Letter to the Editor

images (1)Regarding the controversy surrounding the 2012 general election and the Clerk and Recorder’s office, as a fiscal conservative and Teller County voter, I have one question: Why was the county “forced” to pay Al Davidson $120,000 to run ONE election using Teller county staff, but the El Paso County Clerk’s office can run a recall election for $41,000 using its own staff? $120,000 for approximately 4 months work equates to a $360,000 annual salary, which, by the way, is over 5 times the Secretary of State’s annual salary, over 6 times the Teller County Clerk’s annual salary, and, I would venture to guess, considerably more that Mr. Davidson earned as the Arapahoe county (a much larger county) Deputy Election Clerk. I am sure Mr. Davidson did a stellar job running this election, but for $120,000 I would expect us all to be delivered to our polling places by limo. I am disappointed that our commissioners never questioned this price tag nor asked to go out for bid. I would like some transparency about what the county actually received for $120,000.

Sandra Hook