Broncos Take on the Packers

Key Matchups Abound in Week 7


It’s onto Week 7 in the NFL; and yes, the so-called Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson Revival Tour or disaster excursion. However, on the upside, it’s the Broncs against the Packers, which will bring out a hefty and rowdy crowd, as both teams have enthusiastic followers in our fine beloved mountain village.


Maybe, the Denver Broncos and the  Green Bay Packers duel will take a little edge off all the political bickering occurring these days in our local terrain, with the forthcoming elections.  Instead of booing your favorite political villain in the area, or issue/policy  you don’t like, you can take out your grudges against  the cheese-heads or the Bronco doomed offense or defense.  Neither of these teams are headed for the playoffs, but still, they are quite entertaining.


Game time is 2:25  for Sunday’s home game.


The pollsters aren’t giving either team many positive attributes. At the time of this writing, Green Bay was staring at a 2-3 record, with the Broncos suffering from a 1-4 start. Another great match-up on Sunday involves the Chiefs against the Chargers.  This game could definitely challenge KC.  Also, the Bills and Patriots square-off early Sunday.


If you are looking for a great and fun place to check out the action, don’t forget McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub in Divide, the “The Center of the Known Universe,” the sponsor of our fine NFL Football page and Bronco previews and a slew of predictions.


McGinty’s, with its sports bar setup and winner of many Best Of awards in the High Country, offers a prime opportunity to view nearly all of the NFL games and partake in some great game food and drink specials. For Broncos’ games, they are offering great deals on Coors draft beers and Bloody Mary’s.



They offer a prime spot also for Thursday night games.


College Showdowns

If the Broncos game doesn’t fit your schedule and college pigskin is your thing,  you are in definite luck. The mighty Air Force Falcons travel to Navy for a big military showdown, with Saturday game time scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m.  Can the Air Force offense continue their amazing offensive assaults, led by Zac Larrier? CU has the week off and  Colorado State competes against UNLV at 5 p.m.


And there are great rivalries raging between top pigskin teams across the nation, as the season reaches a prime time.


McGinty’s is a great spot for college ball.