Philly Joe: Football Duds of The Year

” Playoffs,playoffs? I’d just like to win a game.” That’s what I say.

As I’m writing this, I’m struggling with Week 18 picks, the hardest week to pick because you don’t know who’s playing and who’s resting.
But it’s now playoff time, and some reflection on the regular season and the big preliminary winners and losers.
Football Deadbeats
So, who are the most disappointing teams of the year? First, you have to say the Browns, projected to make a Super Bowl run, and don’t even make the playoffs. And after I saw the relationship between the head coach and quarterback dwindle at the end of the year, one or the other might be gone next year.
Second, the Broncos. I thought they had a playoff shot but what do I know. I hope they trade with my Eagles for one of their three first round picks and can find a quarterback. Dew Lock doesn’t have a lock as future QB for Denver and Teddy” take a dive ” Bridgewater’s  contract is up and probably won’t be resigned. Vic Fangio is gone and most of his coaching staff will probably soon follow him. Good riddance to Pat Shurmer. One if the worst play callers I’ve seen..
I’ll throw in the” what’s our name’s” from Washington who was picked by a major pro football magazine to win the division.
Big Surprises
The Bengals. Projected to be in the basement and end up winning the division.
The EAGLES. were last place prediction by most insiders, including myself, and ended up with a Wild Card designation again. Just heard the ” boys” (Cowboys) are playing their starters, and the birds (Cardinals) are resting their players. Come on man, it’s Dallas. I can hear the boo birds from here.
My prediction for the final four .I have no idea. But stay tuned for next week.