Red Diamond Gastro Pub Becomes Latest Addition to Local Restaurant Scene

Trevor Phipps

In the last year, Woodland Park has experienced an unprecedented surge in new restaurants, with the town undergoing a variety of new places to eat, drink and hang out.

And this trend shows no signs of slowing down, with another well-awaited eatery opening their doors with the ringing of the new year.

The Red Diamond Gastro Pub officially opened last month, representing owner James Deimling’s first brick and mortar location in a spot in the Gold Hill North Shopping Center. Deimling has worked in the hospitality industry for his entire adult life. He gained much popularity locally with his Red Diamond Gastro Truck, located at various spots in the region for two years.

Ever since the city council approved Deimling’s liquor license application last July, locals have been eagerly waiting in anticipation for the chef’s first permanent location. And with the opening of the Red Diamond Gastro Pub, residents and visitors have flocked into the doors of the new eatery, which has become the talk of the town.

Deimling previously told the council that his original idea with the food truck centered around bringing a different style of food into his home town of Woodland Park, calling his menu options “comfort food with a twist.” He said that during his food truck days, he switched up his menu every week in order to offer items that worked really well with customers in the area.

“I like to take things people recognize and put a little twist on it,” Deimling said. “So, it’s comfort food in a way because they recognize it, but then I put my twist on it to change things up so it’s not the same as everywhere you go.”

The gastro pub now features a delicious permanent menu with items such as crab, shrimp, and avocado melt, pulled pork mac and cheese, and a kimchi Rueben. Deimling said that he also plans to have new specials every week, and he will offer special nights like “burger night” on a regular basis.

Deimling said that once the employees master cooking everything on the menu, he will have three specials every week. He also plans on featuring weekly specials, like burger night on Tuesdays during which customers can enjoy a $6 burger and fries.

A Variety of Specials

He also plans to do a “Fancy Friday” every other week, where diners can enjoy a three or four course gourmet dinner. On Sundays, the gastro will showcase “Bloodies, Bennies, and Broncos,” so customers can watch Bronco games with a Bloody Mary bar and six different kinds of eggs Benedicts.

He also said he plans to pair with the Gold Hill Theatres and do a dinner and movie special, allowing customers to get a discounted movie ticket with a dinner. He also plans to encourage people to dress up as their favorite movie characters by offering a discount for those that come in to dine in costume.

The gastro pub’s menu consists of appetizers,  such as Chili Lime Chicharrones, fried calamari, and French onion dip. The menu also offers vegetable items, including charred broccolini, wild mushroom arancini, and chickpea fries.

Visitors can also enjoy trout chowder, salads, and a dessert menu, which includes a jumbo chocolate chip cookie and a deep fried Oreo cream pie. The pub also offers a giant beer selection, wines and hand-crafted cocktails, such as a cranberry margarita, called the “Painted Lady” or a peach smash named the “Big Nose Kate.”

Deimling said that since he stopped drinking alcohol three years ago, he wanted to offer more non-alcoholic drinks, such as a selection of “mocktails” on his menu. This will allow  teetotalers the option of indulging in “fun drinks.”  For those who don’t drink alcohol, they can enjoy a selection of Rocky Mountain Sodas, Bristol Brewing Root Beer on tap, or mocktails, such as a peach butter beer called “Madam Mustachio” or a sparkling lemonade named “Precious Dandy.”

Deimling has extensive experience working in various restaurants starting with his first job at the Donut Mill at the age of 13. During high school, Deimling worked at Austin’s Restaurant, which is located at facility now occupied by Tweeds Fine Furnishing.

When he was 17, Deimling went to culinary school, and then he moved to Seattle where he worked in restaurants for more than a decade. He was the chef of a fine dining restaurant, and then he opened a Four Seasons Resort as the Executive Sous Chef in downtown Seattle.

“I have been around the block, but really the reason I did this was because I realized I wasn’t meant to work for somebody,” Demling said. “I am a whole lot happier doing my own thing and doing things my way. I’m three years sober and I kind of burnt out working for hotels and working for people. I am so much happier by myself, doing my own thing.”

The Red Diamond Gastro Pub is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.