Horoscope For July 2012

Aries Horoscope for July 2012

On July 3, one of the most important changes of the year will take place when Mars, your ruling planet, moves out of Virgo, where Mars has spent an extraordinarily long time, since November 11. Fiery Mars is not comfortable in earthy Virgo. You may have felt high-strung and overworked – but happily, now that changes.ÿ

Now, Mars moves to partnership sign of Libra, putting one main alliance in the spotlight. If you are dating, you will reach a new, more serious stage. You may need to decide whether to wed or leave your partner if you feel there is no future for you as a couple. Married or single, you may need to iron out any differences that may have come up. View Mars as a contractor that will energize and cleanse the area of the chart that Mars is visiting. Now in your partnership house, Mars will bring to the surface any differences you have and bring closure to sticky questions. You will have until August 23 to complete the process – after that, other parts of life will require your attention, and actually, life will seem brighter and easier. A day when exceptional communication will occur will be July 16, when Mars and Jupiter cooperate in a flawless way.

One day not to bring up sensitive topics with anyone would be on July 18, when Mars will oppose Uranus. If you say your relationship is solid, then alternatively, this day could bring a fierce competitor. Whatever comes up would be sudden and unexpected – and hurtful. In fact, this is not the day for high-risk sports either. Keep your head down and out of the line of fire.

Travel may be in the cards during the first week of July, thanks to Jupiter’s orbit close to Venus. A quick, short trip with your one and only could turn out to be quite romantic. Even if you’ve not been dating (or not attached), you should find early July a wonderful time to travel to scenic locations close to home. Another superb time to go out of town will be during the weekend of July 21-22 when Jupiter sends a sweet missive to Uranus.

The full moon of July 3 may bring a professional matter to closure, but with Uranus in hard angle, you can be sure this situation will bring with it a high amount of volatility. Handle all talks with care, and take nothing for granted. Mercury is about to go retrograde, so you may feel the gears changing. Things could go either way, but if things go wrong, it’s their loss. Neptune, planet of creativity and the arts, will be a guardian angel, so if you are creative or support creative people in your work, you’ll have special protection.

Are you considering a residential move or upgrade? The new moon July 19 will open the door of opportunity. Be ready to browse to make choices in the two weeks that follow that date, for you are likely to have the best options you’ll find this year. This new moon will brim with good news – it sends a friendly signal to Jupiter and to Uranus, so you should see quite a bit of serendipitous good fortune in regard to home-oriented options. Be ready to roll when you spot the answer.

Single Aries won’t be as highlighted as attached Aries this month, but when Venus in Gemini and Uranus in Aries get together on July 4, firecrackers in the night sky should go off. Another special day will be July 30 when a friend may make an introduction to someone quite intriguing, much to your surprise!

A wonderful weekend for love, friendship, and fun – for single and attached Aries – awaits you over the weekend of July 28-29, thanks to the interplay between the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Gemini. Your sister may be part of the action too – it’s all about to add up to good fun.


Taurus Horoscope for July 2012

This month you will be a virtual money magnet, thanks to Jupiter, the great benefic, close to Venus in your house of earned income. Both planets will want to spoil you by sending you ways to make money, so these days you should start to feel quite prosperous! The first half will be very strong, but you will also have luck near July 4 and July 21 to learn that cash will find its way to you.ÿ

It may be time to treat yourself to a vacation – but not to your usual haunts. Choose to go to a foreign country or island, or to a city very distant from your home, and plan to be back by July 3. Is your trip for business? Uranus will not be on his best behavior, so expect the unexpected, especially from the client or a changeable boss. It may be a good idea to take a little time to decompress before you head to the airport. This might give you a chance to explore the location and enjoy some of its features. Mercury is about to go retrograde, starting on July 14 to August 8, so tread carefully, as all that looks solid now may become less so by mid-month.ÿ

At work, things may get touchy on July 18, when Mars will oppose Uranus. Try not to fly off the handle to a co-worker or underling – it won’t be easy to be restrained, especially if the other person is not. This episode will prove the theory that when one thing goes wrong, sure as can be, something else will unravel too. Keep your eye on all career events that are bubbling on your stove, as one project or deal may hit a snag and need quick attention.

