Horoscope For November 2012

horoscopeAries Horoscope for November 2012

This will be a fast-moving, action-packed month, slightly complicated by Mercury retrograde from November 6 to 26. Mercury’s weak orbit in November is a signal that you must go slowly, to be sure what you hear is what is actually being said, and not something you assumed or hoped to hear, especially in regard to money. As you begin November, think carefully about your next career move. Mars is moving into your career sector on November 16, and from that point, until December 25, you will have the best career opportunities that you’ve seen in two years. It is imperative that you have your resume, bio, and if you are artistic, your creative portfolio ready to show, and references ready, too, to use when you will need them. Ask friends for tips of emerging positions, and work with concentration. You may have a solid offer now, or it may take until after the new moon of January 13, 2013, one of the most critical of 2013. Top jobs take time to win, but you have all the necessary planetary support to help you get to where you want to be, and this is the first time in a very long time you have had this edge.

One word of warning: November 22 will find Mars in hard angle to Uranus, and absolutely nothing will go right on that day in regard to your career. The moon will be in Aries on top of this, making you more sensitive, so you may be quick to become angry. Money has been a strong focus for you since late last month when the full moon on October 29 forced you to face certain financial realities, possibly involving taxes, credit cards, student loans, or another ongoing financial obligation. Still, the new moon solar eclipse November 13 has plenty of positive financial elements to it, and you may be able to find ways to recover by negotiating new or improved company benefits, or a one-time assignment that pays exceptionally well. You also may be able to earn a commission or royalty, or get a signing bonus. On the day after the eclipse, November 14, you may want to buy a lotto ticket – just get one, but you might win.

Financially, a bad day for money will be November 1, but conversely, excellent days for talks include the days November 8-9, when Venus will contact Jupiter. Later, on November 29, you might find a bargain, thanks to a discussion between Venus and Mars.

The eclipse of November 28 will bring a reason to travel but due to career opportunities that will be cooking at the same time, it does not appear that you’ll be able to travel very far, nor stay away for long. That’s fine – you would reap benefits of relaxation from even a short trip. It appears your sister will be quite helpful too at month’s end, as the moon (female) will be beautifully angled to Jupiter (gifts and gains) in your third house of siblings. It may also be that your sister gets some very good news that she’ll want to share – listen up!

In love, Venus will allow you to broach any subject with your “other” – you will find the words to use that will not alarm your partner, and promote a fine exchange of ideas. Travel may be impulsive fun over the weekend of November 24-25, thanks to a beam between the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is your gold-star weekend.

Taurus Horoscope for November 2012

The full moon in Taurus just three days prior to the start of November may have brought a question of unusual importance to your attention. Saturn was active at that full moon, so whatever you decided (or soon will decide) on just about any topic dear to your heart will have long-term ramifications. You may be mulling over your answer during the first days of November. Finances also seem to be on your mind too, and the current state of your financial resources may dictate the answers. Take your time. With Mercury retrograde from November 6 to 26, you should not sign off on any decision quite yet.

A close partner, in love, marriage, or business, seems to be either a comforting rock that steadies you, or is someone who is a thorn in your side. Saturn is pushing a relationship into high relief, so that you can clearly see the state of your union. This topic will be especially important to you if your birthday falls at the very end of April. If you are convinced that you and your partner are incompatible, you may decide to leave. Still, your final answer may prove positive, even celebratory if you are in love. Venus is close to Saturn, so you or your partner will soon want some sort of commitment. With Mars especially friendly much later near November 29, you should be pleased with the way you handle things.

The eclipse in Scorpio of November 13 will illuminate additional truths about your partner’s character, plans, and feelings. This will be a friendly eclipse, so no matter what happens, events will work to your long-term interest. If you are in love and want to get engaged for the holidays, you may hatch your plan now and enact later, after Mercury goes direct at the very end of the month. A holiday engagement seems perfect.

More financial dealings and negotiations will take place at the lunar full moon eclipse, November 28, and this time you will feel far less pressure than you did earlier in the month – you will have more control. This eclipse will conjoin Jupiter, so you are likely to do REALLY well in any financial negotiation. (You will see clearly why holding out to the end of November to give your final answer about any financial question would be worthwhile.) If you’re feeling lucky, you may want to buy a lotto ticket on November 26 when Uranus and the Sun trade signals.

