Dining, Brewing, Drinking and Entertaining in Teller/Ute Pass Region

TMJ Kicks Off New Guide and Regular Section

There was a time in Teller County’s past when very few options existed for dining out, seeing live music or grabbing a great cup of java. In fact, many used to say these options were limited to burgers, barbecue, Mexican or Chinese food.

That scenario has now changed.

 Many foodies contend that Colorado Springs has recently grown into more of a thriving culinary hub, much different than the past. The growth of the Springs’ restaurant scene has apparently spread into the mountains with Woodland Park and surrounding areas boasting a record number of delicious dining options, and unique places to hang out.

These days, residents and those cruising through town have many more options than the burger and barbecue days. At the same time, there are more choices for burgers and barbecue as well.

In order to shine a light on the new culinary and drinking choices in the Ute Pass region, TMJ is launching their first-of-its-kind dining and entertainment guide. The new section will feature local eateries, coffee shops and favorite spots for entertainment.

The new dining guide is a regular section that will initially be published twice a month, with the goal of getting people excited about dining out in the high country, and enjoying the many places we have to offer. Along with featuring local eateries, coffee hubs and various bars and establishments for live music, drinks and socializing, the guide will showcase tasty food items that make our area stand out.

But instead of just telling a story about the eatery and the story of the owners, the write-ups will dive into more detail about certain items on the menus of local dining hubs. Locally, residents always seem to have an argument about who has the best burger, barbecue or Asian food, but now readers will have the chance to learn about individual dishes, or drinks, or coffee-related specials, and what makes people keep coming back to that place.

What makes the Judge’s specialty burger or the Munchie Cottage’s breakfast burritos so good? When you have a craving for a certain meal, which place should you visit? All of the above questions will be answered in the coming editions of TMJ’s new dining and entertainment section. Stay tuned, as this section will definitely save a trip down the Pass and provide more insight into what we have in our own backyard.