By July 19, the new moon, you may be mumbling to yourself, “Why is everyone crazy, except me?” This is one of those months where spectacular aspects sit side by side angry ones, so your days will go from one extreme to the other. Travel is encouraged again, so you will want to pop into your car and drive into the countryside to treat yourself to sunlight, fresh air, ripe fruits, red wine, and a good book. If a three-day sojourn is all you can muster, take it, as any time taken for yourself in late month will do you a world of good.

As the month winds down to an end, lo and behold, your career will begin to perk up in a big way. You’ll see evidence of this first on July 25, but more so later, on July 30. Even bigger opportunity will come your way by later in the week (in August). The demand for your services will be very high – the highest ever this year. Be sure to be back from your travels so you can scoop up all the sparkling opportunities before they fade. These job opportunities have your name written all over them, dear Taurus, so be there to take what is rightfully yours.


 Gemini Horoscope for July 2012

Gemini prefers to think about ideas and concepts, not money, but sometimes you really do need to drop everything and attend to financial matters. At the full moon, July 3, matters will involve other people’s money. You may be thinking about commissions, college financial aid, an inheritance, taxes, court settlement, child support, or another money matter that needs to be finalized. Money may flow in either direction – in or out of your account, or both. Let’s hope you get to keep the lion’s share!

With Uranus acting badly at this full moon, don’t assume anything is a done deal unless the client’s check has cleared your account. Hours before you sign, other side may suddenly make unreasonable demands that could negate the entire agreement. It’s also possible you may need to make child-related expenditures or ones related to a creative project that you never expected. Some sort of financial surprise will catch you off guard in early July, but keep your chin up. With both Jupiter and the Venus, both in Gemini, lucky you, charm will get you precisely more of what you want. You are in a very lucky trend now, so stay confident.

Your long-term financial outlook has never been better, and it will begin with the new moon, July 19. Shortly after that lovely moon appears, new ways of making money should come up. Investigate them all. Mercury will be retrograde from July 14 to August 8, so take your time, even if you have to allow talks to languish a bit before you finalize them. When VIPs take time off for vacations in the intervening weeks, you will be able to keep all negotiations on a slow simmer – plan to finalize those major deals in mid-August, no earlier.ÿ

Speaking of vacations, you may be getting chances to flee town too, especially from July 21 through July 31 (the full moon in your travel sector is August 1.) Go near or far – you’ll enjoy any location you choose. Mercury, your ruler, although retrograde, will be in cheerful mode for travel and catching up with those you’ve not see in ages.

Mars will finally leave Virgo, a heavy, weighty position Mars has occupied since mid-November on July 3 – you’ll get instant relief when Mars moves into your fifth house. Worries about a move, an ongoing home project, or an immediate family member will come to conclusion almost immediately. It’s been a long period of strain, but from now on, the picture will brighten.

Now that Mars is in his new and much more compatible place in Libra, your social life will become vibrant, July 3 through August 23. Two days to circle as red hot for love: July 4 and July 16. Lie low on July 18, when Mars will oppose Uranus, and tempers could easily flare.

Keep in mind that once you get through September and start October, things will improve even more and the breakthrough in your love life will be close at hand. Having Jupiter AND Venus in Gemini will be a winning combination, so help things along by being out and about where others can meet you. You need do no more – your natural powers of attraction will do the rest!


Cancer Horoscope for July 2012


A long-term housing or family situation, possibly involving a parent, that has caused you much stress over the past few years, will now reach a critical juncture. It is becoming obvious to you that something must be done – soon. You will get your chance to preview options, but you may not be fully settled until late August, when Mars leaves this area, or in early October when Saturn’s due to make his exit from this same area too. Near July 18 when you may say, “Enough” and look for a solution, whether you are ready or not.

In the meantime, a relationship will require your full attention near the full moon, July 3. Something that has caused a disagreement has to be discussed, decided, and acted upon. Your partner with whom you are speaking may be someone close to you in the romantic or business sense. Stress may be high at this time, particularly if your birthday falls on or near July 3. Changes in your working life will conflict with what is happening at home, and just when you need your partner’s support, it seems lacking. You may have to become a master juggler to keep all parts of life spinning, but be comforted in knowing that this period won’t last much longer – relief will arrive several months from now. In the meantime, it’s time to talk things through to come up with a course of action, at least for now.

