Horoscope For October 2012



Aries Horoscope for October 2012

As you begin October, you have a solidly positive month in store. You may doubt this, because the recent full moon in Aries, September 29, was so filled with drama for Aries that you may have been rattled deeply by one close relationship or in regard to your health. There may have been other parts of your life brought into play by other planets too, ones I cannot see here, as your natal chart is unique to you, but suffice to say this full moon, one I dubbed “#MonsterMoon,” is one of the most challenging I have seen in three years.

Aries born in March certainly understand that. You have until October 4 to see how this full moon would deliver news to you. Always remember that the job of a full moon is to cleanse, illuminate, and finish something important. Things come to culmination – after that, we can move on to something new.

You have cause for celebration. On October 4, Saturn will exit Libra, ending a three-year challenge to your Sun. You may not have been consciously aware that you have looked forward to this day for a long time. Since Saturn entered your opposite sign of Libra on October 30, 2009, you learned a great deal about the give and take necessary in a close relationship. You may have given, or trusted, too much or too little, but Saturn showed you precisely what you had to learn. If you have had no close relationship in your life, you may have battled strenuous political battles at work, through a competitor, detractor, or critic who was out to discredit you. Or, your health may have suffered. You are done now, dear Aries. Indeed, you are done.

You will not be tested in this way again until 2039. You can feel good knowing that when it’s time to experience Saturn again years from now, the second time around always feels easier than the first. Now wiser, you can use your recent experiences to ensure your closest relationships are stronger and more supportive to you from the very first day.

You will get your chance to exercise your newly honed relationship knowledge at an affirming new moon, October 15. If you are serious about joining forces with a sweetheart, you may now talk about being exclusive, or get engaged or wed. If you are already in an established relationship, you may choose new goals together. You may alternatively use this new moon to form a strong business partnership.

If you are single and are not serious about anyone yet, when it comes to love, continue to be cautious this month. Venus in your opposite sign of Libra will become increasingly difficult by month’s end – Halloween could be scary for more than one reason due to Uranus in angry angle to Venus.

Saturn will now will move into your eighth house of credit, taxes, and joint finances for the coming nearly three years. This new place for Saturn may sound ominous, but compared to the place in your chart that you’ve hosted Saturn in recent years, you will see an improvement. Saturn in this sector will help you get your financial house in order. This taskmaster planet will also show you reasons you need to pay bills on time, guard against identity theft, and to take your credit rating seriously. You may also need to be less trusting of others when mixing your funds with theirs. The first of Saturn’s tutoring sessions will arrive on October 24, 25, and on the full moon, October 29 (minus one day, plus four), when Saturn will oppose first the Sun, then the moon, respectively. Saturn will give one and all a stern warning of new lessons to come.

On a lighter note, travel seems possible too, a wonderful prospect for you. One of the happiest weekends to flee town will be October 6-7, and include Monday, October 8 if possible. Jupiter and the Sun will act like your fairy godmother to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Mars will move to Sagittarius on October 6 and remain there until November 16, so you may be packing your bags more than once before the winter holidays arrive. Another weekend just made for a spontaneous jaunt is October 13-14 when fun will rule. Be careful, however, over Halloween night, when love will be fragile and things are all too likely to go wrong on a moment’s notice.

Taurus Horoscope for October 2012

Saturn will now exit Libra after a three-year stay, easing your day-to-day workload in your workplace. You may now start to see more workers added to your department, suggesting that you won’t have to work as hard as you have in the past, for others will be ready, willing, and able to carry some of the load. At home, you may be able to have more help, too, giving you more needed free time. It will be easier to find suitable candidates to hire, too, and generally things will go easier.

The new moon of October 15 will bring an important new work assignment that you will likely be excited about. This time, you will be able to hire all the staff you need, proof that things truly are changing. This project should go well, and your good work will come to the attention of an influential person. Give it all you’ve got to give. This same new moon would be an ideal time to get into a fitness routine, for it would be one you’d enjoy so much you’d stick to it.

Your finances will require attention this month, and although there may be a few ups and downs in cash flow, you can easily find a way to end the month sunny side up. Your best date to get welcome news about money would be October 8, when Jupiter and the Sun will beautifully angled, and on October 14, when Mars and Uranus will be so outstandingly friendly. On October 14, you may also want to buy a charity raffle ticket because it looks like you have a chance to have one of the winning tickets.

