GMF Targets Neediest Residents For Home Fire Mitigation Effort

Community Meeting Set For February 21

Team Rubicon, an organization that provides disaster relief around the world, has agreed to help 20 Green Mountain Falls (GMF) homeowners lower their property’s risk from wildfire.

David Douglas, chair of GMF’s Fire Mitigation Advisory Committee, said help is available for residents who cannot afford the cost of mitigation and are unable to do the work themselves.  Persons who need help – or know someone who does — should contact Douglas (281) 610-1280.

The project kicks off with a community meeting set for Wednesday, Feb. 21, 6 pm, at GMF’s Town Hall.

David LaRivee, a Rubicon volunteer, will give a presentation and meet with homeowners who have signed up for help.  Free pizza and apple pie will be served.

This is an important meeting for the entire community including Chipita Park and Cascade, Douglas said.

“Although we must limit Rubicon’s mitigation help to those most in need,” Douglas said, “the team can help us start on a path to wildland preparedness.

“Towns like GMF lack resources to develop successful disaster-management strategies. They take time, money and trained personnel. Small communities in Ute Pass can benefit from the professional structure of an experienced team.”

The meeting will be an opportunity for anyone interested in volunteering with Rubicon, an internationally recognized humanitarian relief organization.

Last year the group assisted people affected by an earthquake in Morocco, a typhoon in Guam and a Florida hurricane.  They will also work in wildfire recovery efforts in Maui and plans to help in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

The town hall is located at 10615 Green Mountain Falls Road in Green Mountain Falls.

For more information, contact  David Douglas (281) 610-1280).