Your career may bring a few ups and downs in early month, but in all, things could go in the right direction by mid-month. One especially bright day will be July 16 when Mars and Jupiter work together to boost your reputation. Someone behind the scenes will put in a good word for you. Yet don’t get too comfy, however, because just two days later you may have a disagreement with a client about money on July 18, and when it comes up you may feel broadsided by events.

The new moon in Cancer, July 19, will be your favorite point in the month when things start to click in place in near-magical ways. Your reputation will be on the rise too, and suddenly earth will seem like a friendly place to be.

Financially, you’ve been under some stress for a long time, but this month should show you the light at the end of the tunnel. As you get closer to month’s end, you will be in a better position to negotiate. The Sun and Mercury will be your friends on July 24 and 25, and the Sun and Uranus will be too, on July 30.

Still, Mercury will be retrograde, July 14-August 8, and you may have to wait for your checks, or conversely, you may finally get an old check now that was much overdue. Do not sign contracts during the retrograde – sign in early July, or wait until later in August.

Romantically, as Venus comes closer to Jupiter in your twelfth house in the month’s first week, your temptation to get involved in a secret affair may become irresistible. The problem is, when the affair comes out in the open, as it will in a matter of weeks, you may regret ever getting involved. Use good judgment. A better romantic situation will come up next month, in late August, and your fine romantic aspects will last through mid-November.

Friends will play an unusually prominent role now, and with Jupiter and Venus quite close in early July, they will want to include you in all that they do. Their events should have a soft elegance that you’ll appreciate. This is a month for large or small pampering – indulge, dear Cancer. Don’t, however, buy expensive things like diamonds or emeralds, cameras or computers, estates or mansions. Those are best left to when Mercury goes direct.


Leo Horoscope for July 2012

You will find July to bring much needed financial relief. For months, as far back as mid-November, Mars has been raising your expenses relentlessly. On July 3, you will see a crack in the ice when expenses will start to drop. You may even be able to take a spontaneous vacation with the extra money you’ll have left over after paying regular bills.

After having hosted Mars in earth sign Virgo – a suffocating influence for such a fiery bright sign – now Mars will move into air sign Libra on July 3. Air will make your Leo fire element burn much more brightly in the six weeks ahead. You will be able to get out and enjoy life more, so this month, decide where you would like to go. In early July, a short distance out of town is likely to be the place you’ll have the most fun. Avoid all travel over July 18, when you are likely to encounter all sorts of frustrating, difficult twists and turns. Later, you may want to go farther afield, quite spontaneously, near July 16, 21-22, 24, 25, or 31, a time when travel will exceed your expectations.

The full moon will light your house of work on July 3 (plus or minus four days), so you may be pressing to get a project done before you take your holiday. (In the US, we have the Fourth of July holiday. You might be planning a getaway for another reason, but this work project may have you working overtime to get it done before you go.) You will feel quite strong and energized, thanks to the proximity of Pluto, and can get it done in far less time than you would usually require. Yet like most projects, things can go wrong, so you won’t want to rush to the extent you overlook details. Uranus will not be friendly, so errors could show up – enlist a co-worker to go over each detail to be sure all is letter perfect. People around you may be cranky, however, as the team may be tired from working so hard. If your co-worker snaps at you, realize it’s not you, but the pressure this project has placed on everyone.

At the full moon, July 19, you will be in need of rest and recharge. If you decide to take time off, make it restful, not frenetic. If you have small children, decide if you can find the right college-age mother’s helper to get a bit of rest. You need to drink in the morning air, walk leisurely through a museum, or sip chilled coffee in a cafe as you watch the world go by.ÿLeisure times like these have been rare, not commonplace – you need some of this now.

Romantically, if single, you have a sensational day coming up, July 16, when Mars and Jupiter collaborate, bringing you an opportunity to meet someone new and exciting. Ask friends to play matchmaker – with Venus in Gemini, one pal will say yes. If you’re attached, as you come to month’s end, things will get delightfully serious – are you ready to accept a proposal, or give one? By the time the month gracefully comes to a finish, you will be ready to decide what to do.


