Philly Joe Returns Again

Philly Joe’s NFL Picks For Week 16

Joe “Philly Joe” Corrigan, one of our more colorful characters in the High Country,  is TMJ’s  Guest Predictor  of key NFL Action. Yes, with the growing downward state of  the Denver Broncos, more viewers are checking out other teams to enhance their football experience. (Just in case we don’t make the playoffs; and yes, we probably won’t for yet another year.  Start crying now.)  Here are “Philly Joe’s” preliminary predictions for some Week 16 games of the season and overall observations.   These were actually made prior to the recent results, but Philly Joe  (yes, a strong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles) has that Nostradamus touch of looking into the future and being right on most occasions. If you want to argue with Joe, then you can probably run into him at McGinty’s Pub in  Divide.

Well, it’s Christmas and are the fans getting a show. If you think Santa is going to help you with your picks ask yourself one question. Have you been good this year? If you’ve been bad don’t go betting your life savings this week. Remember, Santa knows.

Football fans are getting a special gift this year. Football on Christmas. Only happens every seven years so enjoy.

With the changing schedule due to the virus, games were planned for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and then Thursday,  Saturday and Sunday. Ho Ho Ho.

Predictions for Christmas week. I’m thinking that a few teams might be pushing a 10 point spread depending on what happened last weekend with Tampa Bay, K.C.,  Dallas and maybe even Philly, so I’ll leave them alone. (This column was written prior to last weekend’s results)

So, I’m gonna’ pick four that are pretty much must wins, if they have any chance at the post season.

San Francisco at Tennessee

Must win for a hot 49ers team but don’t think they beat the Titans who are due to Get Derrick Henry back watch out for Tennessee.

Baltimore at Cincinnati.

 Hard pick. Baltimore still 8n the wheelchair league with injuries and Cincinnati can’t figure out if there good or not.  I’ll go Bengals at home (especially in light of them edging past the Broncos in Denver).

Minnesota has been hanging around but I think their season might be hung by the Rams.

Buffalo at New England.

I ain’t picking this one.  Every time I pick either one,  they burn me.

Denver at Las Vegas

I got to go with them to beat the Raiders.

Upset pick? Maybe the Colts, who square off against the Cardinals.