WPHS Receives HRS Level 1 Award

The following is a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District

The Woodland Park High School (WPHS) administration team attended the Marzano conference in San Antonio last month where they were presented their successful achievement of the Level 1 High-Reliability Schools (HRS) award.

The Level 1 HRS award acknowledges the dedication of WPHS in implementing effective systems and practices for continuous school improvement. Criteria for this prestigious recognition include the establishment of a safe and collaborative culture, the implementation of effective teaching strategies, and the use of data-driven decision-making processes to enhance student learning outcomes.

The entire WPHS community, including administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents, played a vital role in achieving this significant milestone. The award symbolizes the collective efforts and passion of the entire school community.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the success of our administration team in achieving the Level 1 High-Reliability Schools award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone in our school community,” expressed Cindy Gannon, Interim Principal of WPHS. “It reflects our commitment to creating an environment where every student can excel.”

The WPHS administration team expresses gratitude to everyone involved and extends special thanks to the teachers, staff, students, and parents who contributed to the success of the school’s continuous improvement efforts.

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