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Small form factor ultra-high capacity remote batteries for charging 

portable electronics when no wall plug is available

 No Outlet, No Problem releases high-capacity remote batteries on leading crowd funding site Kickstarter today!

Woodland Park, Co. February xx, 2013 – No Outlet, No Problem, the brainchild of husband and wife team Christina and Anthony Vilgiate, has released a family of high-capacity remote batteries on the leading crowd funding website Kickstarter today.  The remote batteries named Adventurer, Expedition and Destination are designed for those with an active digital lifestyle, whether backcountry adventurers, international travelers or dedicated road warriors.  While initially designed for cell phone and tablet charging, the units are capable of charging MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, FSR radios and any battery-operated device that would normally charge from a computers USB port or USB wall charger.

The product development story starts with Anthony, a 200 nights a year business traveler. He would constantly find himself stuck in airport terminals after a long day of heavy cell or tablet usage with little to know charge on his devices.  He would end up struggling with dozens of other business travelers in similar situations for outlet space around a pillar or up against a wall in a heavy traffic area.  After trying a half-dozen different available battery cases and remote batteries he decided there had to be a better way and started making a list of what would make the best remote battery charger.  After a few months of sketching and developing his “dream battery” he went out with his product performance specification and engaged with some engineers to help develop the product.  There were a few starts and stops along the way and some ugly prototypes developed that met his performance goals, but in the end a fully functioning lithium-polymer remote battery pack was born.

With prototypes in hand he approached his artist/entrepreneur wife, Christina, to see what she thought.  After playing with it for a few weeks she decided that they had a winner and set out to look for the best way to build a network and launch a company around the new products.  After careful consideration she selected Kickstarter, the worlds most credible and successful crowd funding site as the launching pad for what would later become known as No Outlet, No Problem.  Kickstarter lets potential customers participate in the launch of a company by funding projects in exchange for receiving the products first, before the public has access to them.  Kickstarter is a brilliant idea to allow the market to decide if the entrepreneur’s instincts and vision are on target.

“Discovering solutions to a real-world problems and then creating a product development roadmap to deliver that solution is at the heart of what we do,” said Christina Vilgiate, CEO of No Outlet, No Problem. “We don’t want to be the next overnight fad widget, we want to add value to our customer’s lives with products that solve problems, are priced fairly and built to the highest quality standards,” she added.  “If I wouldn’t buy it myself, then I won’t sell it to someone else.  My husband and I are going make sure that we keep that simple truth as the ethos of No Outlet, No Problem.”

The Products:
The Adventurer is the smallest of the family, weighing in at only 5oz.  The Adventurer packs a 6,600mAh lithium-polymer battery into a sleek high-impact plastic case with a single 1-amp output USB port for charging your devices and a single micro-USB port for charging the batter pack.  Measuring in at only 4” x 3” x .75”, The Adventurer fits easily into a purse, briefcase or laptop bag and can charge an iPhone or similar mobile phone as many as 4x from zero before requiring a recharge.  Charge time from a computer USB port is 6-7 hours from empty.

The Expedition is the largest capacity battery back up in the family and sports an 11,200mAh lithium-ion battery pack in a 4.5” x 3.25” x .75” high-impact plastic case.  Still weighing in at just over 8oz The Expedition has two USB charging ports, a 1-amp and a 2.1-amp and a single micro-USB port for charging the battery.  The 1-amp is great for cell phones, handheld gaming consoles, digital cameras and similar devices.  The 2.1-amp port is ideal for charging tablets like iPads, Kindles or Galaxy tablets.  You can charge two devices simultaneously and will charge an iPhone or similar mobile device 8-9x from empty.  Charge time from a computer USB port is only 4-5 hours from empty.

The Destination is the No Outlet, No Problem flagship product featuring a sleek brushed aluminum case and a thin profile.  The Destination has a 10,000mAh lithium-polymer battery and measures 3.5” x 5” x 5/8”.  Like The Expedition, The Destination features dual USB outputs for charging two devices at once and a micro-USB port for charging the battery.  The destination was designed specifically for those whose digital lifestyle is MAC-centric and aesthetically fits right in with your other brushed aluminum digital appliances. You can charge an iPhone or similar mobile phone as many as 8x form empty. Charge time from empty takes between 6-7 hours and charges from a computers USB port or USB wall charger.

Please contact No Outlet, No Problem for further information at 1-719-687-9814.

About No Outlet, No Problem

No Outlet, No Problem is a woman owned business and a division of CinemaLED LLC, a Colorado Corporation.  We were established in 2009 to manufacture and market LED lights for the videography industry and have since began development of portable, battery operated and solar powered products to enhance a digital lifestyle.

For more information or to receive a website preview, contact Christina Vilgiate, 43 Shallow Creek Road, Woodland Park, CO 80863. Tel: (719) 687-9814. Website held for successful completion of Kickstarter Funding.
Twitter @nooutletnoprob

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