Woodland Park Features New Skin Therapy Center

Lagom Offers Diverse Services at Gold Hill Square South

Trevor Phipps

The continual growth of Woodland Park has opened the door for more businesses to offer a  wide array of specialty services.

This trend has permeated the health care arena. Recently, an experienced nurse practitioner came into town and launched a new skin therapy center. This could lead to a primary care provider in the city, with the approval of various health care providers.

Amy Jenkins, a family nurse practitioner, has opened Lagom Skin Care, which is a full service med spa. The new business is equipped to provide a full array of services including laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal, chemical peels, micro-needling, dermaplaning, and injectables. As the only provider with state-of-the-art techniques and services in El Paso or Teller counties, Lagom is on a mission to bring quality skin care services to the southern Colorado region.

Jenkins said that she came up with the name of her business from a Scandinavian term. “Lagom is Scandinavian and means, ‘not too much, not too little,’ it’s just right,” Jenkins said. “That’s my philosophy for skin care. I don’t want to be over Botox-ed or over filled. I just want to be youthful. It’s more of the idea of being balanced instead of overdone.”

The nurse practitioner said that her skin care business evolved from a personal interest. For years, Jenkins said that she enjoyed getting facials and taking care of her skin, so she decided to learn how to help others by conducting skin therapy procedures.

A year ago, Jenkins decided to turn her skin therapy business into a full-time job. She started by offering services by going to people’s houses. She then opened up her brick and mortar location in the Gold Hill South Shopping Center in late October.

Jenkins has been practicing medicine for 17 years with six years as a family nurse practitioner. With expertise in a variety of medical disciplines, she knows firsthand that self-care is absolutely the most important part of medicine.

“Our philosophy at Lagom is to make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin,” Jenkins said. “That you never second guess your self-worth, that you achieve overall skin health, all while practicing acceptance and balance.”

Jenkins said that she plans to open up a primary care business in a unit next door once she goes through the insurance approval process. She said she started the process about five months ago, and it should be completed in the next few months.

Once the process is finalized, Jenkins will be able to function as a primary care provider and offer her skin care therapy in the unit next door. Jenkins wanted to combine primary care with her skin therapy services to create a place where services are available for everyone.

“I really want to have a place for women to go where they can feel comfortable,” Jenkins said. “I got interested in skin therapy because I do it. And then, I thought why can’t I make more of a holistic, integrative medicine, and healing service instead of your typical primary care. We call it primary care because I want you to be able to come in and tell me you had a cold for two weeks, and those kinds of things. I also want men to know that their wives can go next door and get a facial while they are being examined. I just want a full array of services that we can offer.”

Lagom Skin Care is now open in the Gold Hill South Shopping Center and it plans on having a grand opening event that will be announced soon. To book an appointment or review a complete list of services offered, visit their website at lagomskincare.com.

Stay up to date and learn more about their services as well as hours of operation and contact information by following Lagom Skin Care on Facebook at lagomskincare and on Instagram @lagomskincare.