Verizon Responds to Local Complaints About Cell Service

Director Teague and Chairman Williams,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with Verizon on August 2, 2022, to review in more detail your collective concerns over wireless coverage in Woodland Park described in your July 28, 2022 letter.
As discussed during our meeting, Verizon is aware of the issue and, in June and July of 2022, made several network modifications and site upgrades to improve coverage and increase capacity in and around Woodland Park. Verizon also continues to engage with Woodland Park officials to identify and deploy an additional site in the area to further enhance network performance.
I look forward to remaining in close coordination with the Commission and the Office of Emergency Management as we continue our efforts to deploy this additional infrastructure and appreciate your willingness to help us in the process.

“Our city engineer, the county commissioners and administrator, and myself met with Verizon yesterday. We laid the groundwork for short, medium, and long-term solutions to the problem. We are optimistic the situation will improve very soon as new assets from Verizon are put into place,” Woodland Park City Manager Michael Lawson said.