Long-time DDA Member Steps Down

Editor’s Note: This letter was asked to be published by a former member of the WP Downtown Development Authority.  This subject touched off a huge fight at last week’s city council meeting (see related story).


Long-time DDA Member Steps Down


To the Woodland Park City Council


At the time of my appointment to the DDA board I owned a building and a Curves business in the DDA district. I have since sold that building and closed my Curves business. I also have an alteration business which I still own and operate.


It is my understanding that a board member holds office until a qualified successor is appointed. I am not objecting to the council advertising my position if they wish to replace me with a qualified successor and I will gladly continue to serve until then.


However, please consider this my resignation effective today, Thursday, August 5, 2021.


Jan Wilson

Former member of the DDA