Virgo Horoscope for July 2012

As you get to July, your career is growing by leaps and bounds. Venus has just turned powerful direct speed and will orbit very close to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. The eclipses of late May and June may have stirred up unforeseen opportunities and will soon trigger changes in your career. You may be still sorting out your various options, and with Mercury about to retrograde July 14 to August 8, take your time before giving final word. Venus is touring your reputation sector, assuring that you will be the darling of the VIPs all month, and particularly during July’s first week.

You’ve had Mars in Virgo since last November, but now Mars will move on to Libra in early July. Mars was very helpful to you in Virgo, particularly over the past two months, but the downside may have been that life became too pressured, with many parts vying for your attention at once. If you felt a bit over-caffeinated, you will be happy to have a chance to dial life’s volume down to low.

Mars is now moving to Libra and your financial house, and here Mars may raise your expenses. You may have planned for this phase – if not, cut back a bit on spending until you have a better idea of what is happening. This high-cost period will only last through the third week of August. Still, financial news that comes to you within the days July 20-25 should be very pleasing, and not at all expected.

Mercury, your ruler, will retrograde from July 14 to August 8, so if you are sure about your next initiative, make it well in advance of July 14, at least a full week. After that, too many situations will be in flux, and your actions won’t likely produce the result that pleases you. In truth, it would be best to delay all your decisions until after August 8, if possible.

On July 3 a romantic relationship will come to culmination, thanks to the full moon in Capricorn, to be operative four days in either direction. The question will be, what should happen next in this alliance? Because Pluto will accompany the full moon, you – or the woman in the relationship – will feel confident and strong. If anything has been on your mind, you will want to speak up and clear the air, as you should. If you are attached, you may decide whether to have a baby now.

If you are not dating, you seem energized to try a new approach to meeting people, or use different qualifiers of the type of person you want to date. Your friends may say you would find it as easy to fall in love with a rich person as a poor one, but events may prove otherwise. In fact, you may conclude that money isn’t everything. Life is about to turn a few of your assumptions upside down, but there’s no reason to be concerned – a breakthrough may soon surface.

Two dates will bring opposite news: July 16 brings you more money, and July 18 brings an unanticipated loss. In both cases, Mars is involved, first by contacting Jupiter, later by opposing Uranus.

Once you get to July 19, the new moon, your social life will be back on track and you’ll be stepping to a lively beat. A beautiful social event on July 19-22 should set your spirits soaring. An elegant gathering – a wedding or engagement party, or reunion – will bring lots of chances to make friends and to connect with people from your past, dear Virgo. Consider joining a new club in real life, or getting more involved in communities online. At this event, you seem to talk shop – and uncover a gem of an opportunity from a friend.

Indeed, opportunities to scale greater heights in your career will be very strong in the two weeks after this new moon July 19 appears. You may find that a friend has your best interests in mind by recommending you for a top position that you’d never have known about had a friend not brought you this offer – and it looks mighty special.

The full moon of August 1 will bring a work project to a finish, and you can clearly see you’ve done such a great job because the applause will be simply thunderous. It’s your moment in the snow-white spotlight, dear Virgo – drink in the splendor of the moment!


Libra Horoscope for July 2012

Spread your wings, dear Libra. New places await your discovery, and with your ruler, Venus, now touring in your ninth house, travel is likely to be priority one. Jupiter will orbit very close to Venus all month, but especially in the first half, so if you go away then, you’ll find the accommodations to be sumptuous, the food delicious, and the people you encounter warm and friendly.

You may be moving into a new apartment, completing a renovation, or be consumed with plans to care for a certain family member. All your plans will conclude no later than the first week of July. There will be many moving parts to whatever is going on at home, and not everything will go according to plan. Be present to oversee details – don’t hand off responsibilities to others.

Mars will now move into Libra, giving you the kind of control you’ve been craving for more than a year. It looks as though you’ve been preparing the start of an important phase or project, and soon you will be ready to burst out of the gate, but not quite yet. Do so after Mercury is done being retrograde, July 14 to August 8. Mars will continue to put you front and center until August 23, so you will have the time you need to get things “just right.”