Career wise, you will be on fire on November 26 – Uranus, ruler of your fame sector, and the Sun will be beautifully angled, so you may see a big breakthrough. Uranus will be working for you near the eclipse of November 28, so it all seems to go together. This leads me to think that a new position or a promotion is in the works, and the eclipse may crystallize things for you within days (or at most, a month) from November 28. Romance for single Taurus will have to wait a bit, as this month strongly favors those who are attached. Of course, if single, you can try your luck, but with Mercury retrograde, your chances of finding the right person will be iffy at best, a disaster at worst. Still, at month’s end, when Venus flirts with Mars, November 29, a trip you take could spark feelings of love and passion. Circle November 29 on your calendar as among your best for love, and also to be on a trip.

Gemini Horoscope for November 2012

Mercury will retrograde from November 6 to 26, causing delays during the whole month. As a result, you will make uneven progress, so you may as well table holiday shopping for December – or at the earliest November 27 – skipping Cyber Monday. Rushing to the stores during first six days of November won’t help – it’s best to wait till very late month. Bargains will not prove to be bargains, but instead be clever tricks to buy something you don’t need and won’t be a welcome present.

An important new project is likely to come up very soon. This will be no ordinary assignment, as a very friendly solar eclipse in Scorpio will deliver it to you within the days or weeks that follow November 13. Pluto will play a large role and signal Saturn, so it appears you stand to earn a handsome sum, most likely delivered in a one lump. Your negotiating ability will be very strong, so getting the amount of the hefty check you earn this month, or before the year is out, should please you. Another project may show up November 29.

You also will have another boost from Neptune, ruler of your solar tenth house of fame and honors, so you will easily generate a buzz about the work you are doing in your career. Neptune has been retrograde since June 4, but on November 11, your career will begin to show exceptional progress and you will be firing on all four cylinders. This same eclipse will put an emphasis on your health. It’s time to get active, return to the gym, and make an effort to eat more healthily. If you have not had regular medical exams, from eyes to teeth, blood tests to prostate or mammograms, line up those tests now, for the eclipse will ask you to care for your body.

Later, an extremely important lunar eclipse in Gemini, November 28, may illuminate a question or a situation that you may have been grappling with for a while, and show you the way to a happy solution. News should be exciting, and as a result, you may go off on an adventurous trip, possibly to a foreign city. Money may find its way to you, too, and if so, the amount is likely to be generous. Clearly, a matter dear to you is heading to culmination, bringing joy and satisfaction.

Although lots of money will be coming in, you seem to have high expenses too, especially after Mars enters Capricorn and your house of other people’s money. Be especially careful of how much you spend on November 22, when high charges are likely to mount on your credit card. By November 27, the meeting of Mars and Pluto will give you lots of clout in any money-related talks. Being patient this month (and being willing to walk away if the offer is not right) will give you a favorable edge. There is no question that they want you – you get to say how much they have to pay to get you. Romantically, the time Venus spends in Libra will be your best, from November 1 to 20. Take special note of November 8-9, a Friday that might turn out to be a four-star night to remember, thanks to the interplay of Venus and Jupiter.

Cancer Horoscope for November 2012

This month may turn out to be surprisingly active, for this may be a month that will take a few turns you’d never have expected. The start of November might find you in high spirits. The full moon of last month, October 29, may have brought a major community or social event over the preceding weekend. As you enter November, you’ll still be thinking of what occurred, and with a little luck, it was a happy event.

However, the Monster Moon of September 29 was aimed at you in terms of your career, especially if your birthday falls at the end of June, or if you have a planet at or within five degrees of 7 degrees of Cancer, Aries, Libra, or Capricorn. If you didn’t get news last month, you may have had an event one month earlier, near the end of August, or now, at the October 29 full moon. Astrologers use bell curves, which is why at eclipse time, or in the case of a Monster Moon (like September 29, not an eclipse), you can feel things in one of three dates.

