NFL Outlook for Week 8

Trevor Phipps


With the Denver Broncos having one of their worse seasons to date, many across the high country are starting to give up on watching the home team. Since the brutal turnovers and close games have made fans start to pull their hair out, many are starting to grab the remote and switch the channel to a different game.

As of our press deadline, the Broncos were off to one of their worst starts since around 1994, or some distant year in the past, just prior to their push for Super Bowl magic. Oh, the good old days.


Luckily, it is still early in the 2023 NFL season and there are many teams besides the Broncos to keep an eye on. In fact, the entire AFC West with the exception of the Kansas City Chiefs have not done as well as expected and frankly there are just better teams to watch on game day.

Around the League Picks

To start the NFL week 8 off, Amazon Prime will be showing what could be a close game on Thursday night. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be on the road to take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.


Both teams are sitting close to the top in their division and they have something to prove. But the Bills offense has been awesome this year with Josh Allen and Stefan Diggs putting up great numbers.


The Bucs this year have looked good during some games, but I don’t think they will be able to keep up with the Bills’ offense. I think that Buffalo will use their home field advantage and take this one.


Then come Sunday morning there will be several good matches to watch. Personally, I think the best two games to switch on will be the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams at the Dallas Cowboys.


The Steelers are experiencing some improvement this year and the Jaguars have shown that they mean business. But I think the Jags will snag this one on the road just because I like how QB Trevor Lawrence has been playing.


The Rams this year have been struggling a bit but I still see them as a team that has potential. However, I like how the Cowboys have been playing despite dropping a couple of games so I think they will come up on top Sunday.


Now during the afternoon, the Broncos take on the Chiefs once again but this time on their home turf. But the Cincinnati Bengals at the San Francisco 49ers will probably prove to be a better game to watch.


The Bengals had a rough start to the season, but QB Joe Burrows seems to be back in it and ready to win. The 49ers have been labeled as possibly the best team in the NFL (despite a few setbacks) so I think they will take this one.


TMJ Broncos Prediction

Chiefs 29, Broncos 20

Don’t lose any money on this one, as the season is over for the Broncos. But despite their consecutive losses against the Chiefs, they often put up a good fight.  Unless we are wrong, their won’t be any Chief massacres. In fact, it could be a good game.


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To finish off, football Sunday this week the Chicago Bears will be traveling south to play the Los Angeles Chargers for the night game. Even though their record doesn’t really show it, the Chargers are an up and coming team that could get good towards the end of the year.


The Bears on the other hand just have not looked good at all. The team has struggled with internal issues and they have been having quarterback troubles.


Justin Herbert with the Chargers on the other hand is one that nobody should count out. The Chargers are looking to compete with the Chiefs this year, so I think they will easily overcome Chicago.


Prediction: Chargers 31, Bears 19


On Monday night, the Las Vegas Raiders challenge the Detroit Lions during the week’s last match on prime time television. The Raiders have started to look alive lately, and I think that they are drastically improving.


However, the Lions have been on a roll lately and I see them as a top playoff contender this year. QB Jared Goff has had a number of good games and I feel that his success will continue.


The Raiders though shouldn’t be counted out completely because it appears that they have been getting things together. Overall, I think this will prove to be a close game, but the Lions will come out on top in the end.


Prediction: Lions 38, Raiders 34