The new moon, July 19, will jumpstart your career in a new direction.ÿJupiter, Uranus, and Mars will all work together to bring you the kind of professional opportunity you would have never expected but always dreamed would happen. Jupiter will see to it that the pay you receive for your services would be quite generous, possibly providing you with the largest increase in earnings you’ve seen in years.ÿTake seriously any offers you get to interview for a new position. It may take weeks or months to land that job, but what is important is that you begin on or just after July 19 and in the two weeks to follow. Mercury will be retrograde, so your best offer may come from someone who used to work with you, admired your performance, and will want to work with you again. If it is not from someone you know, then keep talks on a slow boil so that when the offer comes you can accept it, after August 8.

Love will be very bright by month’s end, oddly, after a potentially rocky time at the star of the month and the hardest day, July 18. You will have two best weekends, July 21-22, and July 28-29, including the latter weekend’s following Monday, July 30. You may combine travel with romance quite successfully during those last ten days of the month. The closer you get to the end of the month, the more bewitching your experience will be! You’re coming to a big, bright, full moon for love August 1, dear Libra, and this one is a peach!

Scorpio Horoscope for July 2012

When Mars changes signs, that’s news for you, for Mars is your ruling planet. On July 3, after nearly eight months in Virgo, Mars moves to Libra. It looks like you’ll crave time to decompress and relax, with no more pressing duties than to pick up a good book or browse a new museum opening.

You’ve been unusually social lately, but you seem ready to beg off social obligations to take time to think through your current strategy. Mercury is about to retrograde in your career sector July 14 to August 8, so you may now redraw your professional plans. For some, this period may include plans for a completely new career. Refine your definition of your ideal job, for after Mercury is out of retrograde, you will need to be ready to interview.

If you feel a return to the classroom would make you more competitive in the marketplace, study listings and costs. Be ready to roll by the new moon in Cancer, July 19. That new moon will be unusually friendly and set to provide help to you from Jupiter (financial luck), Venus (more financial luck!), and Uranus (sudden work-related breakthroughs). In fact, this will be one of your favorite points of the year – perfect for you and chock full of goodies!

You may need to move house to take advantage of a career position. If so, your move would occur at the very end of July, as you approach the full moon, August 1. The end of July would be your best time in 2012 to change addresses, as that new moon will provide you with lots of unexpected assistance. If you are doing home repairs yourself, make safety a priority near July 18 and only tackle jobs you are sure you can handle – otherwise, call a professional.

Are you hoping to take a short trip? Travel is written all over your chart, so although you will have career and residential plans to sort out, you are a master of multi-tasking and can, if you like, find a way to pack and go. Your first opportunity will come up at the full moon, July 3, when your travels would only take you a few hundred miles. More travel could be in the cards later, at the new moon, July 19 and in the two weeks that follow – this time, you’d likely cover many miles.

Romantically, you will want more private quality time to spend with your one-and-only. If you are dating, you may be quite taken with someone new, but be sure the good chemistry you feel doesn’t make you rush into a relationship too impulsively. Neptune will be at odds with Venus in early July, creating a propensity for fantasy and clouded judgment. Keep your wits about you. If you go slowly, you will build a strong alliance.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2012

After an emphasis on career for months, Mars moves on, and you will be able to kick back and enjoy a deliciously social phase, to last to August 23. After the professional pressure to live up to a number of others’ expectations, this time for fun and love will offer a welcome break. Don’t worry that your career will suffer if you let go a little – with Mercury sending Jupiter and Uranus beautiful vibrations on July 24 and July 25, you will soon see that all the good work you put into your career will continue and bring you ever forward.

At the full moon, July 3, you’ll have finances to sort out. You may be sending a check to satisfy an obligation or may make an expensive purchase. It is also possible you’ll conclude a salary negotiation. Things won’t always go as planned, so stay alert.

If anything ruffles your feathers, rest assured once you get to the friendly new moon, July 19 and the weeks to follow, financial matters would be more lucrative and upbeat. It’s a good time to meet to talk, but be careful not to seal any important decisions just yet, because things are changing behind the scenes. You may be trying to crystallize a business deal that may pay you a large commission, fairly divide property in a divorce, or negotiate a mortgage, as a few examples. Put off making all key decisions for now, on any front. Mercury will be retrograde from July 14 to August 8, increasing the possibly for errors in judgment. Delays will benefit you, so plan to regroup (and sign) later, in mid-August.