You seem ready for a little more romance, and you may generate more attention this month than you expect. This comes thanks to a new moon solar eclipse November 13, set to bring you opportunities times three. You’ll be busy at work until November 15, but happily by the following weekend, November 17-18, the pace of incoming projects and customer / client let up a little, enough to kick back and enjoy life. To help love along even more, Venus will move into fellow water sign Scorpio, from November 22 to December 15. Venus will bring out your charms and make it easier to magnetize others to you, without even trying.

In addition, you have a star weekend of November 29. This is your four-star day of the month, when Venus will flirt with Mars, her cosmic lover. Watch and see – these days will stand out for you romantically if you are attached. If you are attached, Mars’ entry into your partnership sector has you thinking about making a commitment. If you are already attached, you may draw up new goals together. A day you may be ready to make a joint plan for the future will be November 24.

At work (or in regard to your interaction with a lover or partner) a day to avoid interviews, when nothing will go right, will be November 22. A day when things are likely to go exceedingly well is Monday, November 26, much to your astonishment (especially after the near-disaster of the proceeding Friday). Wait until Mercury is out of retrograde before you sign any papers. The lunar eclipse will affect you, November 28, because as a Cancer, the moon rules your sign. This eclipse may bring hidden information out in the open, or be a time when something you’ve been doing quietly, behind closed doors, is made public. It’s also a time when you may decide to end a bad habit, as the place the eclipse falls is the place we resolve behaviors that are destructive and that we hope to heal and improve. This eclipse would have the power to change the course of things – let it! Revel in the new life you create for yourself.

Leo Horoscope for November 2012

As November opens, you may still be thinking about major developments that have emerged in your career near October 29. You may have scored a major victory or saw an important, long-term career goal reach fruition. More career news will reach you by November 8-9, and it will likely thrill you, thanks to the exciting cooperative efforts of Venus and Jupiter. A friend may be instrumental in your good fortune too, so keep your antenna up.

Your home will become a focus, now that Saturn has moved into the area of your chart that rules property and family for a long stay. The new moon eclipse of November 13 will help you see progress in domestic matters. If you are trying to buy, sell, or rent a space, you might have luck, but you need to be sure you are getting accurate facts. Insist that all details are clearly spelled out. Neptune’s position suggests a lack of clarity may cause confusion in regard to the real estate offer or having to do with the details of a mortgage – ask many questions. Neptune will turn direct on November 11 after having been retrograde for months, allowing you to get any answer you seek.

You may have to filter upcoming career choices by your family’s needs from now on, or by housing opportunities that exist in the location of the career opportunity. These types of decisions take time to mull over, so go slowly and be methodical. Mercury will be retrograde from November 6 to 26. You will make better decisions after Mercury turns direct, and also after the eclipse of November 28 announces its news. Only then will you have full information.

There is always a lot of static near eclipse time, so even though Mercury will no longer be retrograde, you will still need to be patient. That lunar eclipse November 28 will be positive, illuminate your future path by helping you align priorities, and help you see which of your goals are truly important to you. Also at that time, you will see a female friend go out of her way to ensure that you do well – her actions will show you the very meaning of friendship.

Mars will tour your workaday sector from November 16 until December 25, ensuring that both new projects and temporary work (your choice) would be plentiful during coming weeks. On November 22, 23, and/or November 27, your interaction with a co-worker or underling may become quite tense – treat others carefully at that time. Romantically, you’ll enjoy November, for Mars, the action planet, will energize your love sector from November 1 to 16. During that same time, Mars’ lover, Venus, will be in a perfect position, Libra, to help too, especially if you travel a short distance together then. (Venus will stand ready to help until November 21.)

Later, November 25 should bring delicious, spontaneous fun with your partner, thanks to the Sun, your ruler, in perfect angle to Uranus, planet of surprise.

Virgo Horoscope for November 2012

Many people will stimulate your thinking this month, for with planets moving through intellectual centers, you will be exposed to many differing ideas. In this broadminded month, you will also have a possibility to travel to cities both near and far. Throughout November, you will be a virtual sponge, soaking up new information and quickly sharing what you learn with others. Naturally, you will find this month to be quite refreshing, and you’ll be working to hone your communication skills. This is a long trend that goes far beyond this month. By the time you reach next June, you will have come a long way. The November 13 new moon solar eclipse will set all this in motion, and there will be plenty of room to apply your creativity to the task at hand.

