Sportsman’s Day at the State Capitol

Teller County Commissioner Dan Williams, who also serves as a member of Colorado Wildlife Council, recently reported a festive, positive day at the state Capitol and a change from the partisan atmosphere that sometimes occurs in arguing about an infusion of legislative bills. In fact, when it comes to feasting on wild game, leaders from both parties found themselves in total agreement. Here is what Commissioner Williams said about the event:

“I represent Colorado’s 64 counties as a member of the Colorado Wildlife Council.  Outdoorsman, Anglers, hunters and sportsman gathered as part of the Sportsman’s Caucus with a bipartisan group of legislators from both parties to preserve our culture and way of life.   A lunch of wild game including buffalo, elk, deer, and other meats were served with over 400 participants, including members and their staffs attended.   Trying to rebuild and reconnect a bridge between the rural and urban parts of Colorado and today was a step in the right direction.”