Teller County Commissioners Outline Coronavirus Health Recommendations

No Mask Requirements or Vaccination Proof on the Table Locally

As we move from a summer of low Covid-19 case-counts and low hospitalizations, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and urban health departments are once again beginning to recommend restrictions on residents, even among those vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. The Teller Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) remains committed to respecting the State and Federal Constitutional rights of our citizens to gather, worship, conduct commerce, go to school and pursue happiness.

In light of confusing and often contradictory statements and edicts from the media, State and Federal officials, your BOCC, serving as the Teller County Board of Health, will continue to observe and make decisions based upon actual case trends and hospitalization data, which currently are low. Some key facts from Teller County from what we currently know:

  1. Vaccinations have demonstrated a very high level of efficacy in preventing and curtailing Covid-19 cases of all known variants, including the Delta variant.
  1. There is no evidence from the Colorado Department of Health or the CDC that suggests vaccinated individuals are a significant source of Covid-19 community spread, thus mask recommendations for vaccinated people are unwarranted at this time and are hindering the vaccination drive in Colorado.
  1. Approximately 50 percent of Teller County residents are vaccinated and nearly 70 percent have received at least one dose of vaccine. Our over-65 (high risk) population vaccination rate also stands at approximately 50%.
  1. Breakthrough cases among our vaccinated population have been rare, comprising less than 0.015% of Teller County Covid cases and only one of our hospitalizations in the last 90 days.
  1. Vaccinations are free and continue to be widely available from local doctors’ offices, the VA, local pharmacies and through Teller County Public Health. The Board of Health encourages all residents who can and wish to be vaccinated to take advantage of the many resources and locations to get vaccinated.

Teller County Government will not make vaccinations or masks a requirement for employment with the county and will continue to encourage vaccinations to ensure continuity of county services. The BOCC encourages all businesses and residents to be respectful of other’s choices and to not create a more divisive atmosphere by requiring proof of vaccination, as the right to privacy is a cornerstone of our republic.

Teller Board of County Commissioners