Saturn is now moving into Scorpio on October 5, in direct opposition to your Sun, a place it will occupy until September 2015. Personal responsibilities will increase, and you may notice that your closest relationship will require more attention. This may be because your partner is handling a lot of challenging life events and needs your help. Or, alternatively, you may find that you and your partner are not relating well and that you have to either work to fix the relationship or leave. April-born Taurus will be the first to notice this trend directly. (As Saturn moves over the degrees of your Sun, you will notice this trend more and then less, as this planet moves on. Although this trend lasts for 3 years, chances are, you will only feel the direct rays of Saturn for about nine months as it moves in opposition to your Sun.)

Keep in mind that Saturn brings blessings too, and can urge you to stabilize and grow an essentially strong relationship. You may choose to get engaged or married, or find other ways to make your relationship more substantial. However, if you have had doubts about the long-term future of your alliance, you will have to decide whether it can be improved, and how, perhaps with the help of couples therapy. If you feel you are basically incompatible, you may leave. Clearly, Saturn will make you more realistic and practical, so choices about your relationship will become more obvious and easier to make. You will need to monitor your health more closely from now on, because Saturn opposition the Sun can be draining.

At the full moon in Taurus, October 29, much of what Saturn in Scorpio portends for you will surface, almost immediately. It is a serious moment in time, where you will want to assess your own needs first, and then those of your partner. If your partner is physically not well, in a crisis, or for other reasons needs your help, you’ll need to have strong stamina, so take good care of yourself. If your partner is your main problem, however, in that case, you’ll still have to be strong to endure the stress of leaving. Take time to decide how you want to handle things. Mercury will be retrograde through almost all of November, so plan to decide by December. It would be best not to rush.

Pluto will be very helpful at the full moon in Taurus, and so if you have any big event involving your studies at a university (say, to take a qualifying exam, for example), import-export, or involving citizenship or working papers, Pluto will protect you. As promised earlier, if you need to get to know your chart so you can determine your rising sign, you can have me do a report for you, and you alone, on my other website, www.SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com

Gemini Horoscope for October 2012

A situation involving a friend or lover may have created tension at the full moon, last month, September 29. As you enter October, you may still be replaying events that occurred in your mind, and wondering if you could have done things differently. Certainly, when it comes to love or friendship, you were given a lot of information, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. There were no warning signs – you feel shocked, that would be understandable. You may feel that the news was too much to take in, and that you can’t possibly hear any more, at least for now. Yet you can’t quite block it from your mind, for you will have to decide about how you feel about your friendship or romantic relationship, and decide whether you can fix things between you or not. If not, you may have already split or will soon. There are alternative possibilities. A child or pregnancy may have concerned you at September’s end, or a vitally important creative project was requiring a change in approach. Again, there will be rational decisions to make, and those will involve the feelings and opinions of other people, too.

You will be relieved to hear Saturn is moving out of Libra on October 4, not to return until 2039. Saturn has been standing in the way of your enjoyment, for Saturn’s job is to teach life lessons. Over the past three years, those lessons have centered on your love life, and possibly also centered on your desire to have and care for children. A creative project may have also taken much longer to do than you anticipated, or cost more to complete. All this frustration is ending now – Saturn is leaving.

One of your happiest days this month will arrive on Monday, October 8, when the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini will collaborate flawlessly. This is a great day for romance, and because this aspect will peak on Monday, you will also have the weekend of October 6-7 to enjoy, too, as you will sense the luck on your side as the aspect builds. Matters of creativity and children will go well, too. Venus’ move into fellow air sign Libra at the month’s end will be a blessing as well.

Mars is changing signs October 6 to enter Sagittarius until November 16, and once there, Mars might send you mixed signals. For Gemini, Sagittarius is not the easiest place to host such an active planet. Your partner may become quite vocal about any small slights or inner resentments that have been hidden until now, and when those feelings arise, you’ll have to deal with them. If you don’t have a partner in your personal, romantic life or in a business sense, then Mars might bring a competitor, critic, or detractor. You can usually run circles around competitors, if only because the Gemini mind is so sharp and your ability to debate is among the strongest of any sign. When you have to do so, you can talk your way through anything.

