Teller Commission Chairman Endorses Bob Campbell For Re-election

Dear Editor:

The Teller County Board of County Commissioners is a team and governing body focused on the life, health, and safety of the residents of Teller County. Our performance rests on the collective and combined talents each of us brings to the commission.

The current team is optimized and working very well together having weathered the pandemic, multiple fires, and several budget seasons to name just a few focus areas. The board has worked tirelessly to stop and reverse the divisiveness that gripped our Nation and our county 2 ½ years ago and has made excellent progress in this regard. The team is focused on hiring the right folks for the large variety of services provided by the county and is looking carefully at long term capital improvements that will have a multi-generational impact on Teller County residents. You do not break a team when it is highly functioning and serving the people in a manner they deserve.

Bob Campbell is up for reelection this November and I am asking that you please vote for him. Steeped in financial experience and expertise, Bob brings his strengths to the team comprised of Erik Stone and myself. We work very well together and for every decision that comes before us we collectively ask the question, “what is best for the residents of Teller County?.”

Bob is a quiet professional who does not bring his ego to the table. He studies all sides of an impending decision, he burns the midnight oil, and is an extremely valuable member of our team. Once re-elected, Bob will have four years to continue to put the residents of our county first and will continue to be the professional he is and will always do the right thing. Bob is a fiscal conservative who knows how hard our residents work for their money and we spend taxpayer money very carefully. We review those expenditures for value added metrics of performance for our residents.

I am respectfully asking the residents and voters of Teller County to allow Bob Campbell to serve you for another four years. He is a highly effective County Commissioner who has performed his duties selflessly and always with you, our residents, in mind. Please consider this my highest recommendation and endorsement for another term as your District Two Teller County Commissioner. Vote for Bob Campbell.

Dan Williams

Teller County Commissioner, Chairman of the Board