself to rest and relaxation as it winds down.

Libra Horoscope for January 2013

You will be obsessed over settling a home or family matter, and fortunately the universe is about to give you a big helping hand. No matter what you have on your mind – to move, sell a condo or house, renovate, buy furniture, or help a parent in need – you will have all the planetary help you will need to forge ahead and get the right results. Begin generating options on the new moon January 11 and in the ten days that follow. At times you may feel tense, for planets in Capricorn do not blend easily with your Libra Sun, but even so, think of these planets as your friends, for they will sharpen your mind, keep you alert, and intensify your determination – all good reasons you will be able to accomplish your home-related goals.

The month won’t be all tension, no fun – not by a long shot. Lucky you, Mars, the energy planet, will bring sparkle to your house of romance and be in perfect sync with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in one of the most high-key, glamorous aspects possible. Mars will light your house of true love all month, so your social life should become vibrant and lively. Watch January 4, when Mars and Jupiter will work together to create pure magic. Another stunning set of days for fun and love will be January 22, 24, and 25, when romance will bloom everywhere you look.

Libras of all marital status will have every reason to feel appreciated and adored. In a rare situation, Mars and Uranus will be in what is called mutual reception – and with Uranus in your house of committed partnerships and marriage, it’s the reason attached Libra will have plenty of fun.

You may travel with your partner – a good idea this month. Go at month’s end, when Jupiter turns to direct speed on January 30 and will rev up your international travel sector in a big way. If you have put off a trip for various reasons, you will finally be able to make concrete plans, and this trip seems quite exciting, too.

One day worthy of four gold stars for romance, and when just about everything will go your way, will be January 25, when benefic Jupiter will signal the mighty Sun. If you are single, this is a MUST day to be out and about, one of the best of the season for finding someone new and intriguing to date in the future. While it is true that home, real estate, and family pressures are on your mind, you seem to have plenty of ways to relax and enjoy life, dear Libra.

At the full moon, January 26, you will have a major event to attend and can count on being surrounded with many supportive people. You may be attending: a wedding, anniversary party, charity benefit, or festive seminar or industry event, as a few examples. Whatever you attend, it’s sure to thrill you in unexpected ways. This could be one of those memorable weekends when just about all will go the way you had hoped – and very possibly be even better. With Saturn at hard angle, however, you may spend a little more than you expected, but doing so will be worth every penny.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 2013

This month crackles with communication, travel, and plenty of opportunities for learning. Your email will overflow, and a steady stream of text will pop on your smart phone continuously, with sounds like popping corn. You’ll need to remain organized and alert, as you will be receiving messages from many sources. Details will count, and all through the month your ability to stay practical and realistic will keep you on top of all there is to do. It appears very likely you will have papers to look over and sign, and if so, you will make progress on the deal points. Avoid signing on January 3 or 12, when Uranus will be at odds with Mercury first, and later, Venus. Better days would be January 17, 22, or if the contract has to do with career, January 25.

Speaking of career, your status is about to go sky-high once you get to the full moon in Leo on January 26, plus or minus four days (most likely felt January 25 or 28). This will be a critical time of the year for your professional progress, and it appears you’ll be in talks most of the month about a certain opportunity you may have been thinking about as far back as mid-August. The position will likely crystallize now within days of January 26. Alternatively, there’s a chance that a position for a new spot will come up as a complete surprise, like a thunderbolt from out of the blue, thanks to a beam from Uranus. Saturn in Scorpio shows that you’ve earned the position you are discussing now, and it is a spot you would not have qualified for earlier.

Your home, other property, or one of your parents (or another family member) also will be on your mind, thanks to the tour of Mars though Aquarius. This emphasis on home and family will grow even bigger next month, but take this time seriously, for your best choices of all of 2013 will come up during January and February. You may be amazed to see how easily you are able to get things set “just so” now. This month, watch for a lucky break in regard to a housing or family matter on January 4 and 24-25.

With Saturn now in Scorpio, passing over the degrees associated with Scorpio born November 2, you are feeling more serious and less lighthearted about life these days – you are showing a more goal oriented side, and it is affecting every facet of your life, including love. As a Scorpio, once you put your mind to something, stampeding wild elephants could not distract you from your quest. Still, aim to keep a balance, and try to find ways to enjoy fun and love, too.

You are fortunate that you will have Neptune, the most glamorous and romantic planet, now in your house of true love (since early last year) until 2026. This month, Neptune will signal Venus on January 9, producing the possibility for quite a lyrical, charming evening for meeting a new partner or for bonding with one you are with now. In late February and during most of March, you will see what a powerful difference Neptune can make to your love life! Each week, things are due to bring stronger romance to your life – just watch. It will all get better! If this month your to-do list takes precedence over love, don’t fret. It’s all coming for you, dear Scorpio. You will see!