Your sister or brother may be on your mind too, now, and it may be that your sibling has hit a hard patch, but is reluctant to share that truth with you. Hover a bit near your sibling to see if your advice or assistance is needed. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde all month, from November 6 to 26. It is time to finish projects, review them, and root out flaws, but not a time to start new projects. Delay signing a contract, by all means, for your qualifications for the success of this venture will shift by December or a bit beyond that.

By month’s end, near the lunar eclipse November 28, you will have your most exciting development possible in your career, when a full moon lunar eclipse appears, November 28. You may hear news of a major promotion, get an offer for a new position, or be in line for an honor or award. For sure, if you have worked hard and smart, your reputation will reach new heights, and a woman VIP is likely to set all in motion for you. A friend may be instrumental in your finding this lucky opportunity, too – see how things play out.

You will get other sorts of happy news this month, for romantically, you will have help from Mars, to light your house of romance and fun from November 21 to December 13 – all in time for the coming holidays. Mars will be in a supremely compatible sign, a signal you must plan to circulate during this phase, for it will bring you in contact with several attractive people, and among them, there may be one or two you will want to know better. Make the first move and suggest lunch.

Libra Horoscope for November 2012

As you begin November you will find you’re nearly obsessed with thoughts about money – how to manage it, how to get more, and how to appropriate it more effectively. This may have been triggered by last month’s full moon, October 29, when a large obligation seems to have come due, and financing it within the tight time frame may have proved difficult. Or it may be that you are planning to make a sizable investment, possibly in property.

Keep your eye on developments that occur after the solar eclipse of November 13, for you will have a sudden opportunity to persuade a higher-up for a raise, or to work on winning a new professional position. Help from a family member in terms of a tip or reference may prove helpful. Or, it may be that you will benefit from making a sale, netting a profit, or receiving a bargain or opportunity through a real estate venture. This eclipse will speed up your timetable enormously, so expect events to move fast.

Speaking of real estate, with Mars in Capricorn, you may be working on ways to improve your living situation. You may be planning a big program, like a residential move, or a small one, like a repair or design project. Or you may be ready to make a major structural change by adding on a room or changing the size or layout of a present space. November 29 will be a wonder day for any beautification project, such as to choose decorative items, paint colors, or fabric from swatches. You will be able to create a sense of relaxing balance this month, and one of the best methods will be to travel to a distant city. Among the days you are away, be sure to be on your trip during November 8-9, when Venus, your ruler, will be in dazzling angle to Jupiter.

On the lunar eclipse, November 28, you may be on the road once again, this time closer to home, and the reason for leaving town seems to be business, for your journey would have bearing on your career and income. Other areas of gain, aside from foreign travel, would involve interaction with the media, opportunities in academia, or luck with the courts system. Any of these areas will be very fortune for you. You seem to be in quite a serious mood at month’s end, with Venus moving so very close to Saturn. Perhaps, in keeping with the mood of November, you may be making a very big financial commitment or decision.

Your sibling may make family news this month too, so you may want to check in with him or her to find out what is coming up. News seems to be exceptional – quite celebratory.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 2012

In November, you will be in your element, dear Scorpio. You like being in charge, and the planets will accord you that privilege. With Saturn, Mercury, Sun, and a new moon eclipse November 13, all in Scorpio, and Venus to join Scorpio too, you will be a formidable force to be reckoned with, and others will respect your point of view.

The very start of the month has you thinking about making a commitment to a sweetheart or business associate. You may move in together, or promise exclusivity. Or in the professional sense, you may form an official partnership or project-oriented collaboration. Yet that full moon had a heavy, serious, deep quality to it, as Saturn was opposed to the full moon. It was time to decide, to stay or go, and as you enter November, you may still be thinking about what occurred on October 29. If you have not made a decision yet, you will, by November 3.

This is one of those months that will bring fast-moving events, but with Mercury retrograde November 6-26, partly in Sagittarius, and partly in Scorpio, you should not agree to any plans just yet. While you may be frustrated to hear that you need to wait, the universe is actually doing you a favor. You need to wait to see what the two eclipses have to say before you make any decisions.