Romance brings a variety of experiences this month. If single, July 14-16 should be heavenly. However, on July 18 you may discover something about a friend or lover that you find very troubling. Don’t make the situation worse by overanalyzing what happened. These are strong aspects, but fleeting ones, so whatever occurs might blow over, but maybe not – the result will be up to you.

The weekend of July 21-22 should be so sensational that it will put your faith back in “forever-ever love” found in storybooks. Attached? You will love this weekend too, for you have Venus in Gemini in your committed partnership house orbiting close to Jupiter – in all it’s a package, delivering pure bliss.

Capricorn Horoscope for July 2012

Something of major personal importance is coming to critical mass near the full moon, July 3, and doubly dramatic if your birthday falls within five days of January 3. A residential / property matter may need a quick solution, but don’t expect much agreement from others around you. Pluto will be very close to this full moon, suggesting that you may push too hard to get your way and in so doing distance the very people whose support you need. Use a light touch – charm will save the day. If a home or family matter does not get solved in early July (doubtful), you may have better luck when Jupiter and Uranus become more active from July 21 to 31, with stellar days within that period due July 19-22, 24, 25, and 31.

Mercury will be retrograde from July 14 to August 8, but you will feel the slowdown and miscommunications that this planet brings earlier, as soon as the first week. You would be wise to stop and observe as you listen carefully. You are in a time of flux, and so if you choose a direction now, you are very likely to regret your choice later. Table all deals and commitments to after August 8, and if the deal involves money (and what deal does not?), then wait until after the brilliant, friendly new moon, August 17.

Your career will become a hub of attention now that Mars will make a dramatic move into Libra from July 3 until August 23. Mars will allow you to make some of the best professional progress you’ve seen in over two years. Still, you will need to expect a bit of a frustrating slowdown mid-month, while Mercury is retrograde, July 14 to August 8.

When offers come in, you should not accept any new career position during Mercury retrograde. Instead, use this time to get in back touch with colleagues, superiors, and clients you’ve not seen in a while to elicit their support. After August 8, your focus will change from looking back to looking forward, and you’ll find a quickened pace. At that time, you will be free to accept a position offered, confident you are ready to make the right choice. Financially, talks will go your way with a client or new employer on July 24 and 25, and especially on two of your golden days, July 30-31. The only exception to the rule “don’t take a position while Mercury is retrograde” is if the offer comes from an old colleague or friend – in that case you are simply continuing a long-term relationship and making more of it (always good during a retrograde).

Are you ready to make a commitment? You and your sweetheart may begin to talk about choosing a date to wed, once the new moon July 19 arrives. You may start to discuss the possibility of getting engaged (with an announcement in August), or simply commit to becoming exclusive now.

Alternatively, you may be ready to forge a joint venture involving an investment from you and a business or romantic partner for a business venture or involving a purchase / lease of property. The plans you have with your significant other may be, for example, as simple as moving in with your sweetheart, or as serious as buying a house together. This is, of course, only one of many possibilities that I give you to get you thinking “partnership” in your personal life or in business.

Are you single? Romance won’t be as busy for you as it would be for Capricorns who are attached or seriously dating. Even so, you will have your share of special days. A new co-worker or attractive person who consults your company may catch your eye. If your firm has any team-building social events, from a company picnic to after-work softball game, make it a point to attend. Also a party, picnic, or barbeque you give at home on July 4, thanks to a sizzling aspect from Venus and Jupiter, could cause sparks to fly in the best sense.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 2012

As July begins, you are in need of rest and relaxation. Financial concerns that have occupied you all year will now simmer down, and at long last you can exhale. It’s time to kick back and arrange time with friends. You may want to do stylish casual entertaining at home or in a restaurant now, a perfect time to do so, thanks to Venus’ orbit close to Jupiter in early July.

After Mercury goes retrograde, from July 14 to August 8, you may be in contact with an old lover, possibly for reconciliation. If you still love this person, by all means, meet, but think twice about reigniting an alliance that never was satisfying and never seemed to progress. Thanks to Jupiter in Gemini, our love-stars shine more brightly than diamonds, so don’t waste those aspects on anyone who is less than deserving of your heart. You will be favored above all other signs until June 2013, but time will seem to fly by – use this period to your best advantage.

