Last Harrah For 2024 Ski Season

Final Chance to Plunge Down Your Favorite Slope

Rick Langenberg

Talk about ending the season with a bang.

While we got a recent slight dose of spring weather (at least for Teller County), the Colorado Ski Country got pounded dearly, with Copper Mountain closing last Sunday after a deluge of 21-plus inches of snow. It was a powder party.

Meanwhile, fellow mountains of joy down the highway, Loveland and Breckenridge, towered over the 300-inch mark for in total accumulation for the season, while Winter Park is neared the 400-inch caliber level. So, no shortage of snow for this time of year in the Colorado Ski Country.

So, the fun continues for those not quite ready to put the skis away. And then, we have the arrival of our infamous, “Ski the Peak grand adventure.” Just don’t take any pointers from TMF staff members for this excursion (see related story).

On the downside, this is one of the last weeks to hit the resort hills, with Breck and Loveland, slated for a Sunday closure. And within a few weeks, A-Basin will prevail again as the last remaining mountain too stubborn to close for the season.  But with 110 runs still in play, who can blame the Basin for hanging tough. Actually, this is probably the best time to frequent A-Basin.

Yes, plenty of good runs are left in the remaining stock of ski survivors, for at least a couple of more weeks. In fact, some regard spring skiing as a real treat and one of the best-kept secrets for the season in Colorado, capped by great, sunny weather and super deals.

The most recent statewide report, filed just prior to last weekend’s closings, noted that the Ski Country still abounded with 19 percent of the main ski areas remaining open, along with 13 percent of the state’s available trails and runs for skiers and boarders.   A-Basin leads the contest for the most available terrain with 76 percent of its slope and trail territory still open for those willing to take the plunge. Winter Park, though, definitely gets the gold for the largest and most impressive base area, with Breck coming in a close second.

Courtesy of an El Nino year, the frequent Pacific storm invasions or whatever gibberish our weather advisers are conjuring up, the winter/spring of 2024 has turned into a real paradise gem on the Colorado slopes.

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Enjoy our last remaining Power Days.

Final Ski Updates
The following is the most updated ski information we have received regarding the handful of remaining mountains still open for the 2024 season, based on the Colorado Ski Country, Colorado Ski Central and On the Snow websites, along with our own analysis.  Enjoy the final weeks of the season.


*We have included recent snow totals, based on the time of this reporting, and projected closing dates.

Arapahoe Basin:  Snow Base-67 Inches, Runs Open 110 Percentage of Terrain Open 76

Comments:  Never a bad day at the Basin; parking sometimes a problem. Pick a day, though, with sun, as sometimes gets really cold. Spring is the prime time for the A-World. 9 Inches in past 72 hours.  Closing Date: June 2

Loveland: Snow Base-65-67 Inches, Runs Open 86, Percentage of Terrain Open 91

Comments:  Another great local gem, pounded with considerable snow and like A-Basin, stays open well longer than other mountains. 18 Inches in past 4 days. Snow total for year: 301 Inches; Closing Date: May 12

Breckenridge:  Snow Base-75 Inches, Runs Open 80, Percentage of Terrain Open 43

Comments:  Call in sick during the week; try to avoid Breck on the weekend but can’t beat the close distance from Teller County and their local happenings.  Crowds no longer a factor. 26 Inches in past 4 days. Snow total for year: 325 Inches; Closing Date: May 12

Copper Mountain: Snow Base-56 Inches, Runs Open 119, Percentage of Terrain Open 76

Comments:  Probably the best laid-out mountain; great back bowls, although access is sometimes tricky. 3 in past 5 days.  Closing Date: May 5

Winter Park: Snow Base- 77-79 Inches, Runs Open 66, Percentage of Terrain Open 39

Comments:  A great mountain and easy drive from Denver if ever up that way. 13 Inches in past 4 days. Total snow count: 379 Inches; Closing Date: May 19

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