Not all days in this phase will be difficult. On October 14-15, Mars and Uranus will cooperate beautifully, bringing sensational news from a partner, proving that each situation has to be taken individually, one at a time. The upside of having Mars in Sagittarius is that you can now talk seriously about marriage with the one you love (if dating seriously, of course) or plan new goals together if you are already attached. In the business sense, you may be ready to make a partnership official, or to hire an expert who will work with you one-on-one to help you get ahead. The new moon of October 15 will bring a completely new and quite sensational trend in matters of love and romance. This new moon is loving and kind, and will help you feel warmth from friends and from a sweetheart. If you have not been dating, this new moon will offer you many possibilities for meeting new people, and will coax you to go out and meet new people again.

Your workload has been heavy since September, but you will soon see that you will have to become even more organized. By the full moon of October 29 you will have much to do, and so little time. No doubt, you will feel the crunch. Get the jump on things early on. You will need more rest at this time, so don’t have a strenuous agenda planned.

Cancer Horoscope for October 2012

A career situation that reached critical mass at the end of September may have put you in distress. The start of October will find you still thinking about what happened near the full moon of September 29, and how to best respond to all you learned. Clearly, a chapter is ending, quite suddenly. Your financial situation appears to be affected, so you may have to build a response strategy quickly.

Mars will enter your workaday sector, so you will be able to find short-term projects, overtime work, and side jobs quite easily from October 6 to November 16. If you look near October 12-15, career opportunity may arise quite out of the blue, and that one may be far more long term and bring you impressive status. Be ready to take full advantage.

You’ve been dealing with a tough residential question for quite a long time, but now, with the move of Saturn out of Libra on October 4, for the first time in three years, you have an opportunity to see a resolve soon, possibly immediately. Note any home or family-oriented solutions that arrive October 8, when Jupiter brings excellent vibrations to the Sun, now lighting your home sector.

Next, watch for the most helpful new moon of the year in your residential / family sector, October 15 and the two weeks to follow. If you have to lease, buy, or sell property, or renovate, repair, or organize your space, you will have the green light to do so. You can find a new roommate, buy new furniture, or find help from the bank for a home improvement or mortgage – finally, a new day is dawning. No matter how frustrating it may have been to fix your situation, you now will start to see unmistakable change for the better. With a shimmering beam to Neptune, it appears you will have no shortage of ideas!

After a month of heavy-duty decisions, you will need some fun. You may have a beautiful event that you’ll be invited to over the weekend of October 27-28, or near the full moon, October 29, but with Saturn, now in Scorpio, opposed to the moon, you may be concerned about money and the cost of participating. If you are attached, your partner may have a solution. If you are not attached it may be that someone you collaborate with at work will unlock the dilemma you face, so don’t discount that either. Pluto, the Great Transformer, will be beautifully oriented toward the full moon – so don’t ever give up.

Leo Horoscope for October 2012

Travel may have been delayed or troublesome at the end of September, so if so, you may want to reschedule your trip (or plan a new one) for the positive new moon, October 15, plus two weeks. You may go to see friends or to conduct business. Either reason for travel would produce the results you want, and it looks as though you will be on the road quite a bit this month.

One of your best days of the month will be October 8, when Jupiter and the Sun collaborate perfectly. You are ruled by the Sun, so this day should bring all sorts of good news. A friend will intervene to help you, too, so all around this is a day that should be a stand out. Even better will be the dazzling weekend of October 13-14 (and include October 15), when Mars and Uranus will be ideally angled. Another special day for you will be October 22, when the Sun and Neptune are equally in sync. Here’s a day to present a creative idea – your client will likely adore the ideas that you present.

Increasingly, your home is becoming a focus of attention. You may feel that your space is getting too small, or that you would rather not share your space anymore. If you have had to move back to your parents’ home due to tough economic times, you may be ready to have your own space again. Conversely, if that was not your situation, but that your parent has needed your help, you are now learning about how to better assist your aging parent. There are dozens of possible examples.

Saturn will move into this part of your chart on October 4, and as soon as October 24, when Saturn conjoins the Sun, your ruler, you may be pressed to find answers. Saturn teaches patience, and also the need to be practical and realistic. This planet will not leave this part of your chart for three years, not until September 2015, so take your time. Nothing will happen quickly. Saturn teaches us the need to do thorough research, for by so doing, you will find answers others would fail to see.

