WPSD Provides Direct Support to the High Park Fire Responders

Teller County officials recently informed Woodland Park School District (WPSD) that the 180 on-the-ground responders to the High Park Fire are in immediate need of support. Upon receiving this news, Dr. Mathew Neal, Superintendent of Schools at WPSD, swiftly organized a plan to aid in the support by calling out to WPSD staff to assist at the incident command center located at 4 Mile Fire Station in Teller County.

The plan consists of closing one elementary school each day from May 17th through May
19th to allow willing WPSD staff members to support the brave men and women fighting the High Park Fire. Additionally, on Friday, May 20th, the middle school and high school staff will help as released by their principals and as the need warrants. However, each building will remain open for the District’s Preschool and Center-Based programs.

“A crisis rarely arises at a convenient time; however, I am incredibly grateful for a staff eager to respond and lend a helping hand to our responders. WPSD staff are incredibly dedicated to this community in every way, particularly when stepping up to a challenge. We are a team and absolutely dedicated to our families and students of our schools both in and out of the school environment.” said Dr. Mathew Neal.

Michelle Miller, a Kindergarten teacher at Gateway Elementary, said, “I’m so excited about
this-what an awesome idea.”

WPSD understands that this call to service strikes an inconvenience on some of our families; still, with the District being one of the largest employers in Teller County, WPSD is fulfilling a great need to support its community with the least amount of impact on the learning environment possible.

WPSD thanks its staff and families for their flexibility and support during this crisis.

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