Philly Joe Is Back! Philly Joe’s NFL Picks For Week 15

Joe “Philly Joe” Corrigan, one of our more colorful characters in the High Country,  is TMJ’s  Guest Predictor  of key NFL Action. Yes, with the up and down state of the Denver Broncos, more viewers are checking out other teams to enhance their football experience. (Just in case we don’t make the playoffs; and yes, we probably won’t for yet another year.  Start crying now.)  Here are “Philly Joe’s” preliminary predictions for some Week 15 games of the season and potential playoff observations.   These were actually made prior to the recent results, but Philly Joe  (yes, a strong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles) has that Nostradamus touch of looking into the future and being right on most occasions. If you want to argue with Joe, then you can probably run into him at McGinty’s Pub in  Divide.



Well, here we are in December.


The college season is over and now it’s time for the bowl games and the playoffs. If your team didn’t get a bid, your participation trophies  are in the mail. A shout out to Brian Kelly, formally (head skipper) of Notre Dame, for quitting on the team before the season was even over. Ya’ Putz. Good luck with the “crawdad jumbalia” (at LSU) and working on your southern drawl.


NFL Observations

Anyway, did you see the (Detroit) Lions’ locker room after they beat the Vikings and record their first victory of the year. Hey guys, it wasn’t the Super Bowl, it was one win. I had someone ask if I was going to do anything for the NHL or NBA? Ya’ right, you think my football picks are bad. Maybe, I’ll give baseball a try.


With four weeks left I think it’s time for me to pick my division winners (as of Dec. 11)  in the AFC. I am going with New England, Tennessee, K.C and Baltimore. Although if Baltimore has many more injuries, they’ll be playing in the wheelchair league.


In the NFC, I’m taking Green Bay, Dallas, the Rams and Tampa Bay. Have you seen their remaining schedule?


Ok, let’s play Contenders vs Pretenders.

My contenders are the Colts, Chargers, Bills, and for my friend BC, the Browns. Just for kicks, I’ll throw in Philly.


My pretenders: Minnesota, the REDSKINS (this is not a politically correct column),  San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Jessie Hines. Don’t know where to put the Bengals. They’ve been my jinx team all year.


Week 15

Now, for a few picks for Week 15.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

If you are a religious person and a “Saints fan,” start praying. How a Super Bowl winner ends up with a schedule like they have. Load the canons.  Take the Buccs.


Houston at Jacksonville. Let’s call this the Toilet Bowl. My prediction is both teams will win more games next year than this year. Take the Jags just cause their home


Dallas at New York I can’t believe I’ve got to root for Dallas to give my (Philly) Eagles a prayer. Another genius selection in the schedule. Some people like it some don’t. Each NFC East team plays each other, and done twice. Go Cowboys, who should win.


Washington at Philadelphia.  Eagles. (Don’t ever root against the Eagles and side with a politically correct team. Actually, this pick is by Rick and Trevor of TMJ staff, so blame it on the Crackpot gang if you get it wrong.)


Upset Pick. Denver over Cincinnati and Santa wants a Redskins, a Cleveland Indians even a Braves hat For Christmas. I won’t wear them,  but want one of each anyway.


Upcoming Santa Visits. By the way Santa (guess who will be playing this role) will be at the Outpost Feed Store in Florissant on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Christmas Eve from 11 to 1. Get  you pictures with old St. Nick. Bring your kids, dogs, horses, pigs, goats and cats . Sorry no parrots or goldfish.