Colorado College and AFC West Predictions

Even though many of the teams I usually makes predictions on have already played either on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, there are still some key games this week. The Broncos are back from a bye and are ready to pull themselves out of having a .500 record. In fact, with the way the AFC West looks right now anyone really has a chance at the title. As far as college goes look for Air Force to be the only Colorado college team to see a bowl game this season.

Nevada Wolfpack 37, Colorado State Rams 21: The Rams just have not been able to get it together this year. Plus, the Wolfpack will be ready to win so they can make it to a bowl game.

Los Angeles Chargers 35, Denver Broncos 14: The Broncos fan inside me wants them to come off of their bye week with a new vengeance. But I think the Chargers will be too much for them to handle in the end.

The Falcons won on Friday, the Buffs lost on Friday, the Raiders won on Thursday and the Chiefs have a byre this week.