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2013

This month you’ll be a money magnet, for you have no less than five heavenly bodies crowded in your second house of earned income, including Pluto, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon, January 11. That’s literally half the solar system in one tiny slice of the chart, so if there were ever a time to gather up your courage and ask for a raise, it will be now, just after the new moon, January 11. Make your appointment for January 17, a day still well within the new moon period and your best day for increasing your salary. Saturn will be friendly, indicating that if you do look at options, and you can build financial security. It’s also a good time to discuss financial goals with your partner.

You are happiest when you travel, and this month will offer lots of chances for short and long expeditions. One of your best span of days for packing your bags for a short getaway early in the month will be January 4-6. Later, things will get lively for a longer trip away, thanks to the full moon, January 26 and all the days that surround it. From January 22 to 27 will be special, too.

Indeed, the tender full moon will be just your cup of tea – long distance, luxurious, exotic travel is likely to happen then, and you will find many options. You seem to long for fresh air, big sky, panoramic views, and plenty of adventure – at this time you can have them all, and in a sumptuous setting, too.

Romantically, if you are serious about marriage or are interested in making another sort of established commitment to the one you love, you’re in luck. You may have felt unsure about a romantic or business relationship since Jupiter entered your opposite sign of Gemini last June, but several months later, by October 4, Jupiter went retrograde.

Jupiter will turn direct on January 30, so from then on, you will start to feel clarity about your plans for a relationship, whether business or personal or both. You can start making solid plans together – or if you feel this relationship is not for you, leave. In truth, the move of Jupiter to direct orbit on January 30 will help move ALL of your plans forward, in many areas of your life, not just relationships, for Jupiter is your ruler. It’ll be an exciting turning point.

Capricorn Horoscope for January 2013

You have an extraordinary month ahead. In a rare confluence of planetary motions, for the first time in many years, you will have no less than five heavenly bodies – Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and the new moon on January 11 – all will tour your sign of Capricorn! These planets will give you the kind of opportunity you used to dream about. Others will follow your lead now and will more readily approve your ideas, so exercise your authority. Spend the first half of January thinking about a goal you’d like to see materialize this year. What is it that would have the greatest positive impact on your life, and give you the most joy? This is your month to take your first steps to act on that dream. Do so in the days that follow the new moon in Capricorn, January 11, but don’t wait too long! The best days will be clustered just AFTER the new moon, January 11.

Venus will be in Capricorn from January 8 to February 1, a perfect time to visit a stylist for ideas to upgrade your looks. Shop for new wardrobe items, too – you will find wildly flattering items.

Mars and Uranus will be in what is called “mutual reception,” meaning that these two planets will act like best friends and support each other’s actions, an aspect we’ve not seen since March-April 1928. Specifically, Mars and Uranus may help you find a way to improve your home environment in a very substantial way and also help you find the funds you need to pay for your plans. By the new moon on April 10, four months from now, the plans you put in place now will be in full swing.

In the meantime, you will see some sensational news about a home related or special support from family on January 22 and 24.

Mars may be driving up expenses this month, but fortunately this trend will be fairly short-lived, extending only through January. The full moon January 26 will bring a need for you to settle a debt but also should bring in an influx of money. Indeed, you may also get a large sum of money out of the blue. Still, a large portion of your windfall will have to go out, so you may feel temporarily squeezed due to a fussy angle of Saturn. Don’t be blue, dear Capricorn. Be glad you can settle the debt – your financial outlook this year is upbeat, so you will be making lots more in weeks ahead.

Your health may improve too this month. When Jupiter moves forward on January 30, you may decide on the perfect fitness routine for you, one that works so well for you that you will want to follow it faithfully. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is moving through the part of your chart that rules all the habits you create to stay strong and healthy, and it is the first time in twelve years that he is making his yearlong visit. Jupiter has been retrograde since June 4, however, and that has rendered him weak. On January 30, he will turn direct, giving you the potential for a health and good looks breakthrough.

Jupiter’s turn direct on January 30 will have another bonus: better assignments at work and the possibility to hire staff that can lighten your load. All around, January will be a wonderful month – make the most of it!

Keep your eye on January 25, a golden day for health, money, and assignments. You may also hire a staff member at home or at work on this day with great success, thanks to the Sun and Jupiter in perfect harmony.

Aquarius Horoscope for January 2013

January’s first three weeks find you in an unusually reflective mood. You seem to want to think deeply about recent life events, or to work quietly on a new creative idea. Your instincts will be on target, for spending time in solitude is exactly what you must do to be productive now. Close the door, or, if you like, go off to a secluded retreat, such as to a cottage in a wooded mountainous setting where you can think undisturbed. Five planets in Capricorn will make mountains the very best place to be!