The full moon, October 29 will bring big career news. You may be offered a major promotion – one so big you’ll take a big gulp and say you have to think things about the offer. It appears you’ll love the work, and will also be given room to exercise creativity. With Venus in your earned income sector, you appear to be offered a good salary. If there is a problem, it will be in regard to housing or the care of a parent (or other close family member) that you care about deeply and who depends on your care. Or, this job might require relocation or many long hours away from home, and therein lies the question of what to do about that. You seem to be pulled in two directions, but once you prioritize your aims, you’ll know the answer.

Mars in Sagittarius will be a blessing from October 6 to November 16. Just in time for the new season, your social life will take off like a rocket. If you are single and hope to find love, be sure to circulate over the divine weekend of October 13-14, your best moment of the month for finding love. If you hope to have a baby, this weekend is the time to talk with your partner about that and make a plan.

Virgo Horoscope for October 2012

A financial development that occurred at the end of September was the last of a long series of difficult surprises involving money. Frankly, you are tired of this kind of sudden gyration to your finances, but the good news is, one of the planets that has been a thorn in your side, Saturn, will leave your earned income sector October 5, not to return until 2039. The move of Saturn out of this house will have enormous ramifications, for it will allow you to see an increase in income, possibly immediately.

For three years, you have worked hard, but Saturn kept a cap on how much you could earn. Working harder didn’t seem to help because conditions beyond your control were keeping your income down. You will still have Uranus to keep you on your toes financially, but from now on, you’ll only have one planet, not two, to cause havoc.

Saturn leaves, and a career opportunity may come up to make an impressive salary. This may happen as soon as October 8, when Jupiter, now in your career house, will signal the Sun in your income sector. See what happens on that date, for you will have a great deal of VIP favor on your side, plus the element of luck.

An even bigger moment for you to strike to increase your salary will be the new moon, October 15, and in the two weeks that follow. Ask for a raise or negotiate a salary for a new position. A new day is dawning, and much to your amazement, you won’t meet with the usual resistance to make more that you had previously encountered. If you work in the arts, you will be especially favored to command a healthy fee or salary, so stay optimistic and barrel forward.

I should mention that on October 4 Jupiter will go retrograde until January 31, 2013, a signal that you will do best by focusing on projects you already started some time ago, not on brand new ones. Find ways to make present projects more profitable. If you are in sales, concentrate on your present clients to see if you can generate more business from them. Try not to develop new territory until you get to February. As they say, eighty percent of your business (or success) emanates from twenty percent of your workload or client list. It makes sense to focus on your loyal clients and most profitable present projects while Jupiter retrogrades. Jupiter is the planet of financial luck and promise – you can see gains! If you are currently crafting a huge and complicated deal or major product launch, aim to do so in early to mid-February. We can’t always maneuver events to suit the planets, but I mention this to help you if it is possible.

Now let’s turn to your home, which appears to be ready to become a hub of interest now. You may have lots of plans you’d like to complete before the year-end holidays. No matter what is on your agenda, pay attention to the weekend of October 14-15, when Mars and Uranus will be beautifully angled to help you create a big and completely unexpected breakthrough.

The full moon of October 29 plus or minus five days may bring a contract negotiation to conclusion, and if so, with Saturn so prominent, be sure you like the terms you agree to at this time, for you will be involved in that situation a very long time. Alternatively, you may complete a communication-oriented project – you may now finish the creation of a new app or piece of software, give a speech, or teach a group something with your expertise. You may work on your Facebook or Twitter page, or complete a manuscript, thesis, or report. This month will be mainly about work, money, home, and family, but you can have fun if you travel with your sweetheart or partner. The long weekend of October 20-22 will bring exceptional fun if you are attached and can schedule private time together.

Venus will be in Virgo all month, from October 3 to 28, an ideal time to spend a little time sprucing up your looks, and being out and about meeting new people. If you are single and looking for love, you might become interested in a romantic partner who is several years your senior. Make no decisions yet – the months at year’s end will bring you many opportunities – holiday time at the end of December through most of January will be quite sensational for romance.

Libra Horoscope for October 2012

No one will be happier to see Saturn leave Libra on October 5 than you, and once Saturn leaves, he will not be back until 2039. For the past three years, Saturn has poked you, tested you, and toughened you up. You are a stronger person than you were when this period first stated in October 2009. You are done with Saturn’s tutoring, but you will carry forever the wisdom he imparted to you during these past three years. A reward is due soon for having coped with Saturn’s vigorous training, and it may come as soon as the time after October 15, the new moon – more about that in a minute.