Travel may be on your agenda this month, as Mars will brighten your ninth house of distant horizons through July and most of August if you are attached. Being in a vibrant new setting could jumpstart a relationship that has become a little tired or too predictable.

Your travel appears to be done for purely personal reasons this month, and your timing could not be better. The one exception: do not travel over July 18 or in the days nearby, for your ruler, Uranus, and warrior Mars will be at loggerheads. Nothing is likely to go right on this day, but indications are that this difficult day will be an anomaly.

By the time you get to July 19, work will become much more hectic so you will need to turn your attention there. New assignments will arrive, and business will be brisk. You will likely enjoy the work and the people you stand beside to get those projects done. You’ll become quite absorbed in your work by then, for the assignments will seem tailor made to suit your talents – you’ll find the work stimulating. If you have been out of work, you will be able to find a permanent position or freelance work that suits you. If you are self-employed, make presentations and send queries – you can land new clients.

Mercury will be retrograde from July 14 to August 8, and at the same time, your ruler, Uranus, will retrograde too, from July 13 to December 13, 2012. While Mercury retrograde is not a time to sign any contracts or start any new ventures, Uranus retrograde will have a subtler affect. In terms of Uranus, from July 14 on, you would be wise to concentrate on the projects and obligations that you have already accepted in the past several months, and continue to do so during the balance of the year (up to mid-December). Any retrograde planet seems to say, “Go back, look deeper, and root out flaws.” It’s not a time to venture into new territory – concentrate what you have on your plate now.

Pisces Horoscope for July 2012

Financial considerations have plagued you over the past two years, and again, at the full moon July 3, seem to call to you to oversee a money matter. This time, a social event may have you weighing costs against anticipated pleasures. Or, worse, and perhaps more likely, you may be facing the reality that a friend was not who you thought he or she was to you, and now money has entered the mix and a major dispute is brewing. If it is not solved near this full moon, July 3, it may blow into a volcano by July 18, when Mars will lock into a high noon dispute with Uranus, a very explosive aspect.

You are nearing an end to this trend, dear Pisces. Here’s why. You have had two heavy-duty planets touring your financial sectors – Uranus in one, Saturn in the other. Saturn rules the obstacles we encounter in life, and Uranus, the surprises. Hosting either planet in either one of the two financial areas of the chart has certainly not been easy, but fortunately, once you get to early October, Saturn will leave, not to return to this part of your chart for 29 years. While you will still have Uranus in your earned income house until 2019 (bringing all sorts of financial surprises in years to come), at least you will only have half the challenges you do now. Also let’s not forget that Uranus brings all kinds of surprises, so in the future some financial developments will be quite exciting – some putting you over the moon.

Mars will not make things easy, as Mars will enter Libra on July 3 and remain until August 23, forcing costs up. Considering the position of Mars, you won’t feel complete financial relief until Mars leaves your eighth house on August 23. All signals are pointing to a far better fourth quarter of the year, so keep your chin up. Your family is your four-leaf clover – they apparently adore you and will lie down on railroad tracks to see that you are protected. You also have help in the realm of real estate and property, so if you have to move, it may work to your favor.

To be sure you stay optimistic, Uranus will send you sudden good news about money on July 25 and July 30. It seems a project is coming through that will be quite lucrative. It appears your creative talents will be at the core for your financial success, so contribute ideas to influential people who can fund them.

The most tender and romantic new moon of the year will come up on July 19 and spin two weeks of enchantment for you. If you are single and hoping to find your one true love, this new moon will be the one you’ve long awaited. By all means, plan to be out showing your face to the world. This new moon will bring happiness from Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars.

Venus will be in your home sector, so you may be busy making your home the place you imagine it to be. Decorative touches large or small will go a long way to make your home reflect the individual in you. A coat of paint, addition of flowers, or a new piece of art – those are a few examples – will make all the difference. Venus in Gemini will ensure you are pleased with your choices. One word of warning however: Mercury will retrograde from July 14 to August 8. Make all-important purchases well in advance of July 14 – however, for better luck, make your selections after August 8.