Colorado Ski Country Gearing Up for Sensational Record

Rick Langenberg

No, this is no April Fool’s joke.

Courtesy of El Nino, the Pacific storm invasions or whatever gibberish our weather advisers are conjuring up, the winter/spring of 2024 may become known as the Snow Monster for locals and transportation workers, but for skiers and snowboarders it is becoming a paradise gem.

The only problem is accessing your favorite hills. But as we pass the Easter holiday, no letdown is in sight for powder mania, meaning ski resorts could face tough decisions in the next couple of weeks regarding their closure dates. The big winners are skiers, tele-ski-buffs and snowboarders.

As for gold medal triumphs, the titles would again have to be bestowed on Steamboat and Wolf Creek, which have soared well above the 300-inch mark in total snow accumulation and with some amazing base totals. Winter Park, meanwhile, is booming with 323-plus inches.

But even in our own backyard, Ski Cooper, a family favorite and a mountain that no one regarded as able to compete with the Big Boys, is making a stellar showing with snow totals that exceed 200 inches. No, I am not making this up.

Virtually, all of our mountains also are recording double-digit bombardments in the last week or so. The only real downer in the ski paradise party is A-Basin, which has seemed to have somewhat of an off-year, not reaping the benefits of storms for Summit County.

For those who want to get away for a couple of days, we would still recommend Telluride, Crested Butte and Vail, based on recent reports. The latter mountain now is still sporting close to 300 available runs and is nearing the 300-inch mark in total accumulation.

No question about it. The 2024 ski season appears headed for a bonanza record.

On a purely statistical level, and according to the Colorado Ski Central website, currently 25 ski areas out of 27 ski resorts reporting are open for skiing and snowboarding. Statewide 93 percent of lifts area open, and 97 percent of available trails and runs are still open.

Throughout the remainder of the season, (which may last longer than many expected) and with the help of local sponsor 315 Survival, your prime local spot for skin tuning, equipment and needed advice, we will provide regular ski reports. Make sure to pay them (315) a visit, prior to your next trip to the mountain, or for any outdoor adventure. 315 is located in the Safeway shopping center and sports unique outdoor equipment, and right now is doing some prime ski tuning.  Talk to Eric and 315 Survival and then hit the slopes; tell your employers you are sick, as mid-week trips are the best.

Enjoy our remaining Power Days.

Ski Updates

The following is the most updated ski information we received regarding some of our favorite mountains, based on the Colorado Ski Country and Colorado Ski Central websites, along with our own analysis.  Enjoy.

*We have included recent snow totals, based on the time of this reporting.

Monarch:  Snow Base-84 Inches, Runs Open 64, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments: The locals’ favorite place for snow; shorter runs than most places, but very convenient.  26 Inches in past 3 days (of this report). Snow Total for Season: 267 Inches

Arapahoe Basin:  Snow Base-61 Inches, Runs Open 143, Percentage of Terrain Open 99

Comments:  Never a bad day at the Basin; parking sometimes a problem. Pick a day, though, with sun, as sometimes gets really cold. Spring is the prime time for the A-World. 2 Inches in past 4 days.

Loveland: Snow Base-57-60 Inches, Runs Open 93, Percentage of Terrain Open 99

Comments:  Another great local gem, pounded with considerable snow and like A-Basin, stays open well longer than other mountains. 10 Inches in past 5 days. Snow total for the year: 227 Inches

Breckenridge:  Snow Base-71 Inches, Runs Open 187, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Call in sick during the week; try to avoid Breck on the weekend but can’t beat the close distance from Teller County and their local happenings. 19 Inches in past 5 days. Snow total for year: 267 Inches

Keystone: Snow Base-56 Inches, Runs Open 130 Percentage of Terrain Open 93

Comments:  Ideal mountain for families and kids.  Underestimated for the great amount of tree runs. 10 Inches in past 5 days. Snow total for year: 205 Inches

Copper Mountain: Snow Base-62-76Inches, Runs Open 156, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Probably the best laid-out mountain; great back bowls, although access is sometimes tricky. 10 Inches in past 3 days. Snow total for year: 263 Inches

Ski Cooper: Snow Base-61 to 67 Inches, Runs Open 64, Percentage of Terrain Open 100. 21Inches in past 5 days. Snow Total for Year: 222 Inches

Comments: Secret gem for telemark skiing; and for advanced intermediates, check out the Snowcat tours. Can’t beat the small, family atmosphere, almost brings back memories of skiing before the big resorts. 5 Inches in past 7 days.

Vail:  Snow Base-77 Inches, Runs Open 275, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments: Colorado’s biggest and most well-known mountain resort. Great, but try during the week due to the crowds. 25 Inches in past 5 days. Total snow count for this season: 271 Inches

Aspen:  Snow Base-56 to 63 Inches, Runs Open 104 Percentage of Terrain Open 104 18 Inches in past 5 days.

Aspen Highlands: Snow Base-66 to 89 Inches, Runs Open 117, Percentage of Terrain Open 96

Comments:  Check out Aspen Highlands for diversion and views from the top. 24 Inches in past 5 days.

Crested Butte: Snow Base-76 Inches, Runs Open 165 Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  The acclaimed T-Bars, access to the Butte’s Extreme Limits Terrain is still open.  Tours are often provided to this section, under guided supervision. Worth checking out, if you are an advanced intermediate-plus skier. 14 Inches in past 72 Hours. Total for year: 257 Inches

Telluride: Snow Base-71 Inches, Runs Open 147, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments:  Their blacks are definite blacks, so Plunge down the Plunge run with care. No mountain in Colorado rivals the views at Telluride. 22 Inches in past  72 Hours. Total snow total for season: 247 inches.

Winter Park: Snow Base-82 to 88 Inches, Runs Open 161, Percentage of Terrain Open 96

Comments:  A great mountain and easy drive from Denver if ever up that way. 12 Inches in past 5 days. Total snow count: 323 Inches

Steamboat: Snow Base-73 to 115 Inches, Runs Open 181, Percentage of Terrain Open 100

Comments: A great ski town if you want to take a several-day excursion, and unbelievable tree skiing, just don’t take a tree limb with you during a crash. 16 Inches in past 3 days. Total snow count since season started: 357 Inches

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