Late last month was likely a very difficult time, especially if your birthday occurs at the end of September. If you noticed jarring events, you must decide what to do about what you learned or experienced. It appears a partner was the center of your thinking, either because your partner was in crisis and needed your help, or because your partner had done things to hurt or betray you and you were shocked by your partner’s behavior. Or, you may have felt a bit sick, or that events in general were certainly not moving in your favor. The full moon last month was harsh, for it brought up truths that came at you like a pie in the face, and events seemed to be as unexpected as they were highly emotional.

The new moon of October 15 will completely change things, for it will bring a light and happy feeling, and will be quite positive. Falling in Libra, it will bring you opportunity to start to create the life you want for yourself. At the start of October, you may wonder as you read this how such a change for the better is even possible for you, but imagine it and believe it, dear Libra, because better days are due. You will need to show your desire and commitment to your new path to the universe, so set a direction and take a step toward attaining that dream. The time has come to begin after October 15.

Saturn is now entering your financial house and will teach you to concentrate your money on the things that truly matter to you, and to plan for the future. To this end, Saturn will spend the better part of three years with you, teaching you about the wisdom of the many ways of money management, until September 2015. Your first message from Saturn will arrive on October 24, when Saturn will conjoin the Sun in your second house of earned income. It’s a day when you will need to be quite realistic and unemotional.

More financial news will come October 29, when the full moon will occur in the house of other people’s money. It will be time to send a check to satisfy a statement of money you owe. It appears the sum is large. Saturn will be active, so you may be called on to make some sort of sacrifice to live up to a previously made financial commitment. You may have to temporarily cut back on a vacation, social activities, or something you planned to buy to make this down payment, but your conservation will be rewarded in time.

Mars’ move into Sagittarius will be a happy development, for it will allow you to travel to cities close and to find inexpensive ways to get diversion. Your partner may surprise you over the weekend of October 13-14 with a delicious opportunity to spend time out of town. Your sister or brother may be making family news, or you may need to interact more often with each other to deal with a matter that has come up.

The month ends with Venus moving into Libra, a wonderful development just in time for Halloween on October 31, one of your best moments of the month. Other days when romance is likely to take your breath away will be from October 7-9, when Jupiter will be beautifully oriented toward the Sun. The weekend of October 13-14 should sparkle too, especially for fun with friends and for travel.

Scorpio Horoscope for October 2012

At the end of September, a work project may have come off the rails, and it may have taken all you had to give to rescue the assignment from disaster. Or, you may have simply been under a lot of pressure at that time, with too much to do, and too little time to get it all done. Your sixth house of work projects was involved, but the same house rules health, so you may have also felt drained from all that life demanded of you.

Early October will bring a slower pace and time for quiet reflection. Saturn is entering Scorpio on October 4 for the first time since November 1982 to November 1985. It will be very important that you take good care of your health from now on, as Saturn will fill your schedule with more responsibilities and you may start to feel a bit more tired. Those with October birthdays will be the first to feel the change. You will long for stability, and you may now choose something new to tackle – a goal that until now may have seemed much beyond your ability to grasp seems now to be more possible to reach. You’ve changed, and you are ready for more.

The new moon October 15 will encourage time alone so that you can sort out your various options and decide on what should come next for you. Let your imagination take flight – there is no reason to limit yourself to practical thoughts at this time. Think about what you truly want to achieve – with Saturn at your side, you can reach for the stars as long as you are willing to work hard. The meeting of Saturn and the Sun on October 24 may bring a promotion or offer of your dreams, but it certainly will require a total dedication to meet the challenges of this new position. This will not be an easy challenge to tackle, but nevertheless, it appears to be a worthy one. The backend benefits – of a permanent increase in status – may more than outweigh the temporary need to put in excessive hours to establish yourself in this new role.

Mars, one of your rulers, has you thinking about money, and it appears you’ll be spending quite a bit from early October until mid-November. No problem – you seem to be able to find pipelines of gold quite easily, especially near October 8 when you may receive a generous windfall.

