Locals and Community Leaders Rein In on Outcome of Super Sunday

Rick Langenberg

Alright, you have several choices as you, your loved or hated ones and friends, gear up for Super Bowl 57.

You can avoid the endless ramblings from the likes of Woody Paige, Mike Klis, Adam Schefter, Terry Bradshaw (oh, please no), Tony Romo,(Tony, do us a favor and get your golf clubs out and keep your mouth shut), and other self-proclaimed media experts, or observe the Vegas odds.

Or, better yet, listen to the fine opinions of locals, and our well known community leaders, regarding their picks and favorites. Take my advice and choose the latter option, as common sense and so-called expert pigskin wizardry is usually thrown out the door during Super Bowl Sunday. Following the great game, we will announce the grand winners, of our annual Super Bowl, arm-chair quarterback analysis contest. In  other words, which beloved predictor of this madness got the closest, among those who dared to come up with a winner and actual score.

In any case, enjoy and if you don’t have plans, visit one of our local sports bar/eateries or casinos for game time specials, trash talk, projected tales of football glory and whatever. Plenty of choices are available for prime spots in Green Mountain Falls, Crystola, Woodland Park, Divide, Florissant and Cripple Creek.

Super Bowl Picks From Our Local Pigskin Experts

Jim Huthmaker, Woodland Park business owner (Righteous Grounds Coffee Roasters)

“I am going to have to go with the Kansas City Chief. I am a huge Patrick Mahomes fan. KC will win by a score of 31-24.”

Greg Rodriguez, head administrator, Forest Edge Dental Care.

“I am more of a Philly guy, so am going with the Eagles.  Plus, I love Denver, (which plays in the same division and has lost to the Chiefs since the beginning of time) and am no fan of the Chiefs. The Philly defense is better. The Eagles will win by a score of 35-21.”

Teller County Commission Chairman Bob Campbell

“My picks haven’t been all that good this good this year. I had the 49ers and Bengals as Super Bowl teams before last Sunday. Saying that I think it’s pretty even between Chiefs and Eagles. I will go with the Eagles in a 24 to 21 win over the Chiefs. I think the Eagles defense will win the day over the Chiefs’ offense. They were just too big in their wins over the 49ers and the Giants in the playoffs.”


Teller County Commission Vice-chairman Erik Stone

“Eagles will win by 10. Patrick Mahomes is Hobbled and the Eagles defensive line is the best in football. Also, because I will never pick the Chiefs to win, ever.”

Teller County Commissioner Dan Williams (AKA, Iron Eagle)

“The Eagles will win by 7 points. Why?  Always bet on an eagle when given the chance.”

Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce President Deb Miller

“My pick is for the Kansas City Chiefs….why….Patrick Mahomes is a fantastic Quarterback…and Andy Reid is a pretty cool coach.”

Woodland Park City Manager Michael Lawson

“The Super Bowl just means that MLB (Major League Baseball) Opening Day is two short months away. The match-up should be a great one. Philly might be a little healthier and has dominated…pretty much since training camp. I’ll take the Eagles 27-24.”

Carrol Harvey, former WP City Council Member and all-around community activist

“I am all in for the Chiefs! No predictions on the score, but hope Patrick Mahomes is healed up and ready to go.”



Woodland Park Council Member Catherine Nakai

“This year both teams are equally matched on both sides of the ball, the team who makes the least amount of mistakes, ie penalties and turnovers will win. As a life-long Broncos fan I am picking the Eagles


Rick Langenberg, TMJ Editor

“The Eagles will win by 28-21, but am rooting for the Chiefs. Like the grit of Patrick Mahomes. Philly just looks too good in the playoffs, and will have the edge on defense and then they have their crazy fans rooting them on. You have to love and hate Philly fans. They  have made booing into a special art; gained a reputation for once pelting Santa Claus with snowballs and getting into fights in the stands; and then at the same time, worshipping popular golf stars like Phil Mickelson (well, at least before the fight between the PGA Tour and the Saudi Scumbag Tour) and having a special fondness for prog-rock bands such as Genesis, Rush, Pink Floyd and Yes (can’t figure that last one out, as you would think those bands would be the last acts to be welcomed with open arms in Philly Land). Crazy people, but always enjoyed their antics at baseball spring training in Florida. And then we have our own Philly Joe (Joe Corrigan) in Teller County. Enough said; Philly fans, you deserve this win.”

“Even though the Eagles had the easiest schedule in the league this year, I think they will come out on top during the big game. The Eagles looked stellar during the playoffs, but I am still mad at them for eliminating my 49ers and hurting two quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes still doesn’t look healthy and it seems like the Chiefs have merely squeaked by wins during the postseason. Eagles 31-28.”

Erik Holt, Florissant Fire Chief

Eagles offensive power allows them to control the ball late in the game. Eagles 34 Chiefs 24.

Charlie Chambers, Local Videographer/Former TMJ Staffer

With the two weeks of healing, and time with Andy Reed to prepare the Chiefs will win 30 – 27

Tom Idleman, Local Real Estate Agent

Eagles are a healthier team and the winning team needs a scrambling quarterback. Mahomes is prone to re-injury due to his high ankle sprain. Eagles 27-24

Deb Idleman, Local Real Estate/Travel Agent

KC has shown determination to come out on top even with injuries. Plus, I like the color red!