New Psychedelic Medicine Center Plans to Open Shop in Cripple Creek

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Pro-Magic Mushroom and Pot Votes Pave Way For New High Times

Travis Phillips

During the last year, Teller County has experienced a big change, with businesses opening up on almost every corner.

Cripple Creek itself has gained quite a bit recently with tourists and locals patiently waiting for the new nine-story casino/hotel addition, called the Chaminoxe resort, to open up.

The city also made a change during the last election, with voters overwhelmingly opting to allow recreational marijuana to be sold within city limits.

The vote shocked many long-time civic leaders.

When the vote was first tallied, TMC News learned that a few city council members shook their fists and showed the old video, “Reefer Madness” during a council meeting.

The council issued a temporary moratorium on licensing places for selling the so-called “hippie grass.”  However, the party  just can’t be stopped.

In fact, one business owner out of Denver sued the city and plans to open up the first recreational marijuana in the beginning of May. And, according to an official statement, released late last week by Big Money Pot LLC owner Henry McGilicutty, the new “drug emporium,” will offer much more than just marijuana due to a recent change in state law.

Also, during the last Nov. election, voters statewide approved an item on the ballot to legalize psilocybin mushrooms and other natural hallucinogenic drugs. McGilicutty said that once the law changed, he redesigned his business plan to not only sell marijuana, but offer guided treatments and low dose sales of hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms, peyote, and DMT.

The business’ new owner said that he plans to name the establishment, “The Bear Cave Drug Emporium,” due to being such a big fan of a local podcast called, “This Week in the Bear Cave.” “I want to make Cripple Creek a drug tourism mecca and offer all sorts of drugs to combine with the city’s free alcohol policy,” McGilicutty said. “I feel that drugs and alcohol are always a good combination and I want everyone in the country to come to Cripple Creek and get twisted on their drug of choice.”

The Bear Cave Drug Emporium plans to offer consumption areas in house and also the purchase of small amounts of weed, shrooms, and just about every other hallucinogen. The new owner already has a location secured for the drug emporium in a building right in the middle of the city’s downtown strip.

When McGilicutty announced his plans, a few elected leaders were outraged. “I cannot believe that this is what our beautiful, Christian town is turning into,” Mayor Milton Ashcroft screamed out. “And the sad part is, our hands are tied and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it!”

The mayor then tried to have the police chief arrest McGilicutty, but the officers could not get past the drug emporium owner’s slew of hippie bodyguards. McGilicutty’s lawyers stepped in and threatened to sue the city once again if they did not support the new business owner.

The grand opening of The Bear Cave Drug Emporium is slated to take place on April 31, 2023. Mention this article and receive 20 percent of your first purchase and a free gram of shrooms.



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