The first, a new moon solar eclipse on November 13, will be the more important of the two, and will occur in Scorpio for the first time in years. This eclipse will be the more vital for you. Falling in Scorpio, it will open a door on a new opportunity that may surprise you and that may light various areas of your life, private and public. This eclipse will set you off in an adventurous new direction, and it will put an end to a stalemate that frustrated you earlier this year, or any indecision that may have plagued you. Eclipses will continue to fall in your sign for two years, until October 23, 2014, and by then, your gradual transformation to a new and more vibrant lifestyle will be complete.

The second eclipse, a lunar full moon eclipse in Gemini, November 28, may bring a generous financial bonus, or windfall, or an important purchase. This money may represent a signing bonus or year-end reward. Or it may come in the form of a much-anticipated mortgage or other bank loan, and would come along with enviable terms. The good fortune planet Jupiter will be very prominent at the November 28 eclipse, explaining why the financial bounty that will be heading your way will be quite large. The eclipse this month is close to the ones that occurred 19 years ago, November 13, 1993 and November 29, 1993, but remember, the other planets will have since moved to very different positions. See if you can recall any themes that came up then.

Romantically, Neptune, the ruler of your house of true love, will go direct on November 11, bringing progress at long last in matters of love. Venus’ tour of Scorpio from November 22 to December 14 will help you prove that you are, indeed, the sexiest sign of the zodiac. When your ruler, Mars, stages a date with Venus, November 29, you will see sparks fly, and finally you will see how far the power of your magnetism can reach.

Sagittarius Horoscope for November 2012

The month starts out with you being determined to reform your lifestyle to include healthier exercise and eating habits, and you are determined to do so before the holidays do you in. The full moon of last month, October 29, must have taken a lot out of you. You likely were rushing to finish a project by a certain deadline, and if you had not been taking as good care of yourself, you would have felt the effects. Your timing is good for turning over a new leaf. Pluto, the planet of transformation, was prominent at that full moon last month, so as you enter November, the sky’s the limit on what you can accomplish for your health.

The solar (new moon) eclipse of November 13 in Scorpio will continue the theme of strong body, strong mind – only this time, the more powerful emphasis will be on building more confidence and more optimistic outlook. If you have hoped to get rid of a habit that has undermined your health, this would be a good time to seek help. Do so after that solar eclipse arrives. This same eclipse may expose a situation or piece of information that you had not been privy to prior to this juncture.

On November 28, the lunar full moon eclipse will appear in your opposite sign of Gemini and bring on a need for a decision about your closest partner. Is it time to commit? The universe will want to see progress, so if you were hoping to keep to the status quo, that won’t be an option. Eclipses tend to bring black or white moments, where you must choose to stay or go, and are non-negotiable in the dictates they bring. In other words, once you announce a decision, you can’t go back and change the outcome. After all, the mission of an eclipse is to get you moving forward, not let you go backward again!

There is no reason to be concerned – this eclipse will conjoin Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, so chances are, this will be a time of happy excitement. If you are not dating, nor are married now, this same eclipse may be used to forge a business relationship. Attached Sagittarius will hear good news from their spouse at month’s end, and the news will affect you both. It’s possible you feel ready to welcome a baby, and if so, the stork may already be on the way.

If you are single and you hope to meet someone new to love, you will do best at the start of November. First, Venus will tour your friendship / events sector from November 1 to 16 and will keep your schedule lively. Your friends will find you and coax you out – let them. At the same time, Mars will be in Sagittarius, the very best place for Mars to be, and will sprinkle you with clouds of pixie dust to help you stand out. Generous Jupiter is in your marriage house, allowing you to meet substantial, marriage material types. On top of this, the Sun will favor you starting November 21 for four weeks, for it’s birthday time! All in all, you have it all! One of your most romantic dates of the month will be November 8-9, but hide on your not-so-nice days, November 3 and 22-23.

Mercury will be retrograde from November 6 to 26, so DON’T do holiday shopping early if you want to find gifts that truly delight your recipient. Although there will be plenty of financial talks around you in the second half of November, you will have to wait for Mercury, the planet ruling all contracts, to go direct November 26. Leave several days space – think December.

