Woodland Park Girls Soccer Team Update

The following was a press release sent out by the Woodland Park School District

The WPHS Girls Soccer team has battled through harsh weather, indoor practices, extra away games, and several injuries along with the many ups and downs that accompany the life of athletes, yet it has been another year of growth for our players. You will love watching this team play and getting to know more about this quality group of players who are becoming committed teammates. What a privilege to represent our school as we fight for another return to the CO 3A State Playoffs this week!

The coaches want to especially honor our 5 senior soccer players by acknowledging the depth we have seen in their athletic and personal development on their future roads ahead. Kara, Lilly, and Kaite have contributed all of their high school years to playing soccer with WPHS. They are joined by 2 foreign exchange students: Tatia who learned soccer in her home country of Georgia and by Kregelin who is learning soccer for the very first time before returning to her home country of Estonia.
We have enjoyed watching these seniors grow this season through the discipline of soccer. We appreciate all the individual qualities they have brought to our team, the effort they have given, and the lessons they have taught us. They will be missed!