Broncos Square Off Against the Chiefs; No Indian Scalping Picks Permitted

Key Matchups Abound in Week 8


It’s onto Week 8 in the NFL; and yes, the so-called Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson Revival Tour or disaster excursion. Aren’t we having fun?


The Broncos square off against the mighty and fast-moving KC Chiefs. Is there a rescue boat or covered wagon in sight?


You can guess how the pollsters are viewing this one, with the Broncos having about as much chance of pulling this off, as no snow occurring for the months of November and December; or better yet, the crafting of a peace treaty between the opposing sides at a Woodland Park school board meeting.


In any case, the Broncos, although they are always on the losing side in this battle, have made these contests quite interesting. And local fans will get a chance to see the best quarterback in the league, Patrick Mahomes, do his artistry and talents in bringing the Bronco defense to its knees.




Maybe, the game will take a little edge off all the political bickering occurring these days in our local terrain, with the forthcoming elections. Instead of booing your favorite political villain in the area, or issue/policy you don’t like, you can take out your grudges against the Chiefs, or the Bronco doomed offense or defense.


Game time is 2:25 for Sunday’s home game. In addition, there are a bevy of key NFL games this weekend.



If you are looking for a great and fun place to check out the action, don’t forget McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub in Divide, the “The Center of the Known Universe,” the sponsor of our fine NFL Football page and Bronco previews and a slew of predictions.


McGinty’s, with its sports bar setup and winner of many Best Of awards in the High Country, offers a prime opportunity to view nearly all of the NFL games and partake in some great game food and drink specials. For Broncos’ games, they are offering great deals on Coors draft beers and Bloody Mary’s.



They offer a prime spot also for Thursday night games.


College Showdowns

If the Broncos game doesn’t fit your schedule and college pigskin is your thing, you are in definite luck. The mighty Air Force Falcons travel to Fort Collins, with a big showdown against the Colorado State Rams. Speculation is running rampant about the outcome of this game, with a plethora of opinions and mixed picks. TMJ’s Trevor Phipps is siding with the Rams, but most of us at TMJ, think he is wrong. Game time is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday. Can the Air Force offense continue their amazing offensive assaults and continue their dominance in the Mountain West. The Falcons then on Nov. 4 host Army, in a bout that will occur in Denver.


For CU and Prime Time fever, the Buffs play another away game against UCLA. Game time is 5:30 p.m. Saturday.


And there are great rivalries raging between top pigskin teams across the nation, as the season reaches a prime time.


McGinty’s is a great spot for viewing college ball.