TMJ’s NFL Picks For Week 10

Broncos and Bills Showdown Cap Another Wild Offensive Onslaught on the Gridiron


Trevor Phipps


Well just as I thought everyone had given up on the Broncos and were losing interest in watching the team play poorly, they started to win. Before their bye week last week, the Broncs surprised the nation by coming up with two home wins in a row.


The victory over the Packers wasn’t such a big deal as the Pack has struggled this season. But the convincing victory over the Chiefs had Bronco fans everywhere doing the happy dance. Better yet, it had Chief fans grabbing their crybaby towels.


Even though Chiefs fans have blamed their team’s loss on KC having a horrible game and QB Patrick Mahomes having the flu, a win is a win. I think though, the two victories may have given fans a sense of false hope.


People have already started speculating that the Broncos could win out and make it to the playoffs this season. And I do agree that the Broncos looked like a completely different team when they beat the Chiefs.


However, I think the Chiefs turning the ball over five times was an anomaly. And it seemed like ol’ Russell Wilson was still missing some throws.


Whatever the case may be, the Broncos will have a challenge this week to see if the improvements will last more than half a month. On Monday night (Nov. 13), the Broncos travel east to take on the tough Buffalo Bills during an away game in super-frigid Buffalo.


The Bills have kind of been hit or miss this season as they have lost some they should have won like their loss against the New England Patriots in Week 7. But the Bills still are 5-3 and they beat the Dolphins already this year which is a team that scored a record 70 points on the Broncos.


I am just hoping that the Broncos stay looking good on both sides of the ball like they did in their two matches before the bye. If they do, this could be a close one.


Let’s all just hope that stellar QB Josh Allen and WR Stefan Diggs both have bad days.


Prediction: Bills 38, Broncos 34


Other Games to Watch


This week it’s safe to say that you can skip watching football on Thursday night. The Carolina Panthers are on the road against the Chicago Bears.


These are two of the worst teams in the league making the match not an important one to watch. But for fun, let’s say the Panthers take this one.


On Sunday morning, probably the best bout will be the San Francisco 49ers at the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have been on a roll after going undefeated in October and the 49ers got stuck in a three game losing slump before their bye last week.


QB Trevor Lawrence and the Jags will be looking for blood. The Niners seem to be struggling lately, so I think the Jags are the best pick for this one.


The best Sunday afternoon game to see will probably be the New York Giants at the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants have had their troubles, and the Cowboys are once again looking quite stellar.


But being a longtime division rivalry match, the game should be interesting. I think it will be close, but “Dem Boys” will take it in the end.


AFC West Predictions


Luckily for the whole division, the Kansas City Chiefs have a bye this week. This could give other teams a chance to improve their division ranks if they win, plus we are safe from having to see the camera pan to Taylor Swift after every play.


The Los Angeles Chargers have a tough home game this week against the ever-improving Detroit Lions. The Chargers haven’t been playing that well at all this year while the entire state of Michigan is ramped up about the success of the Lions.


Lions QB Jared Goff has been putting up good numbers nearly every game, and the Chargers just haven’t seemed like they have found their rhythm yet. I think the Lions won’t have much trouble winning this one even though they are on the road.


Prediction: Lions 37, Chargers 21


This Sunday night, the New York Jets hit the road to take on the Las Vegas Raiders. And it is still up for debate whether this one will be worth watching or not.


The Jets have actually been looking pretty decent and QB Zach Wilson has shown vast improvements. The Raiders on the other hand have underperformed immensely from where I thought they would be at this point in the season.


The Raiders do have home field advantage, but I feel like it doesn’t matter in Vegas because many of the home matches have had the stadium filled with opposing team fans. The Jets know they need to keep winning for a chance at the big game, so I think they will easily trounce the hated Raiders.


Prediction: Jets 31, Raiders 17