Colorado Ski County Experiences First Phase of Major Season Closures

Plenty of Downhill Opportunities Still Abound Until Mid-May

Rick Langenberg

All winter parties must finally reach a conclusion.

Such is the scenario for the booming 2023/2024 ski season in the Colorado High Country, capped by record conditions, regular bombardments of snow and an infusion of fun.

Yes, local Snow Children, take those final excursions now, as the clock is ticking. Especially, if you are not quite ready to unpack the golf clubs, clean up the hiking boots from reams of mud, or gear up for that trophy-trout catch. In any case, put the smart phones and I-pads or whatever horrific electronic device you own away and venture onto the High Country.

Yes, and if you spent time at your favorite sports bar last weekend, dreaming about a Masters (golf) green jacket, forget about it. Your swing will never reach that acclaimed level, where 350-yard drives are a regular occurrence.

Last week, the hefty slew of available slopes experienced their first major bout of season closures, with the likes of Crested Butte, Telluride, Keystone, Ski Cooper and many more, hanging it up after a stellar year.

By the time you read this, the list may be down to a handful, but there is still enough to partake in great spring skiing, well into May. And even in the wake of closures (a trend mostly impacted by the labor situation at mountain resorts), the season survivors are still reaping the benefits of great snow dumps in the double-digit level.

As a result, there were many gold-winners this last week, including Loveland, Copper Mountain, Steamboat and Vail. Actually, all the remaining open mountains did quite well.

Courtesy of an El Nino year, the frequent Pacific storm invasions or whatever gibberish our weather advisers are conjuring up, the winter/spring of 2024 turned into a real paradise gem on the Colorado slopes. In fact, a few mountains nearly reached or exceeded the 300-inch club championship of total snow accumulation for the season.

On a statistical level, 14 ski areas (52 percent) out of 27 ski resorts reporting are still open for skiing and snowboarding, according to the Colorado Ski Central website.  On a statewide basis, 55 percent of the available lifts are open, while 57 percent of trails and runs are still waiting for your downhill plunge into ecstasy. Not too shabby for the near end of the season.

But if you haven’t tried it, spring skiing is a great and relaxing getaway, as long as you remember to bring plenty of sunscreen.

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Enjoy our remaining Power Days.

Ski Updates

The following is the most updated ski information we have received regarding the remaining mountains still open for the 2024 season, based on the Colorado Ski Country, Colorado Ski Central and On the Snow websites, along with our own analysis.  Enjoy.

*We have included recent snow totals, based on the time of this reporting, and projected closing dates.

Monarch:  Snow Base-70 Inches, Runs Open 65, Percentage of Terrain Open 97

Comments: The locals’ favorite place for snow; shorter runs than most places, but very convenient.  6 Inches in past 3 days (of this report). Snow total for season: 279 Inches; Closing Date: April 21

Arapahoe Basin:  Snow Base-62 Inches, Runs Open 126, Percentage of Terrain Open 87

Comments:  Never a bad day at the Basin; parking sometimes a problem. Pick a day, though, with sun, as sometimes gets really cold. Spring is the prime time for the A-World. 6 Inches in past 72 hours. Closing Date: June 2

Loveland: Snow Base-56-63 Inches, Runs Open 87, Percentage of Terrain Open 93

Comments:  Another great local gem, pounded with considerable snow and like A-Basin, stays open well longer than other mountains. 13 Inches in past 7 days. Snow total for year: 249 Inches; Closing Date: May 5

Breckenridge:  Snow Base-65 Inches, Runs Open 187, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Call in sick during the week; try to avoid Breck on the weekend but can’t beat the close distance from Teller County and their local happenings. 12 Inches in past 7  days. Snow total for year: 284 Inches; Closing Date: May 12

Copper Mountain: Snow Base-64 Inches, Runs Open 155, Percentage of Terrain Open 99

Comments:  Probably the best laid-out mountain; great back bowls, although access is sometimes tricky. 13 Inches in past 7 days.  Closing Date: May 5

Vail:  Snow Base-69 Inches, Runs Open 173, Percentage of Terrain Open 63

Comments: Colorado’s biggest and most well-known mountain resort. Great, but try during the week due to the crowds. 10 Inches in past 7 days. Total snow count for this season: 291 Inches; Closing Date: April 21

Aspen/Snowmass:  Snow Base-53 to 85 Inches, Runs Open 308-366, Percentage of Terrain Open 146

Comments: Don’t forget Snowmass as probably the best blue run area in the state. 6 to 17 inches in past 7 days. Closing Date: April 21

Winter Park: Snow Base- 80 Inches, Runs Open 158, Percentage of Terrain Open 94

Comments:  A great mountain and easy drive from Denver if ever up that way. 11 Inches in past 7 days. Total snow count: 343 Inches; Closing Date: May 19

Steamboat: Snow Base-64 to 112 Inches, Runs Open 181, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments: A great ski town if you want to take a several-day excursion, and unbelievable tree skiing, just don’t take a tree limb with you during a crash. 10 Inches in past 7 days. Total snow count since season started: 378 Inches; Closing Date: April 21

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