The Denver Bronco Soap Opera Show!

The Denver Bronco Soap Opera Show!

Enjoy Final Season Games at Your Favorite Hangout

It’s onto Week 18 in the final bout of regular games for the 2023 season. Yes, the clock has apparently elapsed in the Denver Broncos’ quest for a playoff spot.  And nope, we can’t say anything more about the Denver Broncos/Russell Wilson Comeback Tour, as Russ is done.

He was recently benched to make room for Jarrett Stidham as the starting QB, an obvious indication that the Wilson era is over in Colorado. Money talks, baby.  Check out the report provided by Adam Schefter for the real story, and not the Sean Payton press conference babbling session.

So, as a result, the team leaders are looking beyond 2023. And yes, the spat between Payton and Wilson in the heat of much tension during an earlier game with the Detroit Lions was quite a big deal, contrary to the coach’s attempt to downplay the incident.

Welcome to the Days of Our Lives in Denver Broncoland.  This is a soap opera series that actually rivals the political fights in Teller County.

That said, the Broncs travel to Las Vegas this week to take on the infamous and hated Raiders on Jan. 7. This is a rivalry that still gets the blood turning in the High County. If you root for the Raiders in our beloved High Country village, you may need law officer protection before you are politely escorted out of Teller.

In all seriousness, this a fun matchup between two teams that won’t win any awards for friendship.  In past years, we even had two well-regarded local celebrities who wagered every piece of hair on their heads on the outcome of these games with a barber on hand and locked doors to greet the loser.

The time of the Broncos/Raiders game was still undetermined at the time of this writing due to NFL head games.

Besides the Raiders/Broncos showdown, plenty of great games are in store as this week will determine which teams stay home, and which ones enter the playoffs, starting the following weekend. Check out Trevor Phipps’ analysis of the final games and the ultimate playoff situation.

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McGinty’s, with its sports bar setup and winner of many Best Of awards in the High Country, offers a prime opportunity to view nearly all of the NFL games. For Broncos’ games, they are offering great deals on Coors draft beers and Bloody Mary’s

They also offer a prime and exciting spot also for viewing the forthcoming playoff games, along with some enticing hockey action. Go Avs!