Next month, Mercury will be retrograde (November 6 to 26), not a time to purchase anything of importance. If you need an expensive item, particularly a computer or other electronic, buy it now, in early October (keeping your distance from early November) or wait to buy at anytime in December. It is never wise to purchase pricey items near Mercury retrograde – keep your distance, as you will always feel this planet produce slowdowns earlier. The best weekend to go shopping would be over October 13-14, when you are likely to find the perfect item.

At month’s end, near the weekend of October 27-28 or the following weekend, November 3-4, you may find yourself making a serious promise to someone dear and close. You may, for example, get engaged or married, or you may promise to be exclusive. Alternatively, instead of love, you may use this full moon for business and finish an important negotiation or collaboration. Be careful, however, in that the moon opposes Saturn, and you may be asked to contribute a great deal to this venture – and it may turn out to be that you are asked to give far more than your share. Any agreement you enter into, even on a personal scale, will be in place a very long time and difficult to leave, a consideration if you should later change your mind.

If you are ready to sign, do so now, for you won’t be able to later as Mercury will go retrograde November 6 to November 26. You will need to keep your distance from the date Mercury turns, November 6. It is never wise to agree to anything when Mercury is retrograde or getting close to retrograde. Matters of money will take precedence all month, but you can find time for romance, too. Low-key, private time spent with your one-and-only could quite tender in October.

Venus will glide through your friendship sector almost all month, from October 3 to 28, ensuring you’ll have plenty of events to choose to do this month, so it seems that your friends will seek you out and find you. If single, in mid-September you had a fine new moon, so if you met someone in the second half, you may be getting to know one another better. Next month’s eclipses may bring some excitement, too.

Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2012

As you begin October, you may do so gingerly. The full moon at the end of September brought some turbulence to your romantic relationship, especially if you are single. Or, it may have brought news concerning one of your children or a pregnancy that you did not expect. If it helps, late September was no one’s favorite moment of 2012.

Things will improve in October. Mars will enter your sign on October 6, giving you control, and will remain at your side until November 16. This special favor of Mars only comes once every two years, so this is quite special. With Mars in Sagittarius, you will have presence, and so others will notice you, and they will also tend to affirm your ideas, if only because you will be so determined and persuasive in the way you present your case. In love, Mars will make you feel attractive, too. As you see, all things considered, this development will be a big plus. Watch to see how you light up the evening sky over the weekend of October 13-14 when Mars and Uranus trade signals – you’ll see what I am saying! It’s a four-star weekend for you!

One of your best days will be October 8 when Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun. Authority figures will single you out for special favor. It’s an ideal day for an interview or presentation. You can use the preceding weekend too (October 6-7) for sharing goals and dreams with your partner. Jupiter is your ruler, so a golden vibe from Jupiter is worth even more for you than for other signs!

Saturn will exit your area of hopes and wishes, a wonderful development, for over the past three years, you had to put at least one dream on hold due to circumstances beyond your control. It is also possible that you moved and found it hard to make close friends, or if you could make friends, found it difficult to see them as often as you would have liked. Now, with Saturn moving to a mild place in your chart until 2015, you will see your social life pick up. After such a long drought, this has to be good news.

You will have to take better care of your health with Saturn in Scorpio, the new place Saturn will go, and you may go for a dental or orthopedic consultation October 24 when Saturn conjoins the Sun. If you need to get more active or have a medical procedure to feel better, you will be urged by the full moon, October 29, to take that step. These types of medical matters are almost always better taken care of sooner rather than later, so if your doctor is urging you to “just schedule it” (a procedure), then you should pay attention and do it.

You will see an uptick of social activity almost immediately, for you will have an opportunity to meet more people on the new moon, October 15. With a fine vibration to that new moon from Neptune, you will be especially drawn to creative types, and they to you, too. Venus will enter this same area from October 28 to November 21, another sign you’ll soon enjoy mounting popularity.

When it comes to work, the full moon on October 29 will help you generate income by finding the ideal assignment to devote yourself to in coming months. If you are self-employed, you can land new business after this full moon appears, or finish up a big project if you work for others. Venus will be in your work sector almost all month, October 3-28, so your charm will help you get what you want as well.

While friendships will bloom, your love life, as described earlier, still leaves a lot to be desired. You may have recently severed a close relationship, and if so, that caused you intense trauma. Or, you may have seen character flaws in a person you are dating that you never imagined existed, and it may have been troubling to you. Even strong relationships felt strain near September 29.