Capricorn Horoscope for November 2012

As a Capricorn, you are known to be ambitious, always looking for ways to improve your professional position. Saturn moved out of your career and prestige sector last month, and you may now be in line for a promotion or other career reward. You’ve worked hard, and the momentum you built will now carry you forward without the same level of effort you are used to having put in. The early part of November will be a time to relax and have fun. If you push too hard while the planets are saying “stop, watch, and wait,” you will soon find that you are out of sync with the rhythm of the universe and little will be accomplished. Happily, in early November, romance will beckon, and you will sense this the moment November dawns. You likely experienced an enchanting full moon day before October ended, so as you enter November, you may be humming a happy tune.

The social theme will intensify with the positive new moon solar eclipse, November 13, opening you up to new people and events, not only now, but in the coming six months. Among those you meet will be one or two people you may want to get to know better, and in time you may become good friends. Single and attached Capricorn will be thrilled with the events of the evening of November 29, when Venus and Mars whip up flirtatious fun. If you have hoped to reconcile with an old friend or sweetheart, you will have your chance to do so this month. Social media may also play a big part in what happens at eclipse time, and if so, it would benefit you.

The second part of November will be your time to shine brightly, as Mars will move into Capricorn on November 16 for the first time in two years. Mars will remain in your sign until December 24. Certainly, life is about to become more exciting, but rather than quickly start pushing hard on goals, stop to observe changing conditions around you. At first they will be so slight as to be imperceptible, for Mercury will be retrograde from November 6 to 26, but later they will become more obvious.

There is another reason to hold your horses. It has to do with the lunar eclipse, November 28, in Gemini, to fall in your assignment sector. Because this eclipse will be conjunct Jupiter, it appears that you are likely to nab a plum client or a new coveted assignment. It’s possible you are also ending a project now – one that will pay you well – and one you will be proud to present to others. You need to see what the eclipse has in store before you move ahead, as eclipses bring unexpected elements to bear that you will need to integrate into your plan. It may be that you will choose to leave one position for another. It is also possible that you may stay with the company you work for now, but have a completely new job description, or have new workers reporting to you, or new computer equipment. Some may even hear that the company is changing headquarters.

Your health may also show progress now, and if you feel you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon, you can get back on track now. No matter what happens, the end of November will benefit you. With Mars and Pluto so close in Capricorn on November 27, you will command attention and be a force of authority – just don’t come on too heavy-handed. It is your turn, dear Capricorn, to reach for the stars.

Aquarius Horoscope for November 2012

You are now in a very important period in your life, and if you have not yet noticed this, you soon will. Your career is taking on a new shape, and your love life has the same potential for enormous growth.

As you begin the month, you seem to have come off an important decision about your living situation or a real estate deal, made only a few days before November started. That matter is now settled or else fully discussed, and you will soon turn your attention to your career – now that Saturn has entered your professional tenth house, you are getting ready to step up to new responsibilities. You’ve worked nearly your whole life to get to this moment – Saturn has not been in Scorpio since 1982-1985. The new position you accept now, or the new commitment you make to a venture in months to come, will likely become a benchmark in your life.

The solar eclipse November 13 will set professional events in motion. Solar eclipses are super-powerful new moons that bring opportunity where none existed previously. This one, falling in your tenth house of fame and honors, will be exceptionally exciting. No matter what occurs at this time, forces at play will work to benefit you over time, even if you cannot see the truth of this immediately. Sometimes an eclipse will clear a space so that it can deliver its goods. If you need to choose an ideal day to interview, when you will charm even the most crusty VIP, pick November 29, a day when you find the right words, and everyone will clamor for you to be in their corner. Make no career decisions until the November 13 eclipse has spoken, and allow for several weeks to examine and digest your changing life conditions.

If you work in a creative profession, you will find that the right setting will come your way to set off your talents, especially at month’s end. The whole week of November 26-30 will find you in rare form, full of ideas, as Uranus, your ruler, will signal the Sun on November 25-26, and on November 28, Uranus will be in friendly touch with the eclipsed moon. Ideas will rain down on you, and with Mars meeting with Pluto on November 27, it appears your ideas will be practical and offer major profit potential.

