Debut of Iconic GMF Skyspace

A view of the Green Mountain Falls Skyspace from the main access trail and road. Photo By Rick Langenberg

Rick Langenberg

It’s finally here. The long-awaited Green Mountain Falls Skyspace attraction, featuring showcase work by internationally-acclaimed light and space artist James Turrell, has been officially unveiled. The 18-foot tall structure, the first ever Turrell masterpiece in Colorado and first ever done on a side of a mountain, offers an open eye to the skyline and stars. Currently, four showings are available daily. Following the Green Box Arts festival, the facility will be open Thursdays through Sundays to the public.  Access to the Skyspace can occur, via the Pittman trail through a scenic mile-long trek from the former Joyland church parking lot, and shorter more direct route from the Gazebo park. This new trail system is part of the Red Butte Mountain Recreation area and is part of the Skyspace experience.

Chris Keesee, the founder of the Green Box Arts Facility, speaks before a large gathering on Saturday during the official ribbon cutting for the new Green Mountain Falls Skypace attraction, the first iconic James Turrell display in Colorado, and first one ever done on the side of a mountain. Keesee noted that the project has been in the works for six years and was actually conceived by the artist, via a drawing presented on a napkin. Access to the attraction can be obtained through the Pittman trail at the Gazebo park and at the Joyland parking lot. Photo by Rick Langenberg
Jesse Stroope, a leading representative of the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation, and a key supporter of the Green Box Arts Festival, leads a media tour last week of the Pittman trail, accessible from the from the former Joyland Church parking lot and one of the main scenic gateways to the new Green Mountain Falls Skyspace attraction. The attraction, which features several scheduled showings a day, officially opened on June 18. For more information, visit Photo by Rick Langenberg

The project has been in the works for six years, and was reportedly crafted by the artist through a conceptual drawing done on a napkin during an informal gathering with  Green Box representatives.

Sean Ives, the operations manager for the new Green Mountain Falls Skyspace facility, which features four shows a day during the Green Box Arts festival. Following the festival and throughout the summer, it will still have four shows from Thursdays through Sundays. To make reservations, visit Besides his role with the Skyspace project, Ives also serves as a member of the GMF Board of Trustees. Photo by Rick Langenberg
More than just Skyspace. The new Green Mountain Falls Skyspace project, showcasing the work of iconic light and space artist James Turrell, also takes participants on a spirited journey above the town through several miles of new trails. These offer scenic views of the Gazebo area and the GMF landscape. Photo by Rick Langenberg

For those you can’t access the site on foot, arrangements can be made in advance with the Green Box staff. To make reservations for the sunrise, sunset and closed roof shows, visit  Besides the opening of the Green Mountain Falls Skyspace, the Green Box Arts Festival, which started on June 18 and continues through July 4, also marked the debut of the new Keith Haring Fitness Court and three works of public art. A variety of events, classes and festivities will occur throughout the next week and a half.

Have you Seen the Stars Tonight? The new 18-foot tall Green Mountain Falls Skyspace attraction offers an open eye to the skyline with both an open and retractable roof. Four shows has been scheduled a day for the James Turrell skyspace, the first one constructed in Colorado. Photo by Rick Langenberg