Pikes Peak Area Resident Wins $568,319 Jackpot at Wildwood Casino

Hobbit slot machine Strikes Paydirt in  Cripple Creek.   

With the help of Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield, a Colorado Springs resident, hit a $568,319.45 jackpot playing The Hobbit slot machine at Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek.

Megan, a 44-year-old old player, visited the  Wildwood Casino with her husband recently  for an evening of fun.

When discussing the winnings, Megan told casino attendants that she and her husband are looking forward to using the money to pay off their bills. The actual jackpot occurred on the evening of Saturday, June 19.

“I thought I broke the machine to be honest,” Megan said. At the time she won, Megan told her husband who was sitting by her that she thought she’d broken the machine with so many numbers popping up and the sound of coins still dropping. He replied, “No, honey, I think you just won the jackpot.”

The Colorado Springs couple decided to go for a drive in the mountains and  ended up stopping in Cripple Creek to gamble for a couple hours. Once at Wildwood Casino, Megan said she walked around a bit before deciding to play The Hobbit game where she won the $568k jackpot.

When asked about her plans for the money, she said: “Everyone asks what car you’re going to get or are you going to buy a house, but we already have those, so we’re going to pay off debt.” Although their plans for the winnings are primarily, “nothing fun,” Megan said that they do plan to take their family of ten on a cruise.

The jackpot strike was also enjoyed by Wildwood managers and fellow players.

“We love seeing our players win big. It creates such a buzz and excitement in the casino that’s fun for everyone,” General Manager Matt Andrighetti said.

The last big jackpot wins at Wildwood Casino occurred in November of 2017 when two slot-machine jackpots hit. The first broke the highest jackpot record for Cripple Creek and for the casino when a Colorado Springs resident named Rebecca won $805,329. The second happened later that month when a 52-year-old Springs resident named Todd won $501,591 on Thanksgiving Day.

For more information on the Wildwood, visit Wildwood’s website at http://wildwoodcasino.net/. For more information on Cripple Creek activities, visit the city’s website and visit www.mountainjackpot.com.