Mercury will be retrograde November 6 until November 26, never a time to present ideas or accept a new position, so hold back until you get a few days past November 26. During month, spend most of your time in the art of observation and delay your most critical actions for December. In the meantime, carve out time to work alone on your craft, in solitude, perfecting a project from November 16 through December 24. Your moment to speak up has come, dear Aquarius. Present your concepts in November’s last week, and others will hail you as a rock star.

Neptune’s turn direct on November 11 shows that in coming months, you will begin to be compensated in ways you deserve. You won’t have to compromise as much as you have in the past in matters of fees and salary. Employers and clients will want you and be willing to pay to get you in their corner.

Romantically, you are about to hit the jackpot, when another eclipse comes by November 28 to light your house of true love. This eclipse will conjoin Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in an exceedingly rare configuration. In weeks to come, you may either crystallize your feelings for someone you care about in a new relationship, or may be offered an exciting introduction if you’ve not been dating. If you are in an established relationship, you may decide to take a long vacation together – a good idea! Uranus, your ruler, will be very friendly too, indicating that things will happen rapidly and surprise you in their intensity. If you are hoping to conceive a baby, the stork may soon be on its way.

Venus in Libra may offer you a chance to travel with a sweetheart to a beautiful location earlier in the month – spread your wings over the weekend of November 8-11.

Pisces Horoscope for November 2012

Your ability to communicate effectively may be responsible for so much of your success this month. Chances are, you’ll be wowing your audience. You may be writing, editing, translating, coding, teaching, presenting, selling, or being involved with any other realm of communication this month and all the while, concentrating hard.

Saturn entered your ninth house of publishing, broadcasting, higher education, and international relationships, and when this happens, Saturn will show you that old formulas won’t work – it’s time to experiment with a new approach, or to gain new skills. You are learning to address an entirely new audience, very possibly one based in a foreign culture. The solar eclipse will bring this trend into focus, November 13, and in the weeks that follow.

Mars is still touring your house of fame and honors, a trend that started October 6 and that will continue until November 15. It is imperative that you make this trend work for you, for Mars only comes to your fame and honors sector every two years for a six-week period. You can now get the attention of VIPs who will help you get ahead, but you must show your desire and intent now.

Your efforts will be complicated by the fact that Mercury will be retrograde from November 6 to 26. During this time, you cannot accept a new position. You can discuss things, but not give a final answer. The conditions surrounding the job offer (or new project) will be in flux until the Mercury retrograde is over, so if you give word, things are likely to change, and you won’t know what you are agreeing to until later (not good). In the meantime, Neptune will turn direct too, on November 11, very good news for you, for Neptune is your ruler, and when your ruler is energized, you are, too. By waiting, you will not miss any golden opportunities – you will avoid disaster. Your aim will be to uncover instances that interest you and discuss them, but not move ahead just yet.

You will have an eclipse of the moon on November 28 in your home sector bringing a domestic matter to crystallization. Something big seems to be bubbling up. (If you don’t know about this yet, you will soon). This powerful full moon is sure to bring exciting news that will make you sit up and pay attention. Eclipses are powerful new moons – they illuminate truths, they can reward or end situations, and we often feel positively changed by the results of what happens. In this case, you may buy or sell property, change your living arrangement, or benefit from the generosity of family. Your career seems to light up at the same time, as this eclipse is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, now touring your achievement / fame sector. You may move house to take advantage of a position in another city, or upgrade your surroundings now that you can afford to do so (or will soon).

Your love life will improve dramatically after November 16, when the pressure on your performance on the job will be reduced, and there’ll be less emphasis on career and more on your private life – home, fun, events, love, and friendships. Mars will enliven your social sector from November 16 to December 24, just in time to rev up invitations for holiday parties. Venus in Scorpio will help too, but you will need to wait until the last week of November before Venus can be in the best position to help you. On November 29, Mars and Venus will be perfectly harmonious, and you’ll end the month on an exciting note.

There is another reason your love life will improve – the moon, so beautifully kissed by Jupiter on November 28, also rules your house of true love. Will you get engaged for the holidays, or hear that you will soon welcome a baby? Anything is possible at eclipse time. (Not dating? You have a good chance of getting a massive creative project that pays well. Every Pisces stands to gain now or very soon, as a result of these two eclipses.