Philly Joe’s Picks for Week 17

Joe “Philly Joe” Corrigan, one of our more colorful characters in the High Country,  is TMJ’s  Guest Predictor  of key NFL Action.

Yes, with the downright dismal state of  the Denver Broncos, more viewers are checking out other teams to enhance their football experience. (Yes, for another year, we won’t see playoff action.  Start crying now.)  Here are “Philly Joe’s” take on some Week 17 games of the season and overall pre-playoff observations.   These were actually made prior to the recent results, but Philly Joe  (yes, a strong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles) has that Nostradamus touch of looking into the future and being right on most occasions. If you want to argue with Joe, then you can probably run into him at McGinty’s Pub in  Divide.

Well in late again been out helping Santa.

I got to watch two games on Christmas both impressive wins for The Pack and the Colts.  Thank you, Colts. You took my coach and Carson Wentz from Philly. But with your win over Arizona, Philly gets your first round pick In the upcoming draft. That gives the Eagles three first round picks. Maybe they should trade one the those picks to the Broncos so they can get a quarterback .

Don’t know how Drew (Lock) will do in remaining games, but I don’t think he’s a ” Lock” to be Denver’s starting QB next year. If Broncos could get that extra first-rounder ,they can wave it at Green Bay or Seattle so we can get a leader.

With only two games left, the playoffs are becoming clearer. There will be some ” spoiler” teams wanting to knock someone out, especially if it’s a long-time rival and a team in the same division.

Pivotal Games This Week

So, what are the games to watch on the first Sunday of the new year?

Kansas city at Cincinnati.

 Looks likes both teams are in but will play for position.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh.

Both still alive, but one will be done following the weekend.

Denver at LA Chargers.

How long can you tree water?  Somebody’s gone. (Chargers are still in the hunt and may snag  snag wild card spot with a little help from other teams.  For the Broncos, the party is over.  They are not out of it mathematically,   but basically they now are playing for pride and for Vic Fangio’s job.)

Arizona at Dallas.

Must win for Arizona. Dallas wins division. Can’t wait for the playoffs. Hope your team makes it in. There’s always next year.

Happy New Year.