Busted in Woodland Park December 18, 2023 Edition

12/10/2023 Hwy 24/Chester Ave Justin Little, 51 of Woodland Park, was cited for
driving while ability impaired and speeding
12/11/2023 500 blk W Midland
Kevin Brewton, 47 of Denver, was cited for driving
under restraint, operating an uninsured vehicle, driving
without a valid license and hit and run.
12/13/2023 200 blk Iron Eagle Pt
James Hart, 39 of Woodland Park, was arrested for
Violation of restraining order,Harassment and
Domestic Violence.
12/12/2023 100 blk W Midland
Michael Dotts, 39 of Divide, was arrested for
Harassment, child abuse, domestic violence and
criminal mischeif.
12/15/2023 Hwy 24/Aspen Garden Way Jesse Bullock, 37 of Colorado Springs, was cited for driving under restraint and following to closely.
12/15/2023 Hwy 67/Evergreen Heights
Dr Cameron Johns, 27 of Natrona Heights, was cited for