Halloween will be difficult for most people – Venus will oppose Uranus, so be cautious about what you assume to be true and also what you say in a casual, off-the-cuff manner. Yet, even so, Mars in Sagittarius, arriving so soon now – October 3 to November 16 – seems to suggest you are ready to move on. Recover, and step forward, dear Sagittarius. Your timing could not be better.

Capricorn Horoscope for October 2012

As a Capricorn, you are still in the process of redesigning your life. You seem to have been through family or residential shifts over recent years, and are currently experiencing changes in your career, too.

As October begins, one family member, most likely a parent, or a home / property situation will get top billing. Difficult news may have reached you just days prior to the start of October, and now, in the first week of October, your attention will be drawn to solve this unexpected and stressful matter. Within the first three or four days of October others will look to you for direction, and you will need to make quick decisions. Gather facts, and options, and at all times, be practical and realistic. Still, stay optimistic, too, because chances are you will get a sudden stroke of home or family-related luck, thanks to Mars and Uranus’ collaboration over the weekend of October 13-14.

A rather surprising and positive event will take place on October 4, when Saturn, the taskmaster planet, will leave your career sector for the first time since October 30, 2009. Saturn will not to return to this part of your chart until 2039. For three years you labored under very challenging professional conditions, but now, success is at hand. In the weeks ahead, Saturn will send you a reward as thanks for dealing with his vigorous tests. (You will know like you know your name when it arrives – it will not be an event that you have to look at closely and wonder if this is the gift or not. You will KNOW.) The gates are about to open wide for you, and you won’t have to wait long to see the first sign that when it comes to professional opportunities, things are changing for the better.

That moment will come at the new moon October 15. This will be your most important moment of the year to find a position that can bring you more status and responsibility. All new moons are operative for two weeks, but are strongest in the days that arrive just AFTER the new moon appears, so time your initiations for the week of October 15 to 22.

Nothing this year will be able to match the opportunities that will arise after this new moon. Think of it as a portal to a whole new way of life, for golden opportunities will begin to roll your way. Act on career offers and tips that come up, and also search listings. Be assertive. Venus will enter your career sector (tenth house) on October 28 to November 21, and will help you engender respect – and so, it seems, you’ll interview like a star. If you are creative, Neptune will be standing by to help you shine brightly, too.

As you wait for the new moon of October 15, you may get a sign that things are turning for the better on Monday, October 8, when Jupiter will be beautifully oriented toward the Sun.

A friend may need your assistance urgently, or conversely, be a thorn in your side, October 24 when Saturn conjoins the Sun. Or, it may be that a club you belong to may ask you to take on a major leadership role that will allow you to show off skills, but also ask you to take on a lot of work. If this is how things play out, take it – for it represents part of your evolving personal growth. At the same time, realize the wise leader knows how to delegate and rally the troops quite effectively.

After a month this active, you will be ready to have some fun. The full moon, however, is quite somber. It falls in Taurus, October 28, in your house of true love. This full moon is opposed to Saturn, and may create an enforced separation between you and your sweetheart, say, when news comes up that reveals one of you will need to live in another city for study or work, as two of literally dozens of possible examples. Money seems to enter the equation too, so it’s not a discussion that can easily be solved by focusing solely on your feelings. Stay optimistic. Venus will be in an ideal angle to your Sun earlier, until October 28, allowing you to find the right words when you need them. Venus will also help you update your look – possibly with a changed appearance and new clothes. After a few changes, you’ll be irresistible.

Aquarius Horoscope for October 2012

On October 5, Saturn will set up shop in your tenth house of fame, a visit that will last until September 2015. It won’t be long until a sterling opportunity to show your career mettle will come up, possibly as soon as next month, at the November 13 eclipse. Saturn has not been in Scorpio since 1982-1985, so this represents a critical juncture.

You will be given a rare opportunity to shine, but with the glory, status, and extra power will come a requirement to work very hard and to rise to meet new standards. You will have an older, more experienced person to help you fully master your new position, so you won’t be alone, but you will soon find this person to be quite exacting and critical. Rather than wish this person would simply go away, realize that this person is there to help you shine. Learn the lessons, and you will become a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

Mars has been emphasizing your career from late August onward, so you may have started to think about making a change and have already begun the interview process. Now, with the entry of Saturn in the professional area of your chart, and an eclipse due next month, it’s clear you are on an exciting trajectory toward success. The offer appears to be coming sooner than you assume is possible.

