Woodland Park Panthers Win Second Home Game in Impressive, Intimidating Style

Photo By Paul Magnuson

Panthers Manhandle Marauders in 41-0 Rout Before Packed Crowd

Trevor Phipps

During the latest episode of Friday Night Lights in Woodland Park, local fans were thrilled to see the Panthers absolutely dominate a football game from the  opening whistle.

The stands were packed for the team’s second home game on Sept. 9 and the team quickly showed that they are a definite powerhouse to be reckoned with.

In the end, the Panthers earned a shutdown after they dominated the Mitchell Marauders 41-0. In fact, they may have broken a record in boasting the biggest lead in the first quarter in recent history, as they were up 35-0 going into the second quarter of play.

Just like their opening home game victory, the Panther powerhouse defense proved to be top-notch. It was clearly evident early in the game that the Marauder offense had no chance whatsoever.

In fact, the entire game pretty much looked the same. The Marauders would get the ball and then go three and out. During the entire game, Mitchell never got a single first down.

With these stats, it’s clear to conclude that the Marauder offense could not do anything. When they ran, the Panthers stopped them short. And pass plays ended in near interceptions or brutal sacks.

However, the Panthers did not only shine when it came to defense. The offense seemed like they could get big plays every time the ball was snapped.

And, the Panthers showed that they were versatile when they had the ball. During their two previous games, the Panthers stayed on the ground throughout most of the game.

But last Friday, the Panthers proved that they could score and gain yards with both passes and running plays. The team’s starting quarterback junior Bryce Broeker absolutely shined.

Broeker made good passes and spread the ball around the field so just about every receiver had a chance to make a big play. And actually, Broeker received the bragging rights of earning both the overall player of the game and the offensive player of the game.

The young QB also proved that he was a deadly force on the ground with some big running plays. At the end of the game, Broeker passed perfectly, went four-for-four and gained 50 yards. He also had two carries for a total of 33 yards.

Senior Aiden Hernandez also shined during the game on both sides of the ball. Hernandez made a big running play in the beginning of the game to get the ball on the one yard line and then he ran it in on the next play to give the Panthers their first score. The senior star player was also given the title of defensive player of the game.

On the special teams’ side, freshman kicker Myles Wiley looked very impressive. During kickoffs he would boot the ball in the far corner of the end zone.

And, Wiley kicked good extra points after five Panther touchdowns. The soccer player, who scored four goals playing soccer against Mitchell the night before, was given the title of special teams’ player of the game.

But during the game, it was proven that it was not only the upper classmen who looked tough on the gridiron. Since the team dominated the entire game, there were several sophomores and freshmen that were given the chance to shine.

Sophomore quarterback Marqus Schoenberger got the chance to take some snaps and he made a five yard pass. He also had five carries for a total of 20 yards.

Sophomore Ben Summeril also looked good on both offense and defense. Summeril had a run for five yards and he led the team on tackles with two solo and five assists.

Sophomore Aidan Hood also showed that he is dangerous when handed the ball. Hood had six carries for 79 yards and one touchdown.

Sophomore Parker Shreeve definitely proved that he has some skills when he put on his best performance in high school football yet. Shreeve picked up a 15 yard touchdown pass, got a sack, blocked a punt, and picked up a total of four tackles.

With the Panthers’ awesome performance last Friday, they were able to jump ahead in the statewide rankings. Before the game, the Panthers were ranked 17th in division 2A across the state, and with their recent win they jumped up to the top 15.

The Panthers have officially started their season 2-1 and fans are excited to see how they perform for the rest of the season. This week, the Panthers take a break and have a bye.

The following week, the Panthers return to their home field as they celebrate their homecoming week. For their homecoming game, the Panthers challenge the Colorado Springs Christian Lions.