Mars will be in Aquarius through January (to leave February 1), indicating you are in the process of beginning an important two-year cycle of your choosing. Consider which area of your life needs to be bolstered or change. Is there an area that has frustrated you? Is there a project or idea you have wanted to launch but have held back on? Do you feel you have appropriated your time in the way that has yielded the most satisfying results? Pondering these types of questions on your own will lead you to answers and give you the first steps you need to take toward a more satisfying New Year.

If you feel a need to talk over a problem with a psychiatrist, medical director, or coach, this month would be the ideal time to make that first appointment for the week of January 14. If you need surgery or medical treatment, this is the right month to get your procedure scheduled and done. In different manifestation of this vibration, you may hear of a friend, relative, or associate who is not feeling well and who needs your assistance during January’s first three weeks. In that case, you will want to clear your schedule to make time.

The month will turn lively once the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19. One of your favorite days this month will be when the Sun and Uranus will work together on your behalf, January 24, and when Jupiter sends glittering beams to the Sun on January 25. These days will be made for you! Take a spontaneous trip, meet with the media, have a first date, or try something new. It’s a day you can’t fail, no matter what you choose to do.

Mars will be in rare “mutual reception” (a kind of close, friendly alliance) with your ruling planet, Uranus, giving both planets more power. Your mind will be especially sharp now, and if you have a writing / editing / film / telecommunications / Internet / social networking, or other communications-oriented project, you will convey thoughts in an especially smooth and effective way. This upbeat aspect has not happened since 1928, so it is very special!

Mercury, the travel planet, will run both hot and cold this month, so you’ll need to prepare meticulously for any journey you plan to take. Schedule your trip for January 22, 24, or 27, but avoid going on January 3 and 12, where few things will go right.

In love, one of your best days will be January 4, when Mars in Aquarius will be trine Jupiter – this day is worthy of four stars! However, a tough day for love, when almost nothing will go right, will be January 12 – avoid it – due to a hard aspect between Venus and your ruler Uranus.

If you are attached, you and your significant other may get joyfully serious on the full moon January 26. It may be time to promise to be exclusive, or it may be time to make a lifelong commitment – a diamond ring may appear in a tiny box, dear Aquarius. Whatever occurs, you won’t see it coming. The surprise may bring tears of happiness.

Pisces Horoscope for January 2013

The holidays may be over, but your social life is just starting to gain momentum, dear Pisces. A rare and quite dazzling group of five heavenly bodies in Capricorn will fill your eleventh house of people / events / friendship at mid-month. The new moon January 11 will set everything in motion. You will have many invitations coming your way – in fact, you may find you have more fun and more to do in January than you had at holiday time in December. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will be friendly, indicating the outcome to the new friendships and contacts you make will have a strong effect on your future progress. Note the people you meet in the two weeks following the new moon and be sure to cultivate the friendship of the most important people you meet.

You may also be involved with a charity volunteer program, fundraiser, humanitarian effort, social media, a political organization, or community function, too, in January, and if so, you will derive much satisfaction from the work you do. You may be involved in a blogger or Twitter event, or, you may use this influence to simply redesign your Facebook page.

At work, an important project will reach fullness and be completed on or within days of January 26. This assignment will have plenty of room to add your special touch of creativity, due to a friendly vibration from Uranus. With Saturn at hard angles, however, it appears you need to put out quite a strenuous effort. Keep your health strong from the very start of January to be sure you stay in strong shape for work demands at month’s end.

At the same time of the full moon, January 26, you may finally commit to a fitness program you can be enthusiastic about for your New Year. Saturn, the planet of self-discipline and routine, prominent at this time, will help you achieve your goals over the long term.

Throughout the month you will need a balance of time with friends, and time alone. This is a highly social month, but Pisces is often overwhelmed by a frenetic schedule. You will need peaceful time to plan for the New Year. If you feel you have any ongoing duties, obligations, or alliances that have run their course, you may want to find ways to move on. You are about to enter an important new phase in March. Make room in your life for exciting new opportunities that will soon be offered to you and new relationships that are due to come into your life, dear Pisces.

This month planets will accent friendship more than romance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have both. Neptune (inspiration) and Saturn (practical, long-term planning) will act like encouraging little loving relatives to make sure you are happy. Avoid January 12, a dreadful date night that may bring sudden conflict. Things will go better over the earlier weekend of January 4-5. Finally, consider cooking up a glamorous, romantic dinner at home (your lucky place to be) over one of your best weekends, January 26-27.