NFL Game Time at McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub

The Wild and Wacky AFC West Division, of which the Denver Broncos are a proud participant, is getting crazier and harder to predict every week.

The Broncos face one of their most hated enemies, the Raiders, (whether they are waving the banner of Oakland, Los Angeles and now Las Vegas) this Sunday. This is a famous rivalry sparked even more by the wild feud between former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and the late Al Davis (the former owner of the Raiders). The rivalry even hit home, with some diehard local Bronco and Raider buffs  betting their own hair scalp on the outcome of the game.

Game time for the Dec. 26 showdown is 2:25 p.m., a great time for a hearty meal, a drink or two and a hopeful Bronco victory. In fact, beverages of choice may be a requirement for this Bronco viewing, a must-win if the Broncs want to compete in the AFC West, or even hold their heads high.

For Bronco fans and for a full range of NFL viewing options,  check out McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub, in Divide, the Center of the Known Universe. McGinty’s showcases all NFL games  Plenty of drink and food specials abound, and you can’t beat the atmosphere.

And due to popular demand, we now feature the predictions of the infamous “Philly Joe,” one of the High Country’s more charismatic characters, and a staunch Philadelphia Eagles fan. (Everyone has their weaknesses.) Philly Joe takes a look at the entire NFL game spectrum, and offers some entertaining commentary. Disagree with Joe on any of his picks, or opinions, you can probably discuss your views with him at McGinty’s.

These picks can  be viewed every week by visiting and our Facebook page, and if space provides, in our printed edition.

Stay tuned and enjoy the Broncos game and other exciting sports action at McGinty’s, including NHL games.