Travel also seems likely this month, for the new moon, October 15, will encourage you to go quite far, possibly abroad. You may be going on this trip for any reason, business or pleasure. Our love life is starting to dazzle brightly, so it may be to enjoy time with your new special someone before your career pressures make it nearly impossible to take time off.

Just prior to this new moon, the weekend of October 13-14 will be filled with spontaneous pleasures, and it appears you’ll travel on the spur of the moment to see a dear friend or to spend quality time with a romantic person. Add Monday, October 15 if you can take a long weekend holiday.

At month’s end, your attention will quickly switch to your home within four days of the full moon, October 29. You may be moving, signing a lease, buying or selling property, or seeing a renovation or a decorating project end. With Saturn opposed to the moon, you may feel overloaded with too much to do, in too little time. This would be one of those times that hiring a personal helper would be worthwhile. If money is tight, then ask friends and relatives for a favor. Also, keep an eye on the health of one certain relative, most likely a female, possibly your mother. This person may be too shy to ask for help and could use your good cheer.

Pisces Horoscope for October 2012

The past three years have likely marked a very difficult time for your finances. You may have discovered that others let you down quite unexpectedly and never repaid you when you extended credit or a loan. Or, it may have been that an unemployed family member needed your financial aid, and the situation went on much longer than you ever expected it would. If you have no interest in managing money, you quickly learned that you would have to pick up some of the basics because others were not making the same decisions that you would have made for yourself, hence, you may have been forced into financial management.

If you are self-employed, you may have found getting funding from a bank or venture capitalist nearly impossible, or if you did get the money, the financial terms were stringent. If you purchased property some time ago, it may have since dropped in value. If you were in court, or dividing property in a divorce, you may have come up short and were not awarded what you felt was fair in the final sum. You may have had to endure a tax audit, or saw your bonus or commission or royalties drop precipitously.

Money was a sore subject, but last month, at the full moon, September 29, you again faced shocking financial news. It looked like you would have to come up with the money to make a large, urgent payment, or, if it was not that, perhaps you learned you were to suffer a loss, and in that case, it was likely not entirely of your own making. Unexpected financial developments at the end of September were harsh, and as you move into October, during the first four days, you will be still dealing with what came up.

The good news is that Saturn, the taskmaster planet, has been filling a financial area of your chart (eighth house) for three years, giving you life lessons having to do with money and its management. Saturn is a known source of tension in a chart, but now when he leaves your financial sector October 4 for good, you will breathe a sigh of relief. He will not be back until September 2039. Before you do a happy dance, however, I need to say that you will still have Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected news, in your earned income house (the other financial sector of your chart, second house), but without Saturn, at least you will have only one difficult planet to raise financial questions between now and March 2019, not two. Uranus brings unexpected events, but sometimes Uranus will bring good news (as he will likely do on October 14-15 this month, as an example). Saturn tends to simply keep things depressed until you show a willingness to learn a few new ways of dealing with challenges. Which by now, you have no doubt done. Saturn will now move to Scorpio, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. The worst is over.

To help you see the truth of this, the new moon, October 15, will help you start afresh. You may set up a new financial structure or renegotiate terms on an old agreement. You may also think about your insurance needs, set up lines of credit for your business (if you have one) to deal with contingencies, discuss recurring payments to cell phone and cable providers (among others), and generally set out on the right financial path.

This new moon will be friendly to Neptune, an indication you may be able to sell a creative idea. Also on October 14 or 15, some really good news should come out of nowhere. October 4, Mars, in your house of fame, will cooperate with surprise-a-minute Uranus, and you may get an instant, well-paying, and high-status professional and financial breakthrough or a very attractive loan or mortgage from a bank (or both)!

If you are looking to improve your home / property situation, whether to buy, sell, lease, renovate, decorate, repair – or to enact any other domestic plan – be sure to look into possibilities on October 8, when you’re likely to like what you see and hear. Your luck may come a bit early, October 6-7, but October 8 will be best.

With so much going on, you will need rest by month’s end. You may choose to take a trip over the long weekend (add one day) October 27-29, a full moon period. If you simply cannot get away, you may complete a manuscript that makes you proud. Saturn will be prominent during this full moon, so you will have a very specific goal to reach this weekend, and chances are that you’ll meet the challenge squarely.