NFL Predictions for Week 4

Broncos Square Off Against the  Bears in Battle Among League Losers

Trevor Phipps

Bronco fans everywhere have been quite disappointed with the play the team has exhibited so far this season.

While they haven’t lost by huge scores, the fans are getting sick and tired of seeing their team lose by a mere point or two

To make a long story short, the Broncos have a lot to figure out on both sides of the ball. While the team has been scoring more points, their offense still struggles when it counts in the red zone and they need to patch up their mistakes.

On defense, the team definitely looks worse than last year. The defense seems to have a rough time keeping mediocre-at-best offenses from racking up points.

After starting the season 0-2, the Broncos should be motivated to win as the statistics show teams that start with two losses don’t make the playoffs very often. And, the Broncos have never had a winning season when they start at 0-2.

However, this week may be the Broncos big chance to come out on top. The team faces the Chicago Bears who also appear to be struggling on offense and defense.

The bad news is, the match is a road game and it commences Sunday morning. Historically, the Broncos have had trouble winning on the road especially when they play the East Coast early games.

Prediction: Broncos 27, Bears 24

AFC West Predictions

On Sunday afternoon, the AFC West will see a prime division match against the Raiders and Chargers. Both teams don’t appear as if they have lived up to expectations so far this season.

The Raiders gave the Broncos a hard time in week one, but then they were destroyed in week two. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t yet seemed to be the saving grace they needed.

The Chargers on the other hand have also not been real explosive this year. In fact, there has already been talk from fans to ax the team’s head coach.

But in the end, I think the Chargers will get it figured out this week.

Prediction: Chargers 38, Raiders 27

Even though the Chiefs had a devastating loss in week one against the Lions, they seemed to have turned things around after they defeated the Jaguars in week two. I think that it is safe to say that Patrick Mahomes is back and he will once again make the Chiefs a reckoning force.

However, last year and this year it has seemed as if many teams have figured out Mahomes’ equation and have been shutting him down better than in the past. I don’t expect the team to dominate like they did last year and in previous years.

But, I don’t think fans will see a repeat of a big upset this week. The Jets have looked decent considering their star veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers was taken out of the season during the fourth snap he took with an Achilles’ tendon injury.

The Jets current QB Zach Wilson just won’t have what it takes to keep up with Mahomes.

Prediction: Chiefs 42, Jets 17

Rick Langenberg, TMJ Editor

Denver Broncos, 24, Chicago Bears 21

The Broncos shouldn’t have any trouble with the Bears, but they are playing in ChiTown, which could present some challenges.  This is also an awkward time for Bronco fans.

Based on social media reports, there are more ugly rumors circulating about the Bears than the Broncos, especially regarding their quarterback situation This one is a must win for Denver, if they want to salvage their season and not try to replicate a Greek tragedy. However, believe the Broncs defense will finally get back on board.

Other AFC picks are pretty much a no-brainer, with the Chiefs, and Chargers collecting more Ws. But look out for the Raiders, they may give the Chargers more fight than expected.

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