WPSD Consolidates Elementary Schools

The following was a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District

The Woodland Park School District (WPSD) announces a strategic consolidation of elementary schools. Columbine and Summit Elementary schools will expand enrollment space next year to accommodate those students currently attending Gateway Elementary; classes will not be held at Gateway in the Fall. After carefully examining enrollment and staffing, this decision aims to ensure the sustainability and enhancement of the district’s educational offerings while right-sizing facilities and staffing for current enrollment.

The district continues its proactive review of the current educational landscape, including facilities utilization and efficiency, recognizing the necessity of adapting to changing circumstances. The district is grateful for the recent collegial dialogue with City Council to continue the sales tax funding for WPSD. Even with this commitment by the city to maintain the sales tax, the district has determined that consolidating elementary schools is a prudent and necessary measure to effectively allocate resources and enhance the overall quality of education for its students.

“Making the decision to consolidate our elementary schools, closing the Gateway campus, was an incredibly challenging process we did not undertake lightly,” said Ken Witt, Superintendent of Woodland Park School District. “We have carefully analyzed enrollment trends and staffing considerations to ensure we are best positioned to provide our students the highest quality education and resources.”

This consolidation will create a more appropriate balance between staff and students, optimizing resources to provide an enhanced educational experience with highly qualified teachers. This decision reflects the district’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of education while navigating financial responsibilities.

WPSD understands the impact this decision has on the Gateway Elementary community and is dedicated to supporting students, families, and staff during this transitional period. The district is working collaboratively to ensure affected staff members have opportunities to contribute their skills and expertise elsewhere within the district.

Starting from the 2024-25 academic year, students who would have attended Gateway Elementary can enroll in either Summit Elementary or Columbine Elementary. The district is focused on implementing measures to facilitate a smooth and positive transition for all stakeholders involved.

“We are confident this strategic consolidation will enable us to provide a more robust and sustainable educational experience for our students,” added Superintendent Witt. “While this decision is undoubtedly difficult, it is essential to adapt to the changing dynamics of education and continue delivering the highest quality learning environment for our students.”

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