Teller SWAT Evacuates 11 in Florissant Due to Shooting

Charles Broshous Photo ©


At approximately 0030 hours on Sunday April 17th we received a call regarding shots fired in the area at 415 Forest Glen trail in Florissant. Upon arrival, deputies discovered suspect firing from his residence at the houses of his neighbors, unknown types of weapons at this time.  SWAT was called out and arrived on scene around 0130 hours, they removed approximately 11 residents with the Bearcat Emergency Tactical Vehicle and transported them to the Florissant Fire station. The suspect continued to fire after evacuations were made. Upon entry into the residence deputies found the suspect deceased, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Multiple firing points were staged inside the home fixed toward neighbors residence. There is no known motive at this time and there were no injuries to deputies or residents due to the quick response of the Sheriff’s Office deputies.  Detectives and deputies are on scene now and this is a continuing investigation we will update as necessary. Lieutenant Bunting