Horoscope May28th 2012


march 20 – april 19

A focus on your communications sector brings all kinds of mental activity to the fore. This makes it an excellent weekfor catching up with those phone calls you’ve been meaning to make but that you haven’t worked your way around to yet,also for running essential errands that in the normal course of events always get neglected somehow. If there is an important purchase you’ve had in mind, yet it remains on the back-burner for another day, now is an opportune moment forresearching all the possibilities and then taking the plunge, since you’re likely to unearth a better bargain than would normally be the case…

taurus – taurus : the bull –

april 20 – may 20

An emphasis on your financial affairs has you pondering how to improve your earning capacity, bringing fresh opportunities within reach, while safeguarding other income streams on which you depend already. Rather than dismissing ideas that didn’t quite turn out as you’d planned, look again at those that second time around might be worthy of a further attempt. Thrashing a deceased equine is never sensible, but perhaps with hindsight you could have done things differently and seen a favourable result? Someone else’s input could make all the difference too, with an idea that foundered when you tried it out yourself…

gemini : the twins -gemini

may 21 – june 20

Venus settles into a phase of retrograde motion. Its symbolism suggests revision and renewal, plus wherever you find the planet of love highlighted, the cosmos puts the spotlight on your relationships. For matters to progress as they should do at present, it would help to consider your own responses when familiar difficulties arise. Talking is not necessarily communicating if there are a bunch of deep-seated issues you’re pretending to ignore. Maybe your attitude has its roots in childhood problems that involved your parents, but it doesn’t imply fighting for your life, each time someone disagrees with what you say…

cancer – cancer : the crab

june 21 – july 22

The period leading up to your birthday is an appropriate time, for thinking back over the year that’s ending and for evaluating whatever conclusions you can draw, from these accumulated experiences. This anniversary, the sentiment is more pronounced, as you feel like turning your back on the world and its manifold imperfections, to recharge your spiritual batteries and heal your hurts in private. Ultimately, the peace of mind you’re seeking doesn’t start with a happier set of relationships, but begins inside yourself. Once you accept and grasp these inner needs, you’ll see a different sort of person drawn to the new you.

leo : the lion – leo

july 23 – august 22

Everybody has their place within society, whether they acknowledge this or not. Turn your back on the whole affair andyou’ll still be playing your part, as one of those on the periphery with an alternative agenda. This type of secondaryposition cannot ever suit you though, since your desire for adoration makes it crucial to exist at the epicentre. Thus, it’s always something of a comprise between promoting your personal advance, versus the need to cultivate those influential friends without whose assistance you’d be back where you started. In the past you didn’t always manage, to getthis balance quite right…

virgo – virgo : the maiden

august 23 – september 22

Mars takes 23 months to circuit the zodiac, meaning on average two months in every sign. Its stay in yours is thus unusual, since it started in November and ends in July. That’s nearly eight months in total and for you anyway, nothing similar has happened since 1965, nor will it again for eight decades. Mars is not a negative influence, although it canbe hard to handle without an element of insight. In essence it represents a surge of energy, that either you deploy constructively or let it push you about. Physical activity works well in these circumstances, but furthering professional ambitions comes in close behind…

libra : the scales – libra

september 23 – october 22

The mundane concerns of your everyday routine prove overwhelmingly monotonous, without some light relief to punctuate the uniformity. You owe it to yourself to take a break sometimes and to remember, doing so isn’t necessarily about dodging your responsibilities. Time out from the regular round of cares and woes, or even their subtle and insidious equivalents, helps you keep a balanced slant on a situation that feels overwhelming otherwise. Lose yourself in a fascinating subject, or just hop on a plane and go someplace. Life will continue never fear, because no one is irreplaceable and that’s your saving grace…

scorpio – scorpio : the scorpion

october 23 – november 21

There are a few who want to spend their lives alone. Maybe your love of privacy makes you more likely than many to yearn for an isolated existence, or to believe this would ideally suit you after one hurtful experience has followed on from the last. But for the majority it’s a case of picking yourself up after each knock-back, learning to cope with people at close quarters through a process of trial and error. The stars suggest that if you persevere this eventually proves worthwhile, because the sense of acceptance and support that comes from learning to trust, spreads the load and helps protect you from further hardships.

sagittarius : the archer – sagittarius

november 22 – december 21

Blissful relationships are a two-way process. If your love life isn’t going well, you’ll welcome the slightest improvement, even if this means downplaying imperfections that otherwise would have troubled you. But your personal satisfaction is equally paramount, so just as you are doing your best to ensure those you care for remain contented, so you have a right to expect that in the meantime you can feel satisfied as well. Keeping sundry gripes to yourself isn’t productive, if they fester to form a wellspring of resentment later. Discuss minor issues as you go along and encourage similar from others, within reason anyhow…

capricorn – capricorn : the sea-goat

december 22 – january 19

There have been a few false starts when it comes to looking after yourself. Of course you are busy at work, while yourdomestic circumstances keep you on your toes no matter what. It’s hard sticking to an exercise regime in the face of so many distractions, or even finding the time you’d like to shop for ingredients and to prepare your meals. Sporadic bursts of activity are better than nothing, but they don’t have the same impact as less vigorous exertion more frequently. A modern lifestyle isn’t conducive to optimum fitness, but if you can decide on a moderate schedule, then you ought to be able to stick with it.

aquarius : the water-bearer – aquarius

january 20 – february 18

Now in retrograde motion and heading backwards through the zodiac, Venus draws your attention to certain finer points it is easy to neglect sometimes. In the struggle to put food on the table, your obligations and responsibilities assume a sense of overwhelming importance, while the chance to pursue alternatives simply for fun and relaxation takes a poor second place. If you enjoy your work and find this an outlet you’re lucky, whether it means paid employment or a labour of love. But the hobbies you enjoy in your spare time are just as important, when it comes to their creative impact on the world around you.

pisces – pisces : the fishes

february 19 – march 19

Events at home move swiftly, almost too fast for you to catch your breath. Although this hectic atmosphere shows little hope of abating over the next few weeks, this trend increasingly compels you to revisit what has already been accomplished, to ensure the best consequence from these developments. Look about and you’ll probably realise that with a little attention to the superficial polish, you are surrounded by the bulk of what you need. You may have other ambitiousplans looming, but these prove most fruitful when you can focus on them, without loose ends dangling and threatening to entangle you…